Wunderfind: an iPhone app to find lost AirPods

Today, we present to you a new iPhone application which allows you to find objects emitting a bluetooth signal, such as lost Airpods.

Who has never lost or lost a connected object such as an AirPod, headphones, wireless headphones, a Fitbit bracelet or even a small bluetooth speaker.

If this ever happens to you, don’t panic, here is an app that could help you find lost AirPods, or other object emitting a bluetooth signal.

This application called Wunderfind works very simply, it will scan the surroundings and display a list of nearby bluetooth devices. Obviously, these objects still have to have battery power.

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

Then just select the connected object you want to locate and you will see a proximity indicator with a score that goes from 0 to 100%. The higher the number, the closer you are to the object. Here is a demo from 1:02 in the following video.

You just have to move around until the signal increases, a sign that you are getting closer to the object in order to locate it.

You can use the Find My app to find out where AirPods are and ring them, but the sound is not always easy to hear, especially if there are noises around you in the city or in nature.

In short, a great free application that allows you to find connected objects, such as AirPods, when you are within range of bluetooth.

AirPods lost? How to use Find My iPhone to find your Apple headphones

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

Update 03/26/2021 – Lost one of your AirPods? Do not draw the credit card too quickly, because you still have the possibility of recovering them by following this guide. It works just as well for finding “standard” AirPods as well as AirPods Pro. We added new information about Apple’s Find My app in our last update. If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

Apple wireless headphones are tiny and have no ties or cables. This is their main advantage, but also their Achilles heel, because it means that they can be easily lost. To remedy this, Apple added AirPods to the Find me app on iPhones. She’s the one to call if you’ve lost one or both of your wireless headphones.

This methodology works to find AirPods, AirPods Pro but also other Apple products. Here are several important things to know before you start:

  • Locate can only interact with your AirPods when the charging case is open or when the AirPods are out of the case;
  • Headphones must be within Bluetooth range of an iOS device linked to your iCloud account (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac) for current location and sound playback functions to work;
  • If an iOS device is not within range of lost AirPods, Find My shows the last known location.

Set up the Find My iPhone feature

  • From the home screen, successively press Settings > > Locate ;
  • Press on Find my iPhone ;
  • Drag the slider to activate features Find my iPhone and Send last position. Your AirPods, and possibly your Apple Watch, are automatically configured

How to find your AirPods?

Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad (or from any device, online through iCloud) and tap your AirPods that appear under the list of devices linked to your iCloud account. Next to each device is a colored dot. Here’s what each color means:

  • A blue dot on the map indicates the device you are using to find your lost AirPods;
  • The green dot indicates that your AirPods are connected. This means you can ring them or get directions to find them;
  • Finally, the gray dot means your AirPods are disconnected, discharged, stored in their case, or out of range. You can see their last known location.

If your AirPods reconnect, you’ll get a notification on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you paired them with. If your AirPods are nearby, you can ring them to locate them:

  • Tap the AirPods in the list to see their last known or current location. Buttons are located at the bottom of the screen. Then select Make a sound.
  • If the AirPods are separated from each other, choose Mute sound on the left or Mute the sound on the right to find one AirPod at a time.

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

Once again, in order to play a sound, your AirPods will need to be either in the case with the cover open or outside the case. If you lost your case, with both AirPods inside, you will be able to see the last known location, but the option Make a sound will not work.

And if, unfortunately, you lose one of your AirPods for good, you should know that you can get a new one from Apple. Please note that the shipping costs are € 12.

  • AirPods : replacing an earphone costs € 75, the charging box € 65 and the wireless charging box € 85;
  • AirPods Pro : replacing an earpiece costs € 99, ​​the wireless charging box € 109 and ear tips € 9.

How to locate your lost Airpods

How to find your lost AirPods or even make them ring if they are hidden on the sofa

You can easily find your AirPods using the app Find My on your iPhone or by visiting iCloud.com

You’ll see where your AirPods last connected to your phone.

You will even be able to ring individual AirPods if you are missing one. Here’s how to do it.

We will also show the additional technique of the Wunderfind app as well as the costs if you need to replace one of your Airpods.

The Find My app on your iPhone

There is a very easy way to find your lost AirPods.

Maybe you’re just looking for the last place you left your AirPods case and want to make sure they’re nearby.

This way even allows you to find individual AirPods in case you accidentally leave some under the sofa.

The Find My app on your iPhone shows you where your AirPods last connected to your iPhone.

If you don’t know where you left your AirPods – even the case with both AirPods in it – do this:

  • Open the app Find My on your iPhone
  • Select the tab Devices below
  • Select your AirPods
  • Your iPhone will show you the last known location where they connected to your iPhone, on the right, on a map.

This will let you know if you accidentally left them at work or if they are still riding around in an Uber you used.

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

How to find your AirPods without iPhone

You can use iCloud.com to find your AirPods if you don’t have your iPhone.

  • Go to www.icloud.com from a computer browser, or on Apple’s Find My service
  • Connect with your Apple ID
  • Select Find iPhone
  • Choose your AirPods from the drop-down menu that says All devices at the top of the screen

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

The appendix “Wunderfind” to locate Airpods via the Bluetooth function

Wunderfind is a stupidly simple application.

It lists all the Bluetooth devices around you and their approximate distance. If you walk towards the device, the signal strength will increase, which will help you find your device.

Then it’s just a few seconds before you find it.

Wunderfind works great with Apple devices such as AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil. In addition, it is compatible with other fitness trackers, headphones to the bluetooth speakers.

The pro version of the app (free only for one week) helps you locate the device and listen to sound through headphones. It is very convenient when you cannot see the headphones.

⇒ The application is available for download on iOS and Android.

A noter

There is also a free alternative called LightBlue (for Android and iPhone).

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

How to ring your AirPods so you can find them if they’re nearby

You can call each AirPod individually to help find them if they are nearby.

If you’ve done the previous steps and know your AirPods are nearby, you can use the app to ring them.

This will work whether or not you have the case, and even if you only lost one.

  • Open the app Find My on your iPhone
  • Select the tab Devices below
  • Select your AirPods
  • Now press ” Play Sound«
  • Your AirPods will start chirping
  • Follow the sounds of tweets until you find them

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

The technique of music thoroughly to find your Airpods

I am delivering this technique as a bonus, it may be of use to you.

  • You have to open Youtube on your phone and look for videos like Extremely Painful Sound below (very annoying loud noises)
  • Use theprojection icon your connection (Cast function) at the top right to stream this music to your Airpods

[GUIDE] :  How to find your lost AirPods?  Part three

  • The menu asks you where to stream Youtube, choose ” AirPlay & Bluetooth devices«
  • In the submenu that appears, choose your Airpods
  • Once your Airpods are connected, start the video and try to hear the noise

How much does it cost to replace AirPods?

If all of these steps fail, you may need to get your Airpods replaced by Apple.

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