[GUIDE] : Greedfall – how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

The crafting components therefore pile up quickly in the inventory, leaving the player quite serene when it comes to improving their equipment. Most pieces of equipment thus have one or more slots in which you can place an improvement, more or less powerful depending on your skill level. Fortunately, the interface in general and that of the inventory in particular has been well thought out, showing at a glance the differences between two parts and can be sorted by different criteria. Finally, the care given to the interface makes the few absences in terms of playing comfort almost strange, such as an area pickup or the possibility of selling all the junk in one step.

Technical parenthesis

Contrary to what some might have hoped, the world of Greedfall is not a gigantic open world, but a succession of smaller areas that can be traversed without encountering any loading screen, which is especially noticeable in the city. where the transitions between the exterior and interior of a building are perfectly natural. We also note that if the character still cannot jump, the feeling of freedom of movement is only slightly affected and many shortcuts exist, particularly in town. On the other hand, it is difficult not to note that the structures of the buildings are repeated a lot: one of the compromises I mentioned above. Note also that the game offers a day / night cycle and that he had the good idea to hide his loads between the areas of the game behind an intermediate area, serving as a camp where you can manage your companions and your equipment. The loads are therefore very fast (on the SSD of my machine at least). A little word also on the music, which marks a new collaboration between Spiders and Olivier Derivière. A collaboration that is still as effective as ever, with music that goes well with the different sequences of play.

[GUIDE] : Greedfall - how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

Not yet the panacea

Even if the experience offered by Greedfall is generally good, there are still a few black spots to discuss. I’m not going to shoot the ambulance talking about the character face animation again. On the other hand, I had the right to some bugs, mainly on the quests of the companions for which the intermediate stages were not concluded, blocking the continuation. There are also some risky camera placements when you use your inventory too close to a wall. Also note that the beginning of the game struggled a lot to maintain a stable framerate in full screen on my config. Grief spirits will no doubt regret that the game is limited to an English version with subtitles, which can actually be a bit awkward when one of your companions tries to give you a peaceful means of access to an area while you are in the middle of a fight.

Greedfall: the great adventure of studio Spiders

New production from French studio Spiders – known for signing the friendly Mars, The Technomancer and Bound by Flame, Greedfall is probably the most ambitious title developed by this small team, and was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles of the season. . Well Named?

Expected at the turn after the sympathetic The Technomancer, the French studio Spiders Games is back in the spotlight with its latest creation, a double-A RPG that eyes the side of The Witcher while immersing us in a completely different universe.

True to its habits, the French studio has built its universe on its own. In reality, it is the founder of the studio, Jehanne Rousseau, who almost alone built the universe of the game, from the dialogues to the scriptwriting choices, including the creation of the bestiary and the artistic direction. A titanic work which deserves, from the outset, all our respect. Because you will see it, Greedfall is certainly far from perfect, his universe, it is well worth the detour.

[GUIDE] : Greedfall - how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

If it inspires the discovery of the Americas and plunges us into a universe modeled on the world of the 17th century, Greedfall plunges us into a fantastic world, populated by mystical creatures. In the shoes of an intrepid adventurer, the player will set out in search of a cure that could save his nation from a terrible disease. According to legend, the land of Teer Fradee, a remote island populated by savages, abounds in natural resources and is especially home to a valuable natural remedy for Malichore.

After a brief introduction to the capital, the player will therefore embark aboard a gigantic ship for the New World, to discover its treasures but also its dangers.

Greedfall also manages to surprise by the richness of its universe, the issues that govern the interactions between the different factions present on Teer Fradee and the dialogues, sufficiently interesting not to push us to skip them. The main characters also have charisma, enough once again for us to become attached to it and to take a certain pleasure in creating our small team of adventurers and in making it evolve with the multiple gains of experience acquired in battles.

[GUIDE] : Greedfall - how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

Be careful though, Greedfall isn’t quite what it claims to be: an open-world RPG. In reality, the game will have you explore different areas of rather medium size, in which you can complete missions, face enemies and advance the storyline through dialogues. The game gives a certain freedom to the player in the order of his quests and his progression but does not offer as much freedom as an open-world. It is nonetheless very rich in terms of its content with its skills that are unlocked gradually, adding various abilities to the range of interactions (such as lockpicking or the use of the pistol), its reputation system which allows to improve its relations with the different factions in place, its multiple approaches to missions (by force, infiltration or dialogue for example), its evolved crafting system or its “active pause”, which allows to establish a strategy in the middle of a fight by pausing the game and evaluating its inventory and the options available.

However, all is not a total success either. Overall, the gameplay remains Greedfall’s big weak point, in particular the melee clashes, rather technical it is true, but much too sensitive, imprecise and clumsy. Using your gun or magic will generally be much more effective. The first boss will thus require an impressive number of hits (and vials of health) to be eliminated, while a few shots of the gun (with the addition of the automatic lock) will actually be sufficient to bring down the creature, without taking any damage. . This complete imbalance in gameplay makes the gaming experience very confusing as melee is generally not an option.

[GUIDE] : Greedfall - how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

Despite his nervousness, clever tactical pause system, bestiary, titanic bosses, skills, and evolved loot system, Greedfall fails to fully convince. The clashes are not the only element to blame. We also regret the general lack of readability during combat, the “invisible walls” which the player will occasionally encounter, the rigidity of the characters or their overloaded menus, which are not really easy to use.

However, to miss this completely separate title would be a big mistake. Because if in its gameplay, Greedfall is a bit of a failed clone of The Witcher 3, the title of Spiders manages to stand out from all the other RPGs by its charming universe, of a rich complexity. The panoramas crossed are absolutely superb and the artistic direction inspired by the software is not for nothing.

It is also difficult for fans of narrative titles not to appreciate the very rich scenario of the game, the excellent writing of the dialogues, the Hollywood staging of the cut-scenes or the superb bestiary of the game. withdrawal. The English dubbing (subtitles) are good, but the music never stands out.

[GUIDE] : Greedfall - how the Spiders conquer a new world Part two

Visually, the game of Spiders also impresses. We are very clearly in front of a very ambitious game, which benefited from a solid budget (AA). Certainly, we can feel a few small shortcuts here and there – especially in the modeling of the wheat fields – but overall, the 3D models are superb, the artistic direction gives a unique identity to the game and the visual effects are full of it. the eyes. No, Greedfall is definitely not a tech demo, but it’s still a very nice game.

We will finally end this test by evoking the lifespan of Greedfall, very honorable since it will take about 30 hours of play to see the end of it, by carrying out a few side quests here and there and taking a little time to admire the landscapes . 30 hours of play during which we will ultimately bother very little, if not during the first hour of play, not very exciting.


Despite its imprecise gameplay, its not very thrilling melee clashes and its moderately inspired soundtrack, Greedfall manages to establish itself as an absolutely essential role-playing game for all fans of the genre, thanks to its unique universe that will take you along discovering a fantastic world inspired by the discovery of the Americas in the course of the 17th century. Visually superb, the game of Spiders offers an exotic game experience, dares to show originality in its gameplay and enjoys a careful narration. Certainly not the game of the year but definitely a very good surprise!