[GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok.

TikTok owes much of its popularity to its vast array of options and customization. One of the best ways to personalize your TikToks (videos on TikTok) is to add photos and photo templates.

Read on and find out how to add photos to TikTok. You can use the pictures from your device’s gallery, so make sure you have some nice pictures ready.

[GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

Add photos to the TikTok background

There are two main ways to add photos to TikTok. The first is to simply add a photo from your gallery to the background of your TikTok video.

Note: Before continuing, make sure you have the latest version of the app. Get updates from the Google Play Store and iOS from the Apple App Store.

[GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

Here’s how to add a photo from your gallery to your TikTok:

  • Launch TikTok on your tablet or phone.
  • Tap the big plus icon at the bottom of the home screen to create a new TikTok.
  • Record a TikTok as you normally would.
  • Pause recording (tap the large circle at the bottom of the screen).
  • Tap Effect at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select the Upload your own image option to change the background option (green photo gallery icon).
  • Choose a photo from your gallery that you want to use as a background for your video.
  • Press record again to finish shooting the video. Your image will be the new background, pretty neat, right?
  • Add photo templates to TikTok

    Another way to add photos to TikTok is to use templates. This option is a better choice if you want to add multiple images to your TikTok. Here’s how to use templates in TikTok:

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok
  • Start TikTok.
  • Select the plus icon to start recording a TikTok.
  • Choose the Photo Templates option.
  • Select a model that you like. There are many available (nature, parties, etc.).
  • Then choose the photos you want to add and create a TikTok slideshow. Just tap on each photo you want in the order you want them to appear in the video.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that each template has a set number of photos that you can upload. When you have finished adding the images, tap OK at the top of the screen.
  • The photos will be uploaded to your TikTok video shortly. Then you can add some extra flavor with effects, text, stickers, and filters. Press next when you are done working with the effects. We suggest you keep it simple, instead of cluttering up your TikTok.
  • The final touches

    You should treat your TikTok photo collage like any other TikTok. When you are done adding photos and effects, feel free to add relevant text to your post. You can also choose a variety of cool TikTok filters to complement your images.

    Adding a piece of music can’t hurt either, just make sure it matches your selection of photos. Finally, you can add emoji or stickers to brighten up the sound even more. The choice is yours. However, we always add music to break up the monotony.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    After editing your TikTok photo collage, hit Next and you will land on the finish window. In this menu, you can insert your captions where you greet your fans or friends, describe your photos a bit, etc. You can also tap Select Cover and choose on the photos in your collage to be the cover photo for your TikTok.

    Tap Publish when you’re ready, and that’s it.


    TikTok gives a lot of creative freedom to its users. You can add just about anything to your TikToks, including music, effects, filters, text, and photos from your gallery. If these are your private photos, we also suggest that you make the video private or only viewable by your friends or followers on TikTok.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    Again, there is no need to use third-party software for photos on TikTok. How was your last TikTok? Did you have fun adding pictures and other effects to it? Feel free to share your masterpieces in the comments section below.


    Tik Tok supports several features that allow you to personalize the content you share with your friends. In this article, we suggest you discover the different methods for creating a slideshow.

    Use the Tik Tok app

    Forget about complicated video editing software that requires several manipulations to achieve a result. Tik Tok offers you the possibility of creating slideshows from several photos directly in a few clicks. You can even add music to your creations that you will then share with your friends on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok
    • Launch Tik Tok with a swipe of your finger on the corresponding shortcut when you have finished installing it on your smartphone.
    • Then click on the cross-shaped button below the main interface to add the photo files you want to put in your slideshow.
    • Select “Horizontal” in the display settings
    • Finish with the choice of the background music that will be played while the video is playing.
    • Then all you have to do is validate everything with a single click on “Share”.

    Use BeeCut

    The web is full of applications with which you will also be able to create a slideshow like BeeCut. This simple and easy-to-use video editing software allows you to edit sequences according to your preferences.

    • However, you will have to download it and then install it to be able to benefit from its features and select the 9: 16 format.
    • Continue with the selection of the photos you want to integrate into your Tik Tok slideshow by pressing “Import” then “Import file”.
    • Then insert everything by dragging and dropping onto the track before exporting your video.

    The iOS version of this application also allows you to add effects and transitions for optimized viewing comfort.

    How to make a slideshow on TikTok

    Choose “Next”.

    Choose up to 12 videos. Your video cannot be longer than five minutes, otherwise it will have a hard time downloading.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    View your slideshow. Add a description, change privacy settings, choose whether or not to share the video, and post the video (or save it in drafts if you’re not done yet).

    Edit your video as usual. You can modify the sound, add other special effects, add filters and change the thumbnail. For more information, see Record a music video with TikTok.

    Launch TikTok. This app has a music note in the center of the icon.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    Edit each clip. Tap on the clip to edit, crop and change the speed of the clip.

    Choose “Multiple”.

    Tap the pictures in the lower right corner.

    Tap the at the bottom of the page.

    How to Make Video / Photo Editing on TikTok?

    TikTok is a very current social network, so it is normal, as a professional, to be present there. Obviously, you are not the only one, your competitors are there too. You must therefore succeed in standing out! One easy way to do this is to create content that appeals to you. Have you thought of making edits for this purpose?

    You have understood it, in this article (with video tutorial) we will see how to create montages on TikTok with videos and photos.

    Why create video / photo montages on TikTok?

    You might be wondering what is the point of editing on TikTok. The answer is simple: it makes it possible to present videos with more impact. You will be able to mix several videos to make one. You can even embed photos. The content of your publications will therefore be much richer.

    How to create a montage with videos and photos on TikTok?

    We will start to see how to create a video and / or photo montage on TikTok.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    1- Once the TikTok application is open, go to the big “+” in order to create a publication.

    2- On this interface, you click on “Upload”. You will find the videos and photos from your phone there.

    3- Select the elements (photos or videos) that you want to insert in your montage. The elements, also called clips, are numbered according to their order of appearance in the timeline.

    4- Once the elements have been validated, you must carry out your assembly. First, choose the song you want to edit.

    [GUIDE] : How to add photos to TikTok

    5- Then, you can “Adjust the clip”. This gives you the option of removing items or rotating them.

    6- Once the assembly has been correctly configured, you just have to click on the button, at the top right, “next”.

    How to change the time and speed of elements / clips in your TikTok edit?

    There is another option when photos and videos in your TikTok timeline have been selected (3). You will find them in “By default”. It allows you to:

    • Adjust the TikTok editing time, the maximum being 59 seconds.
    • To modify the speed of the video or its elements.

    How to edit video with the free CapCut app?

    Here is a video that introduces you to the free video editing app CapCut. It will allow you to perfect your creations for TikTok.

    How to make a photo / video montage on Tik Tok?

    Here you will find a video from our YouTube channel that explains how to make a photo / video montage on the TikTok social network.

    Good ! You now know how to create montages on TikTok. Now it’s up to you to use this to your advantage to create better posts on this platform.