[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends.

Grounded, Obsidian’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids survival game, is quite entertaining, especially with friends. Walking through the game’s bug-infested yard alone isn’t necessarily the best way to play. Unfortunately, Grounded’s early access / game preview status makes partnering and playing with friends a bit tricky.

But do not worry. We’re here to explain how teaming up with friends is done in Grounded. It only takes few seconds. That is, if everything is working as it should.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

How to play with friends in Grounded

Hosting tasks

This part is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is click on the multiplayer option located on Grounded’s main menu screen. From there, you’ll either opt for hosting or joining an online game.

If you’re hosting the game, you’ll want to direct everyone to your particular game session, either through some form of group chat (owned by Microsoft or otherwise) or through Steam’s chat messaging service.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

Basically, let them know to use the “Look in Friends” option. They can also join by:

  • Access their friends list
  • Click on your Gamer Tag / Steam Name
  • Choose “Join the game”

If you want to join a friend, wait for them to arrange the match and search for their match. Click join, and we hope you will find yourself in their lobby. Once there, everyone will choose their characters while the host decides on the difficulty level. Easy.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

Crossplay anchored

Grounded allows friends to cross-play with each other, regardless of the platform chosen (Xbox One and Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service or Steam).

It’s not difficult, the only caveat being that everyone must have an Xbox Live account. You don’t have to be befriended before – unless you want to create a friends-only session – but you will need to be able to sign in through Microsoft’s services.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

Game Pass PC

For example, if you are playing on PC (Game Pass, not Steam), you can press Windows Key + G to open Xbox Game Bar. Once there, you can add a friend, choose to join their game, etc.

Xbox One

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

If you’re playing on Xbox (and he’s playing it on PC), all you need to do is go to your friends list, add them, and choose to join their game.


The same goes for Steam. Since you are prompted to link your Steam account to your Xbox Live account at the start of the game, you will be treated as if you are playing on Xbox One or through Game Pass on PC.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

Once everyone is logged in, host / join a multiplayer game by following the instructions above.

Technical difficulties

Grounded is currently in Early Access, which means there are a few notable bugs that need to be addressed.

One of them appears to be the inability to host a multiplayer session. Players will be able to join your lobby, but you will not be able to actually start the session.

It can also be difficult to join a crossplay session. Sometimes a friend’s game doesn’t show up during a search, or you may be started from the lobby after choosing your character.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

This sort of thing can make it difficult to play with friends. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get around these issues. Just keep trying to host / join everyone’s games. Eventually it will work as expected.

Grounded is an entertaining survival game. Being able to explore a world from a shrunken child’s perspective is an experience we didn’t know we wanted. Or rather, we knew the idea sounded interesting – we just didn’t know how much fun it could be.

The easiest way to reach someone in Grounded would have been to use the Xbox Game Invite feature. Just click on the guide button, go to your friends, click on the person you want to go on an adventure with and invite them. Easy peasy. The same goes for playing on PC, although the route differs slightly.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

The problem is, Obsidian hasn’t implemented this feature yet. It’s coming soon ”. The good news is that the methods described above offer easy ways around this problem.

It is dangerous to go there alone. Be sure to take advantage of Grounded’s crossplay and multiplayer features to bring friends and companions with you for the ride. For more survival-based tips and tricks, check out the links above or head over to our Grounded Guides hub. We are here for you!

Multiplayer Ground Guide – How to Play with Friends

Like most survival games, Grounded is best experienced with friends multiplayer. While you can brave the backyard on your own, up to four players can play together simultaneously and divide common survival tasks like scrounging, gathering, and crafting among the group, which can make it easier for the groups to survive. backyard dangers. Grounded is still in Early access and Xbox game preview however, some things may not work as expected.

How to play land with friends

Grounded currently doesn’t have a way to directly invite friends to your game (sending game invitations is an upcoming feature), but you can still play with your friends. To start a multiplayer game, select Multiplayer from the main menu and choose ” Host an online game. From here you can choose to start a new game or continue with an existing save. Once you are in a multiplayer session, other players can select ” Join the game online“In the main menu and choose”Search in friends»To view a list of friends currently playing Grounded. They should be able to join your game from there. The host player must be in a multiplayer game for friends to join. You cannot join your friends if they choose only one player to the main menu.

Does Grounded have cross play?

Grounded functions cross play between Xbox One and PC. It doesn’t matter if you play the game on Xbox One, Steam, or Xbox Game Pass pour PC, you can play Grounded with your friends. Since the game does not currently have an invite system, joining your friends on other platforms can be a bit tricky, but if you follow the directions above you should be able to make it work. A single player chooses ” Host an online game“In the main menu and ask everyone else to participate by selecting”Join the game online. »

Ground multiplayer does not work

Because Grounded is in Early access at the moment there are still a lot of Bugs smooth out. If Grounded Multiplayer isn’t working for you, there are a few things you can try. The most reliable way to get Grounded multiplayer to work is to keep trying to host a session. You will likely run into errors, but if you keep trying, it might work eventually. The same goes for joining a friend’s game. Simply choose ” Join the game online“In the main menu, select”Search in friendsAnd keep trying to connect.

Obsidian said the inability to host multiplayer lobbies in Grounded is a known issue they are currently working on, although there is no ETA for a fix at this time. Some players have reported successfully joining a friend’s game as long as the host stays at the character selection screen while everyone joins in. Until a fix is ​​released, the best way to make Grounded multiplayer work is to keep spamming your friends’ games and hoping for the best.

How to play online multiplayer

Grounded is Obsidian Entertainment’s new survival game for Xbox and PC. Today marks the opening of Early Access and many players are trying it for the first time. The game has an offline mode which is great for running solo and learning how to play. In addition to a single player mode, there is also a feature to play online. In this guide, we are going to show you how to play Grounded Multiplayer Online.

[GUIDE] : Grounded: How to play with friends

How to play online multiplayer

The method for joining multiplayer online games in Grounded is different depending on whether you are on PC or Xbox. For PC gamers, open your friends list and join your friends directly from their names. For Xbox gamers, view your friends list, click on their name and join the game. This will allow you to access your friend’s online games to play together on the game server.

You can also join an online game through the in-game menu. Select the Multiplayer option, then Join the online game. This method is the easiest, and Obsidian Entertainment will likely add an easier way to join the game online. It’s good to see that the game has some multiplayer options in the early access phase.

If you’re a new player just getting started, check out our guide to creating a hash tool in Grounded. There are many recipes throughout the game that you can unlock through Research Analyzers. Make sure to collect all the materials you discover in the wild and always scan materials and even crafted items to unlock more recipes.