[GUIDE] : How does a smartwatch work? Part two

Compatibility with your smartphone system

As connected watches are, for the most part, inseparable from your smartphone with which they communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, it is essential to opt for a watch compatible with the operating system of your current or future smartphone. Indeed, WearOS watches are not all compatible with smartphones other than Android while the Apple Watch will only work with iPhones. Others, such as the Fossil Hybrid HR, the Mykronoz or the Galaxy Watch, are compatible with several mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

Some phone brands like Samsung also offer smartwatches (in this case the Galaxy Watch) whose compatibility is maximum with the manufacturer’s smartphones.

Finally, note that most connected watches are incompatible with smartphones equipped with a version of iOS lower than iOS 9 or a version of Android lower than Android 5 or 6. These are all criteria to be taken into account for avoid disillusionment after purchase.

Other elements

Other less important criteria may also allow you to choose with precision the watch most suited to your needs. Among them, we can cite the selling price of the said watch, the possibility of buying and replacing its bracelet with ease in case of breakage or its reliability, depending on the reputation of the manufacturer. Some watches also include an accelerometer, a heart rate sensor or a pedometer.

The difference can also be made via the application, which sometimes allows you to add features such as an alarm clock with a smart alarm according to your sleep cycle.

How to choose a connected watch? Our comparison of the best!

Currently, here are the main brands that offer connected watches with associated models:

  • Apple is a key player with its Watch, the only model available under Watch OS.
  • Casio – The famous watch manufacturer also offers several outdoor smartwatches under WearOS compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • Huawei – the brand was one of the first to offer a classic and high-end design for a watch connected with the Huawei Watch. You can choose your bracelet (leather, metal) to decorate its metal case and its sapphire crystal.
  • Mykronoz offers very original hybrid connected watches, but which unfortunately remain less well equipped than the competition, such as the ZeTime.
  • Samsung – Its flagship model is the Galaxy Watch Active2. Thinner and more elegant than the first Galaxy Watch, it unfortunately has a little less autonomy.
  • Fossil – The American brand is one of the most prolific in the smartwatch sector. It has in its catalog a large repertoire of watches under WearOS, but also hybrids of excellent quality.

Connected wooden watch: Top or Flop?

Connected watches are really very practical in everyday life. They bring many advantages thanks to their innovative capacities. For example, they are able to connect to the Internet or to a smartphone, discreetly. Consulting your emails and messages has never been so easy. Connected watches allow you to access various information via many available applications.

There is a large amount of smartwatches with different designs and styles. There is something for every taste ! You can even find smart wooden watches, for a modern, rustic look. In 2020, we are betting on the return of more authentic designs.

In addition, if it is the wooden watches that capsize your heart, you can purchase a sublime wooden watch, by visiting the site of our partner thewoodempire.com. These watches, designed by specialists in the fashion world, combine both noble materials and very precise know-how.

You can order your wooden watch by making a secure payment and receiving free shipping. You will also benefit from a 2 year warranty as part of your purchase.

So, is the connected wooden watch a Top or a Flop? Basically, a connected watch, or a wooden watch, it’s a Top! The important thing is that once on the wrist, these accessories give you a chic and elegant look.

How to configure a smartwatch?

[GUIDE] :  How does a smartwatch work?  Part two

How to configure a smartwatch? Foreword

After the smartphone and then the tablet, the gigantic market for connected objects continues to expand. Today, the smartwatch (or connected watch) attracts all attention. On the front of the stage since 2013 and the media release of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch is announced as THE new high-tech object. Have you already given in to the call of the connected watch? So here’s how to optimize it to take better advantage of it.

How to connect a smartwatch to a smartphone?

It is very easy to pair your connected watch with your phone if the latter is compatible.
Do you have an Android watch and smartphone? Start by downloading the Android Wear application on your phone. You will have to agree to share your contacts and geolocation with Android Wear. Once installed, activate Bluetooth mode on your two devices. By launching Android Wear on your smartphone, it will locate your watch and suggest you pair it.
To pair a Sony smartwatch to your smartphone, the handling is slightly different. Install the LiveWare Manager application on your smartphone. After turning on Bluetooth on your phone, turn off your watch. Keep the power button on to activate pairing, and pair your two devices.

How do I adjust the options on my smartwatch?

When you connect your smartphone to your smartwatch for the first time, an assistant guides you through setting up your tool, allowing you to adjust all the functions. Thereafter, the adjustment of your connected watch is systematically done via the dedicated Android Wear application (or LiveWare Manager for Sony) on your smartphone. Thanks to its larger screen, it makes it easier to configure your options. You can manage the screen brightness, the notifications to receive, the synchronization of applications and many other tools to use on a daily basis with your smartwatch.

What features does my smartwatch offer me?

Depending on the manufacturers and models, a plethora of different features await you. Among these, we mainly find the management of calls, as well as notifications of emails, SMS or social networks. The most advanced models offer you advanced functions, such as an integrated camera. With the Galaxy Gear, you can even control your Samsung TV from your watch. All you need to do is install the Smart Remote application on your smartphone.

How do I use apps on my smartwatch?

You don’t need to install any apps on your smartwatch. All are directly managed by your smartphone. 100% of the applications on your smartphone can be used with your connected watch… with varying degrees of relevance. A growing catalog of special watch apps is emerging on the Google Playstore. Among the most popular applications, we find the pedometer, the weather forecast but also the MP3 player or the help in locating your smartphone.

Connected watch: how does a smartwatch work?

Payment system, GPS, storage of transport tickets, heart monitor… smartwatches, these connected watches equipped with multiple sensors, are becoming all-in-one devices. An extract from Sciences et Avenir 860.

[GUIDE] :  How does a smartwatch work?  Part two

From the motherboard to the sensors, how does a smartwatch work?


IF THE REVOLUTION announced in the connected watch sector has not reached the proportions of that caused by smartphones, products keep improving and the market progressing. 43 million smartwatches (“smart” watches) should find buyers in 2018 in the world, or 10 million more than in 2017, according to the analysis firm IDC. More than half of them are produced by Apple. The apple-based firm entered this market in 2015, well after the Japanese Sony, creator, in 2012, of the first model. At the time, the connected watch was above all an extension of the smartphone. The first models thus indicated to their wearer the arrival of a message or a call, which avoided having to take the phone out of his pocket.

Then “smart” watches embraced the technology of another type of electronic object that was suddenly on the rise: activity monitors. These small bracelets made it possible to count the number of steps taken each day thanks to a pedometer or to measure the variations in his heart rate.

Smartwatch: effort analysis and contactless payment

Today * i, the most advanced models include – in addition to the microprocessor, battery, memory and other transmission devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC) – sensors of all kinds. Among them, the six-axis accelerometer (horizontal, vertical, lateral, roll, pitch, yaw) which allows both sports activities to be recorded and the simple rotation of the wrist to automatically turn on the screen when the user wants to read it. ‘hour. The altimeter records the height differences to calculate the calories consumed during a jog. And a device in contact with the skin measures the pulse at all times (see opposite).

As the equipment is more or less the same depending on the brand, manufacturers compete for additional functions. First, the analysis of the effort according to the activity practiced (walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc.) in order to offer advice for training sessions. Then the accompaniment of this training to the rhythm of the music stored directly in the memory of the watch and broadcast on Bluetooth headphones. Not to mention contactless payment, storage of transport tickets or access to geolocated services (weather forecast, taxi reservation, etc.). It remains to choose the right model according to your own needs.

TELE-MONITORING Objective of autonomy and health Connected watches aspire to free themselves from the mobile phone on which they previously depended. To do this, they must carry their own SIM card in order to be able to communicate with the mobile telephone networks. This is the case of the Apple Watch which, in its most recent versions, contains a “virtual” SIM card, integrated into the electronics and configurable for different operators. The smartwatch is undoubtedly destined to also become a companion for medical monitoring, in particular with the integration of glycemia or blood oxygen saturation sensors. From a sports coach, the watch will then become a remote monitoring device for people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes or asthma.

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