The foils prevent you from using household alcohol on the headphones, or only very sparingly on a cloth or cotton swab. Remember in particular to pass inside the rod, under the “button” of the earpiece, the place which rests on the antitragus of your ears, difficult to access but easily soiled.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two

The small grilles, which allow air circulation and bass propagation inside the earpiece, can be easily cleaned with a toothpick or small curette. You can proceed in the same way to clean the perimeter of the main grille, which will concentrate most of the earwax deposits, and which is well worth cleaning at least every month.

The main difficulty concerns the grid itself, the mesh of which is so fine that the curettes distributed with some in-ear headphones cannot pass through. The trigger came when cleaning the cartridge of a vinyl turntable: the gels designed for cleaning diamonds, or the pastes used for cleaning keyboards, work wonders.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two

Just press the earpiece against the gel to loosen the dirt, the gel can be reused after rinsing. Have you finished fixing all your Lightning cables, and you still have some Sugru left? Form a pie, let it dry for a few hours, and squeeze the headphones in the same way. However, be careful not to press too hard … otherwise the grilles of your AirPods will be permanently blocked, it would be a shame. With all this, your headphones should find a new lease of life.

Update March 12, 2020: In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, Apple now specifies the use of a disinfectant: “You can gently wipe the external surfaces of your AirPods or EarPods using a wipe impregnated with isopropyl alcohol. 70% or a Clorox disinfectant wipe. Apple specifies to avoid any contact with the grids and not to use any bleaching agent. And although the AirPods Pro are water resistant (IPX4 protection), that’s no reason to immerse them in any cleaning product. You must always avoid infiltration into the headphones.

How to clean Apple AirPods?

If you like Apple brand products, you have already fallen in love with its pair of Bluetooth headphones which quickly convinced users; AirPods. These headphones which, like all the components of the Apple brand store are expensive, still have their merits, because they totally change your perception of headphones.

If you’ve got it, you’re probably happy with it, but for it to last long in your possession, it will depend on how well you maintain it. To properly clean your treasures without damaging them, it is necessary that you have some knowledge. In this article, in partnership with Pixypia, we will explain to you why it is important to clean them regularly but also how to do it effectively.

Why is cleaning important?

Headphones are gadgets that we place at the level of our ears in order to listen to music or receive sound from our devices without being disturbed. The fact that they are in contact with the openings of our ears, leads them after some time of use, to fill with the resulting earwax. This state of affairs, even if it remains without great consequence, still presents an unpleasant aspect. Just imagine your little jewels in a mess.

In addition, many people have complained that they no longer receive the sound from their headphones properly. For the most part, they believed that this problem was due to a problem with the volume level, but it turned out to be a mouthpiece at the grille, which was holding the broadcasts.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two

In addition, AirPods come with their case which over time can be full of enough dust, especially in the hollow where the headphones are placed. This dirt can get between the earphones and the charging contacts. Which can therefore hamper the charge of the latter. So, as soon as you notice that your kit no longer takes the load well, remember to check this detail.

Let’s move on to cleaning

Here there is one thing we need to draw your attention to. The main sound diffusion grid is a very fragile part, and yet it is the one that gets dirty the most. To do this, you have to go about it in the simplest way, so as not to undermine it. With the help of a small curette, you could lightly rub the different holes of the earpiece, which can get dirty. Do it very carefully without forcing too much.

To avoid taking too much risk, there are still a large number of gels and pastes, allowing these soils to be easily removed without getting in the way, just apply them to the parts concerned and they do the job properly.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two

Other people also use Sugru. This moldable clay can be used even beyond what you think of it. You just have to modify it in a small shape, dry it, then pass it lightly over the holes of the headphones to remove the earwax. It is a very easy operation.

Don’t forget the case

To take care of the case, you will need a cotton swab and some household alcohol. Put a few drops of alcohol on the cotton swab without getting it completely wet. Then, introduce it in each hollow, by turning it. Rub it a few times to make sure you are loosening the dirt as it should.

However, avoid putting too much pressure so as to damage the charging contacts at the bottom of the cases. The alcohol to be used must also be of low density. This, in order not to take risks.

In order to ensure a good lifespan of the case and its charging port, especially for those who keep the case in their pocket, it is advisable to use a silicone protector with a flap that covers the port. In addition, it protects the case from scratches and drops.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two

These simple, inexpensive solutions are the secret to keeping Airpods clean and functional for a long time, while enjoying the best possible sound. Have a good cleaning session!

How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?

If you can’t stand your AirPods getting dirty or critically clean, here are our solutions to take care of them.

Presented in 2016 by Apple, the AirPods marked a real turning point by offering the first Bluetooth headphones intended for the general public. Gone are the days when you had to untangle the threads before you could wear them. But AirPods still require a little maintenance. Over time and wear and tear can settle on the headphones or the charging box of dust and dirt. This can damage them and affect the sound quality. In order to fix it, here are the dos and don’ts to keep your AirPods or AirPods Pro practically new.

Clean AirPods and AirPods Pro:

Because it is still good to remember: do not wash your headphones with water. And that also goes for AirPods Pro which are more water and sweat resistant but not waterproof. This error can cost you very, very dearly and it is a direct go in the trash.

According to Apple, the only effective way to clean the headphones is to grab a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and a cotton swab. For more stubborn stains or if your AirPods have been in contact with soap, shampoo, lotion, nail polish remover, oil or sunscreen for example, take another cloth this time damp and then wipe them with the first cloth. Before reusing them or placing them in the case, check that the headphones are completely dry. As for the microphone and speaker grilles, we immediately stop the tips of pens and pins to remove the earwax. Although it can scrub, it damages the surface. In this case, you should use a dry cotton swab. Ultimately, you can gently remove the dirt with a toothpick. Apple’s site also advises against using sharp objects and abrasive materials.

There is an additional handling for AirPods Pro which have ear tips. in this case, they must be removed from the headphones and this time put in water and only in water. Soaps or other products may deteriorate them.

Clean the AirPods case:

If there’s one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s your AirPods case. Dust can settle in the tightest corners of the room and can prevent recharging. If you notice that the battery in your headphones is draining faster, or even not charging at all, don’t panic. We will just have to bring out some products and cotton swabs. One of the first tips Apple gives is to first remove all debris from the Lightning connector with a soft bristle brush. Make sure the brush is clean and dry. Also, to avoid damaging the metal contacts, do not place anything in the charging ports. When this first step is completed, you can then start cleaning the surfaces using a soft cloth. If some blackness persists, lightly moisten your cloth with isopropyl alcohol (alcohol which also cleans the screens).

How to Clean and Maintain AirPods and EarPods

The sound of your AirPods et EarPods weakened ? The cause may be their clogging accumulated by perspiration, earwax and dust. These headphones wireless, designed by Apple, therefore need a interview

The sound of your AirPods et EarPods weakened ? The cause may be their fouling accumulated by perspiration, earwax and dust. These headphones wireless, designed by Apple, therefore need a regular maintenance. Thanks to our tips learn to clean them well.

With which product to clean AirPods and EarPods

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part twoHow to clean AirPods et EarPods

Earphones may be sensitive to the presence of earwax and moisture a cleaning daily without forgetting their case is recommended.

Clean the microphone and speaker grilles

Just pass a dry cotton swab.

If they are very dirty with earwax, pass a small brush or gently use a toothpick, taking care not to puncture the membrane.

To do this, do not point the point directly at the grid but tilt it without ever insisting.

Then blow on the dust, or peel it off with adhesive tape.

Faster, quickly press the grid onto a piece of plasticine. Dirt will cling to it.

[GUIDE] :  How to clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro?  Part two