[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?

[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?


Greedfall is an Action-RPG released on September 10, 2019, taking place at an unknown time but strongly reminiscent of the discovery of the Americas in the 16th century. The game is developed by Spiders a French studio (cocorico), father of Bound by flame and The technomancer in the genre of Action-RPG.

[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?

First of all, be aware that many trophies are linked to your choices and therefore can be missed.. These are the following trophies:

  • Missed blow
  • Betrayal in the blood
  • A preserved Alliance
  • In the name of the Luminous
  • One for all! All for one !
  • A better world
  • Back to the roots
  • A big step towards peace
  • Island for sale
  • New gods

[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?

The Extreme mode of the game is really not complicated, you just have to be patient and memorize the patterns of the different enemies and bosses to know when to strike.

Take the time to wander and discover all the “?” which often contain native altars, granting you a free skill point.

Collect, as soon as you pass nearby, the various objects in the crates and chests but also the ingredients of shrubs, sap, mushrooms and metals, this will be very useful for crafting and will prevent you from farming long hours.

Also search all your victims (monsters and humans), even if it means being overloaded to sell and recycle regularly.

The enemies do not bring a lot of experience points (EXP), the secondary and main missions on the other hand always give you around 1800 experience points.

Enemies work by area. Understand that they will no longer pursue you if you leave this one. However, they will regenerate if they have not been defeated. Defeated enemies do not respawn for four days in the game.

You cannot heal your companions, just revive them with resurrection potions or by leaving an enemy’s combat zone.

Each companion has its specificity: Kurt has a lot of health, Vasco can poison enemies, Siora can heal you and cast offensive spells, Aphra can shoot from a distance and is perceptive in dialogue and Petrus casts heavy offensive spells.

When you do quests, remember to take in your team the companion to which the nation of the mission is attached (Kurt / Denier; Vasco / Nautes; Siora / Natives; Aphra / Alliance du pont; Petrus / Thélème) this will often add a dialogue making it easier to pacify the situation.

Speak regularly with your companions as well as the leaders of the various factions to obtain side quests.

Always carry the Nautes outfit with you (sailor outfit, captain’s coat, etc.) in the worst case, “borrow” Vasco’s.

Save regularly, the game has relatively spaced autosavings, sometimes requiring you to redo an entire dungeon.

[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?

Extreme difficulty, Woman avatar, Friendly status with all nations, Couple with Kurt, Vasco and Siora
and Rescue of the world (but not only) (between 30 and 40 hours of play)

First of all, some practical advice: take the time to search crates, chests, enemies as much human as beasts and the various collectibles in terms of ingredients, this will save you considerable time for Cabinet de curiosité, but also sums astronomical because money is scarce in the game. Speaking of money, try every second time to recycle low level outfits and accessories to collect resources that will be very useful for extreme crafting.

As soon as you have a skill point, spend it to improve yourself, which will not be too much in the extreme mode, first opt ​​for charisma then lockpicking and finally intuition by first climbing the first level of each and so on.
Maximize your constitution and agility. At level 25 enemies shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you so you will get In the Footsteps of the Masters, The Art of War, Unparalleled Technique, Magical Perfection, Full of Talents, Expertise, On the Path to Power, and En quest for perfection.

Use the “hit & run” technique against enemies as described in A Passion for the Extreme. For bosses, unless you’re a mage, destroy their shield first with vials of elemental damage or your pistol.

To start, choose the extreme mode, create your avatar and make a woman, choose the Technique class, (keep in the corner of your head to choose the Technique / Mage branch between the two trees, it confers a very useful defensive spell), follow the story and do all the side quests keeping in mind to always answer what your interlocutor wants to hear BEFORE to embark on the boat otherwise the side quests (except that of the Denarius) fail.

Once you leave for Teer Fradee you will have All Sail Out !, On the Path of Power, In the Footsteps of the Masters and Full of Talent.

Do all the side missions of your allies by talking to them regularly (some will not be available until later in the adventure) and also all the side missions of the factions including those of the natives, Theme and Alliance of the bridge, and have a friendly status with Kurt, all of this BEFORE complete the main quest “The Prince’s Secret”.

Once done, complete the mission “The Prince’s Secret” and Kurt will come to warn you of the coup, choose to spare him. Do not forget to warn the messengers of Thélème and of the Alliance of the bridge in front of the exits of the city BEFORE to enter the Denier barracks and finish the mission. So you will get Missed Hit.

Continue your adventure by completing all the quests that come your way BEFORE to go and seek the crown of the future High King. By the way talk to the three future suitors so you can select them later.

Make a backup BEFORE giving the crown to any of the contenders. During the choice imposed during the recovery of the crown, choose to keep it, and fight Derdre, if you have spoken to her and she has agreed to help you before going to seek the crown, she will remain available as a High King’s choice. .

At this stage you will have obtained:

  • Water proof
  • Out of the stone prison
  • Master of the woods
  • The king of the peaks
  • The swamp creature
  • The Wrecker
  • Worthy of legends.

At this point you should have enough skill, attribute, and talent points to:

  • The art of War
  • Incomparable technique
  • Magic perfection
  • Expertise
  • In search of perfection

Choose Duncann as High King and get Influence Game and En on míl frichtimen a few minutes later.

Continue the adventure while completing the main and side quests of all allies and factions to have a friendly status with everyone. When the game asks you to gather your companions around a campfire this is the point of no return of the game. If you pass this point, all unfinished side quests will be permanently missed.

So do all the quests of your companions if you haven’t already done so for:

  • The secrets of the prince
  • Friendship above all
  • Heart Guard
  • Minundhanem
  • And the sea and love
  • Arena Excellence

Also do all the side quests related to nations for:

  • Serve to better convince
  • One for all! All for one !
  • Carants
  • Elected from Thélème
  • Bridge Alliance Favorite
  • Explorer.

At this point in the game you should have Something Rotten and The Legend of the Plains.

In all cases make a backup BEFORE gather your team around the campfire if you are missing trophies related to eliminations, crafting, or collectibles to get: Melee Virtuoso, Musketeer, Deceiver, Poison Artist, Another Sip ?, Shadow Blade, Venery, Terror of the Monsters, Muscular Diplomacy, Full Pockets, Cabinet of Curiosity, Rise in the Air, Craftsman and Alchemist.

Once all these trophies in your pocket, gather your team around the campfire and go to the end of the path then make a save as soon as Petrus leaves your group.

Defeat the boss, for that to be around level 30 but, if you followed the course of action you should be around 33-34, plan around thirty potions, bullets to be able to shoot from a distance as well as ten. vials of elemental damage. Once defeated, choose to bond with Constantine for New Gods and A Passion for the Extreme.

Reload your save before the final fight, switch to story difficulty and fight the boss again, choose to kill Constantine and get A Better World.

Reload your part set aside before giving the crown and choose another suitor besides Duncann, change class to mage in order to get War Mage and rush to the end of the game focusing only on the main missions (don’t forget to change the difficulty to go faster) and thus get Back to Roots if you chose Derdre or Island for Sale if you chose Ullan.

Repeat with the last suitor.

[GUIDE] : GreedFall: What are all the Part one trophies?

Difficulty History, Male avatar, Couple with Aphra and clean up of the last trophies (about 10 hours)

Relaunch a game in story mode and make your avatar a man, just settle for Aphra’s side missions for Love and Botany and Duncann’s side quests to be able to choose him as High King. During the coup, confront Kurt and finish him for Betrayal in the Blood, complete the mission and save before reaching the port once the game asks you to get there.

Choose a faction and complete the mission for In the Name of the Luminous or A Preserved Alliance. Reload your game and get the other trophy linked to selecting a city.

Continue until the end of the game by offering the crown to Duncann to obtain A big step towards peace and thus the precious Platinum Trophy.


Platinum Trophy

Earn all GreedFall trophies

You have triumphed over the island of Teer Fradee and its mysteries, Congratulations!

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