TikTok: the social network of tomorrow?

TikTok is a social network, created in 2016 by ByteDance. The application, free, developed very quickly, especially in Asia where it served as a pioneer. The app will really explode at the end of 2019 when Byte Dance buys Musical.ly for nearly a billion dollars.

The two networks merge and keep the name TikTok. Based on what made Musical.ly so successful, the application is starting to be downloaded more and more, especially among younger people, Generation Z, and a predominantly female audience. For many, TikTok is in the process of reclaiming the target of Snapchat users, and is posing as a direct competitor to Instagram for video. Today these two applications are trying to keep their audience in the face of TikTok’s explosion in the spotlight. Instagram has notably implemented a new feature within its application, the Reels, a copy / paste of the very concept of TikTok, but which has met with rather mixed success, the vast majority of the content being shared there from the application of Byte Dance.

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Today * i downloaded more than a billion copies, Tik Tok is one of the flagship applications of the iOS and Android stores. It is also the one with the strongest growth in 2019. It stands out for its very clean and easy-to-use style. A thread of short videos scrolls endlessly on the user’s home page. He can post small videos himself, taking up already existing challenges.

It is also possible to subscribe to a user so that their videos appear at the beginning of our thread. Most of the videos on TikTok are cover songs in playback, a principle that had made musical.ly famous a few years ago.

Where to download TikTok?

TikTok is one of the hottest apps in the iOS and Android stores. It seems inseparable from the new generations who form the majority of the audience. It is available for free on mobile and tablet. Finally, on Android, a second application has been developed, called Tik Tok Wall Picture, which allows you to create wallpapers from the videos present in the mother application.

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  • To download TikTok on iOS, here is the link.
  • To download TikTok on Android, here is the link.
  • To download Wall Picture on Android, here is the link.

What reviews about TikTok?

Despite an excellent rating on the various stores, TikTok has long been criticized in France. Described at first as a meaningless application, to an immature audience, it has ended up making a place for itself in our phones and many have changed their judgment on the Chinese social network. On the App Store, the application is rated 4.7 / 5 and 4.3 / 5 on the Play Store.

Download TikTok Free for Android and iOS | Download TikTok Lite

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Very popular especially with young people, TikTok is today one of the most used social networks, accessible via its mobile application available on Android and iOS. Through this article, find out how to download TikTok free to share videos online.

TikTok preview

Launched in 2016 and developed by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok is a social network, an online video sharing application. Allowing users to create videos in short format (a few seconds), accompanied by music, TikTok has taken on the mission of promoting the creativity of the world and bringing joy.

Considering the mission that the social network has assigned itself and the number of teenagers, young people it has raised to the rank of celebrity, it seems that TikTok is doing well in any case. In fact, thanks to TikTok, some young people were able to sign contracts with big production houses, artistic agencies, etc. Others saw each other engaged by the social network.

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TikTok now has over 150 million users. Present in several countries, but not in China yet its native land, it is also available in several languages. Chinese users cannot download TikTok, there the social network is not accessible. The version of TikTok that can be used in China is called Douyin, from the same company, ByteDance.

Download TikTok for Android and iPhone or iPad

With TikTok, users can film and personalize themselves, share their clips on the network or watch those made by others and react. A whole range of features are available for processing videos. To accompany the clip, several genres of music are integrated into the application, up to the user to choose.

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To use TikTok you can also download in APK package, you will have to install and launch the application. You will then create an account in a few seconds with a e-mail or a phone number. Have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Instagram would also suffice to use TikTok.

After downloading the application and registering, you will be able to start your creation. The first step is to select or search in the application itself a song, a musical title that will accompany the clip. After that, you will have to select the filters, in short the customizations to apply to the video, then start recording and share at the end.

TikTok also allows you to save some of your clips without having to share them on the social network. So you can film yourself and keep your videos private to yourself, to share them when you want.

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Download TikTok Lite for Android

TikTok also has a light version, TikTok Lite, simple and faster. Despite its lightness, TikTok Lite has all the interesting features of its big sister. This version of TikTok also allows you to create and share music videos by appearing in playback.

Available on Google Play, you can download TikTok Lite and share videos online. You will find all the features of the classic TikTok application, which you already know. Among other things, playback speed control, image filters and other effects. Download TikTok Lite as APK package.

Download TikTok for PC, use TikTok on Windows or macOS

Enjoying TikTok and sharing or following videos directly from your computer is quite possible. Unfortunately, TikTok hasn’t released a desktop version so far, so you’re going to have to go through virtualization. To do this, Install a android simulator on your computer and download the APK package from TikTok.

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Download TikTok APK Free on Android

TikTok is a mobile social networking and short video sharing application that mainly targets young people aged 13 to 25, which is owed to the Chinese giant ByteDance and which was launched in 2016. In China, it is known as the name of Douyin. In almost five years of existence, this social network has come a long way. Today, he is enjoying international success. The platform is available for free on iOS and Android.


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Version 19.1.3 | Developer TikTok Pte. Ltd. | Updated on 04/20/2021

Configuration: 4.4 or later Download TikTok Directly download the apk

The app owes much of its popularity to its fun and interactive aspect. It must be said that on TikTok, the possibilities are almost endless. ByteDance presents it as an application designed to allow everyone to be a creator and share their passion through their content. Users can unleash their creativity by making short videos of 15 to 60 seconds. Easy to access, TikTok can be downloaded for free on devices running Android and iOS.

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Since its launch, TikTok has been downloaded over a billion times around the world. This figure proves its popularity. The many features it makes available to its users have largely contributed to its success. The service allows you to shoot videos, edit them, add music or filters and share them with the whole world. It is therefore the ideal tool to stimulate your creativity and boost your visibility.

TikTok will also help you be entertained and find content that coincides with your interests. The platform offers unlimited access to diverse videos that are made by people from all walks of life. Among the popular content that you can find on TikTok, we can mention choreography, challenges, sketches or beauty tutorials.

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TikTok is an application that has the merit of being easy to use. To start, you have to download the application from the Play Store or the Apple Store. If you want to post videos, you will need to create an account.

Registration can be done through an e-mail address or a phone number. You can also register using your Twitter, Facebook or Google account. Once your account has been created, the app will ask you to set your username and nickname.

If you want, you can also choose a profile photo to apply to your account. When you have completed all these steps, all you have to do is post videos or watch the content that interests you.

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To post your first video, tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. After that, you can start recording your content by pressing the red button placed in the center of the screen. As a reminder, your video should not exceed 60 seconds. When you are satisfied, you can edit it, add texts and filters.

TikTok also gives you the option to add music to it by tapping on the “Sounds” option, located at the top of the screen. The app offers you to choose from a large catalog of songs. All musical genres are represented there. Please note that your videos may be published in “private” or “public” mode. ”