[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three.

In this guide, I’m going to show you step by step how you can use it for your own good without knowing too much about the players or anything else. You could give this guide to an 8 year old toddler who doesn’t even understand this game at all and he could do it for you. Does that sound good to you? (Not the part on child labor, the easy guide part of course…) Well! now let’s move on to a GamePlay example of your favorite game !!!

Call Of Duty Mobile GamePlay Set Up Call of Duty Mobile and Your Phone Call of Duty Mobile System Requirements for iPhone: Requires iOS 9 or later, works on phones from iPhone 5S; works on iPad Air; works on iPod touch (6 generators and 7 generators) System requirements for Call of Duty Mobile for Android: Requires Android 5.1 or later and your phone needs at least 2 GB of RAM.
Prepare device storage: You will need around 1.6GB of storage to install CoD: Mobile and for game data, so you may need to clean something up. If you’re on the limit, your phone won’t perform as well, and it’s a demanding game. Stop background activities and alerts: If you have a game mode on your device, now is the time to use it to reduce notifications you don’t want and kill other processes that might reduce your phone’s performance. To get the most out of CoD: M, your phone needs to be performing the best it can.

Call of Duty Mobile best settings and controls 1. Select Advanced Mode: There are two control methods, simple or advanced, which will be presented to you at the start of the game. Simple is autofire when you point your finger at someone, but Advanced gives you full control and it’s the latter you should go for – even if that means having a little more practice. You will never get anywhere with simple commands. 2.Customize your orders:

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

In the lobby, press the Settings button and you will open all the game settings. In Controls, you will have the option for Simple and Advanced, as above, but in Advanced you have the Customize button – touch this and you can move control elements to new locations. Be aware that multiplayer and battle royale have slightly different docks, so customize both. 3.Change the shooting mode: In the same area as above, in Advanced, you can change the way different types of weapons shoot. You can shoot from the hip, aim down (ADS) or select custom. This will allow you to change the behavior of weapon groups – so that you can shoot shotguns from the hip, for example (which is worth doing). 4.Change the graphics quality: Your terminal will automatically detect your phone settings on the first start, but if you want to change them, in the settings, tap Audio and graphics. Here you can select the quality and frame rate, as well as other options. Play to get the smoothest gameplay possible, because setting too high will cause you problems if it gets choppy. 5. Adjust the sensitivity: Different devices react slightly differently and in Sensitivity you can change the settings of the way you move as well as the sensitivity of your movements through the oscilloscopes using the phone’s gyroscope. These can also be changed separately for multiplayer and battle royale. 6.Test your settings with Practice vs AI: Enter multiplayer mode and press the select button (just above the start) to choose the type of game. Here you will see “Practice vs AI”. It’s a great way to test weapons, settings, and controls to see how they feel and if it’s going to work for you.

Watch your friends play: You watch what your friends are doing by going to your friends list and tapping the eye button – you can watch them play in real time.

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

Top 5 Tips for COD Mobile Newbies 1. Choose Your Weapons Wisely: The load you pack determines what you step into the game with – and that will change depending on the map and type of game you play. Cards like Killhouse, Hijacked, and Nuketown are great for SMGs because it’s close combat; a map like Crossfire is perfect for longer range weapons.

2. Upgrade Your Weapons: Rewards can get you weapon cards for upgrades and it can range from adding a range to expanding the barrel. The weapon spec chart will show the impact of any changes you make – and it can make a big difference to how that weapon performs in the game.

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

3.You can’t hide in multiplayer: Although you can stay out of sight, or find a corner or building to prowl in, when playing multiplayer, the two sides are separated by the enemy carrying lightning bolts. red on their uniform. Camouflage doesn’t really matter in this sense, as you can spot the red markings even while in hiding. You can be spotted by a drone and placed on the map – remember you are not invisible.

4. Keep moving: Because you can’t hide, standing still is your enemy. Keep moving forward so the enemy can’t target you. One skill to be mastered is to strafe sideways while keeping the enemy in line of sight. Take cover when you run out of ammo and exit again to engage. It’s a simple blanket, but it works great.

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

5.Use the slide: You can press the button down when running to slide. It’s unpredictable and gives you a much better chance of getting there to cover yourself up and avoid getting shot.

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Call of Duty Mobile is already invaded by cheaters

Call of Duty Mobile has been out for just over a week and some players are already reporting that they have encountered cheaters in their games.

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

In the four days since its release, Call of Duty Mobile has been downloaded over 35 million times, a incredible record to mark with a white stone.

Shortly after, and barely a week after its arrival, we learned that the game had already reached 100 million players and exceeded $ 2 million in micro-transaction revenue. In doing so, he achieves the best launch of a mobile game to date.

CoD Mobile brings together mythical maps and weapons from the license

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

Naturally, with so many players, it did not take long for the smart ones to find, exploit loopholes in the game. Now cheats and hacks seem to have become commonplace with three of them very popular in particular.

The most common of these cheats are, as you can imagine in an FPS, aimbot, wallhack and permanent radar. While we are obviously not looking to trick gamers into resorting to such baseness, it should be said that there is enough evidence to suggest that these cheats are legitimate and available online.

As you can see just below, these hacks aren’t the only ones that are prevalent. So we can see in this video that a player manages to enter normally inaccessible buildings and then move far above the battlefield.

Even if in this excerpt, the player does not seem particularly to gain the advantage thanks to his position, we can imagine very well what some can do with it.

[GUIDE] : How to cheat on call of duty mobile Part three

Activision will obviously be looking to fix these issues as quickly as possible – although cheaters have always been around in Call of Duty, CoD Mobile’s immediate success will certainly inspire them to do everything they can to stem this scourge. A battle already waged by PUBG Corporation which has recently banned thousands of players for a period of 10 years.

Thus, with Call of Duty Mobile, Activision directly challenges giants of the mobile market such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. The publisher hopes to play a goose that lays golden eggs as successful as Game for Peace, the ever popular Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.