How to beat the fight against Boss Ivar the Boneless in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla? Check out this guide for all the advice you’ll need

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the most abundant game in the long-running series when it comes to boss fights, with Ivar being one of the most notable of them. If you’re gearing up to face him, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to keep the fight going smoothly – and in your favor.

The prelude to combat

Ivar is a standout name on the Boss list because he’s a recurring companion. To start this scenario, you must complete theassault on Caustow Castle during the questRegicide, where the intention is to capture King Rhodri, whom Ivar accused of killing Ceolbert.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

Once this mission is completed, you must take Rhodri and follow Ivar to a cliff. The ensuing cutscene is unnecessarily graphic and should give players enough reasons to want to kill Ivar anyway. Eventually, Ivar will boast about taking Ceolbert’s life himself, which angered Eivor and prompted him to fight Ivar to death however he wanted.

Dodging Ivar’s moves is the key to beating him

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

Ivar doesn’t play like one of the full-scale bosses, but rather comes close to fighting like a normal enemy. The difficult aspect is its speed, and he tends to dodge Eivor’s strikes quickly. Using two axes also means that Ivar can perform combined movements and it is difficult to predict in his model.

Ivar’s tender points are highlighted like each boss, which are his right leg and left arm. It is important to hit these areas with the arrows to stun it. This will give Eivor the opening to rush towards Ivar and attack him.

A crucial point to note is the attack from red rune from Ivar, as it is unblockable and should be avoided as it is guaranteed to damage Eivor’s health. Ivar also uses a wrestling move, which sees him sheath his weapons, jump (indicated by a red rune flash around him), and grab Eivor to throw him off the cliff to the lower terrain.

As mentioned, Ivar’s speed allows him to rush quickly, so staying too far away from him will prompt Ivar to throw axes your way. If Eivor crumbles, Ivar jumps to slam you to the ground, so be sure to avoid that.

The end of the fight

One trick Ivar uses towards the end is to stop fighting and taunting Eivor – it’s a trick to trigger a surprise attack, and it’s best not to engage and just attack Ivar instead.

Once Ivar’s strategy is known he becomes just like any other enemy to beat, meaning all you have to do is go. prepare for his attack prompts, dodge them and attack when knocked out. After his defeat, a cutscene begins where Ivar asks Eivor to give him his ax so he can enter Valhalla.

The impact resulting from Ivar’s defeat

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

  • Send Ivar to Valhalla : Ivar will simply die
  • Priver Ivar du Valhalla : Ivar will die and you will see Ubbe at the end of the quest.

Considering that he took Ceolbert’s life and was a nuisance in general, it’s best to deprive him of Valhalla, even if the choice is yours. After returning to Ivar’s brother Ubba, you can either lie about the circumstances of Ivar’s death or tell him the truth.

If you decide not to lie, Ubba will appreciate your honesty. However, going with a lie will lead to a later storyline where an angry Ubba confronts Eivor after learning the truth and having revenge intentions.

Régicide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ultimate quest of the saga The Book of Dragons, Regicide will be unlocked after successful completion of the Bloody Path to Peace mission. After Ceolbert’s death, the time has come for revenge.

Follow Ivar

Ride your mount and follow Ivar to Rhodri Castle in the heights to eliminate him. Once you get nearby, a cutscene will be triggered.

After a time ellipse, you will find yourself in a makeshift encampment not far from Rhodri Fortress. Start a discussion with Ivar on the heights of this camp.

Offer to launch the assault to move on. Another cutscene will be triggered and precede the assault.

Breaking down the front door

First of all, eliminate the soldiers present around you who may annoy you when you advance the cart filled with jars of oil at the door. Once the enemies are killed and the cart is at the door, interact with it to set it on fire and destroy the main door.

Breaking down the interior door

Keep killing the soldiers around. Concentrate primarily on the enemies present on the heights which will shoot with the spirals, destroy them.

Then head to the inner door. To make it explode, you will have to recover the jars of oil located on the left of the door, then, deposit them just in front of the latter. Explode them by shooting them to destroy the door.

Pull on the links to lower the drawbridge

To lower the drawbridge, climb up to reach a height and pull on the two links on either side of the drawbridge.

Enter the dungeon

Last step before being able to reach Rhodri: take care of the 3 soldiers (including one elite) present in front of the entrance to the dungeon. Then force the door to reach the dungeon.

You will attend the fight between Ivar and Rhodri which will end in the latter’s near-death.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

The choice of Rhodri’s fate will be in your hands, at least that is what Ivar will let you believe. You can ask him to:

  • Let him die
  • Let him go
  • Finish him off

Whatever your choice, Ivar will have other plans for his enemy.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

Follow Ivar with Rhodri

Wear Rhodri on your shoulders and place it on your frame. Then follow Ivar to discover this famous plan.

You will witness a real torture session from Ivar on Rhodri.

Ivar will challenge you in a duel to the death, which you will refuse at first. But when Ivar confesses to you that it was he who killed Ceolbert and not Rhodri, your blood will only turn and you will fight him.

Kill Ivar

A fight to the death will then ensue against Ivar. In this boss fight, you will be able to heal yourself thanks to the mushrooms present at the edge of the area. Here are Ivar’s attacks and how to best avoid them:

  • Ivar will attack in two stages. Once the second attack has been dodged, counterattack with 3 light attacks.
  • Ivar will pull away from you every now and then to throw hatchet at you. When he goes away, do not hesitate to shoot him in the back with the bow.

It will also force you down from heights by causing you to fall. Apply the methods listed above to get it over with quickly.

Once Ivar reaches a quarter of his life bar, he will stop the fight and ask you to speak to him. Engage in a discussion and prepare to dodge his attack via the appropriate dialogue choice shown below.

Continue the fight and then end up killing him. You will have the choice to give him an ax to allow him to die and go to Valhalla or to deprive him of it.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

These two choices will have minimal consequences:

  • If you allow Ivar to go to Valhalla : Ivar will die and nothing more will happen
  • If you deny him Valhalla : Ivar will die and you will see Ubbe at the end of the quest. If you confess to him that you deprived Ivar of Valhalla, you will fight him with your bare hands. You can lie to him by telling him that he died in honor in order to avoid this fight.

Talk to Deorlaf

After killing Ivar, return to Quatford to deliver the sad news of the latter’s death to Bishop Deorlaf in the town’s longhouse.

Hubbe, after hearing the news of his brother, will ask you under what conditions he died. Basically, did you allow him to go to Valhalla or not. In order to avoid a fight, tell him Ivar had a nice death and everything will be fine.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

You will then attend Ivar’s funeral and the Kingslayer quest will end as well as the Book of Dragons saga. You will have to go and do your report with Randvi.

Find Ivar and talk to him

To find Ivar, you will only have access to two clues: he will be located at the northwest exit of Wesberie which, itself, will be located to the west of the remains of the Gateway to the Hills.

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest

Follow the path that heads west from the remains of the Porte des Collines and you will come directly into Wesberie. Be careful, on the way you may come across some enemy soldiers.

Use your raven’s vision to uncover Ivar’s hiding place. Once you’ve discovered the area, head towards it to discover Ivar and Ceolbert in the middle of a discussion.

You will be able to choose your attack conditions with Ivar:

[GUIDE] :  How to beat Ivar and complete the quest