[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first?

Horizon: Zero Dawn offers three skill trees that allow Aloy to perform new actions and boost his skills. In order to support you, the Rédac has sorted it out and reveals the capacities to unlock first.

As explained in our Horizon Test: Zero Dawn, your character Aloy has three distinct skill trees. With each skill point gained, you will be able to offer yourself new abilities or reinforce others among a number of list of 36 skills. In order not to scatter yourself or waste time, the Rédac has looked at these skill trees for you. select the main skills to unlock and optimize your game run. This selection covers all three trees in the game: Ranger and her hunting abilities, Brave and her combat buffs, and Survivor, with her loot abilities.

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

At the start of the adventure

From the start of your game in Horizon, collect the skill Silent Attack in the Ranger tree, for one point of XP. With this ability, you will be able to take out an enemy in a single blow provided you take them by surprise. In the first minutes of the game, we advise you to play the discretion card, especially since the Silent Attack overcomes most of the Machines that roam the lands of Clan Nora and its Lands. Sacred, like Grazers, Gallopers, Watchmen or other Scavengers.

In a second step, it is towards the tree of the Braves that it will be necessary to go, with the competence Concentration. For a single small point, you will now have the option to slow down time for a few moments by clicking the R3 button when aiming with a weapon. A good alternative that gives you time to get used to the gameplay and target the weak points of small creatures. Thereafter, we stay on the side of the Braves tree, and we orient ourselves towards the Critical Strike. Like Silent Attack, this hit lets you take down tough opponents all at once, however, if the first one asks you not to be seen, Critical Hit is triggered when you hit a hit. enemy on the ground. The dodge combo, Strong Hit, Critical Hit should allow you to defeat all the herbivores at the start of the game.

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

A little later in the game

Once these Skills are unlocked, you will be able to unlock new, more expensive ones. Take a good look at the links that unite the skills in the table, everything is not linear… Once you leave your village, it is the beginning of the great adventure. There, much stronger enemies await you, like the terrible ones Sawtooths, Sparks, Shooting Horns or Large-Foreheads that inhabit these mountains. We’re not yet in the big fights against the Stormmouths or the Stormbirds, but we’re slowly getting closer. There, go to the Survivor tree, and start by recovering the skills of Caregiver that allows you to get your life back faster, as well as that of Picker which will really increase the amount of herbal medicine collected from each plant stored in your first aid bag. The fights will start to make you yoyo with the life bar, be careful!

And finally ?

Thereafter, everything will depend on your style of play. The call is dispensable, since you have the stones to throw for example, but it opens on ultra important capacities like those related to the pirating of the machines… The editor advises you the slow motion automatic during jumps and slides (for style) which is called the Hunter’s Reflex, in the Ranger tree, or the Attack boosts. The best advice that we can give you afterwards is to take a good look at the most expensive skills, and thus go up the thread of unlocks to obtain them as quickly as possible … For the rest, each player has his own style, and some will find it wiser to recover the techniques of Handyman which allow you to recover the modifications of your weapons and armor, when others will prefer to put everything in the stealth skills of the Ranger tree … In any case, be reassured, because only the order changes. As long as you don’t run the game in single-player main quest mode, all skills are unlockable. But the side quests are numerous!

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?


Once the tutorial missions are completed, you start the real adventure at level 3. You will then have the opportunity to regularly increase the skills of your character. There are 3 main categories: Ranger, Brave and Survivor. Each of them corresponds to an archetype of way of proceeding in the game: discreet, fighter and ingenious. As you will find out, the skill tree is very wide, but not very high, involving a very – too – large multitude of possibilities at the start of the game.

The price of skills in number of points is classically progressive, with a level for levels 3 and 4. The skills of the first line are of one point, those of the second of two points and finally, those of the third and fourth. line are three points.

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

At the start of the game, develop the skills that correspond to you from level 1.

  • Prowler : Ranger skills include skills that allow you to get rid of enemies stealthily. In particular, they allow actions that Aloy cannot do at the start of the game, such as stealth attacks or diving attacks.
  • Brave : this tree allows Aloy to orient towards raw combat and allows him to boost his attack characteristics. Between the power of the blows or the possibility of hitting the enemies fallen to the ground, if you want to fight head-on, this tree is made for you.
  • Survivor: here you will be able to unlock Aloy’s survival skills including the speed of recovery of life points thanks to the care bag or the increase in its size as well as the possibility of collecting more resources during the gathering.

To get started, I advise you to quickly acquire the following skills to make your life easier:

Silent attack:

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

This skill allows you to take down enemies who haven’t spotted you in one hit and grants you an experience bonus of +25 XP. Very profitable at the start of the game.

Critical Strike :

Complementary skill to the previous ones, as it allows you to inflict heavy damage on enemies on the ground. Killing an enemy with a critical hit grants a big bonus to experience.

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

Concentration :

Slows down time and lets you shoot arrows easily at weak spots in machines or in the heads of humans. Indispensable if you are not good at aiming.


It can be unlocked at the start of the game for low skill points. This allows you to whistle to attract machines and animals, and thus a * sen a discreet and super effective attack with the skill Critical Strike.

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

Horizon Zero Dawn: How to get a maximum of XP quickly?

Side quests, titanic monsters, services, and special missions… The Gaming Stories Editorial Board gives you all the tips to gain maximum XP in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The adventures of Aloy constitute the big excluded Sony of the beginning of the year. As we could see in our Test of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the game is long and immense. To overcome certain monsters and certain Quests, you will need to level up, and for that, gain as many experience points as possible. Really important and precious XP points, since they are also, among other things, which will allow you to gain Skill points. Our Guide to Unlockable First Skills is still available on this page, don’t hesitate to take a look if you want to optimize your in-game run. But let’s get back to our XP points, let’s make a small one. overview of tips to make the most of it as quickly as possible !

Tackle the big cattle

It sounds like nothing like that, but the XP points you get by defeating the machines that inhabit the world of Horizon are quite important, much more than the usual enemies that we meet in other titles. . So yes of course, smashing two three Watchers will not really make the difference, especially when you exceed level 20, but on the other hand, as soon as we tackle bigger machines, we see the bar fill up comfortably … N ” feel free to take a few minutes to tackle a few herds of mechanical ruminants, such as the Gallopers, Grand-Fronts, Shooting Horns, or better yet, Trampling and Mastodons. Finally, if you have the instinct of the elite hunter, it is on the side of the largest predators that you will nab the maximum XP. Overcoming Stormy Maws and Storm Birds takes time, but it’s worth the effort!

[GUIDE] : Horizon: Zero Dawn: Which skills to unlock first and how to get maximum XP quickly?

Complete Side Quests, Crucibles and Corrupted Areas

Another solution to level up quickly, take the time to do the Side Quests. When you arrive in a new area, it is not uncommon to find green exclamation marks above the heads of some characters. Go talk to them, this is necessarily the start of a Side Quest, which will not only lead you to meet new characters, but will also often require you to fight machines. Combine the useful with the pleasant … Very often Side Quests overlap, and killing an enemy of a certain type can advance two different missions, allows you to recover the XP linked to eliminating a machine, but in addition, completing the Quest rewards you in items and experience points. Do not neglect to finish the Crucibles and the Corrupted Areas. There are plenty of XP points up for grabs, but on top of that, Crucibles allow you to hack new machines, which will make your future battles easier.

Do the tutorial on weapons missions

In Horizon, you will be able to buy weapons from the vendors. When you buy a new type of weapon, a tutorial mission appears. These missions are quick and easy, and again, completing them earns you plenty of experience points. Doing each one shouldn’t take more than five to ten minutes, and at worst it can be done little by little. let me explain. Take the Explosive Slingshot tutorial mission, one of the craziest. You must eliminate at least two enemies three times at the same time with an explosive bomb. Obviously given the size of the cattle, they are not often side by side and hand in hand… On the other hand, the bandits yes… You can quite blast two clampins in the first Bandits Camp, then postpone the finish until later of the Tutorial Mission… The number remains, you will finish the other two shots another time, when the opportunity arises again. A good point. Only think well activate the Quest in the menu to validate your prowess !

Obtain the rewards of the hunting zones

Last technique of old trickster, the Hunting areas. As we saw in our Tutorial on how to recover the ultimate weapons of Horizon: Zero Dawn, there are five hunting zones, each grouping three events. For each event, you will be asked to beat a stopwatch, and getting there also allocates you a maximum of XP. We are talking about twelve thousand experience points for each Radiant Sun ! Do the math… Five hunting zones, multiplied by three events, to which we add the points of the Complete Suns and the Half-Suns… Here is enough to progress quickly, while recovering the last weapons of the game!