[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded.

How to get clean water in Grounded

Water will be one of your most important survival needs in the world of Grounded. It’s a fairly difficult resource to find in the early parts of the game, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find it. However, once you know what to look for, it will become much easier to stay hydrated and not be about to breathe out all the time.

To get clean water in Grounded, you will have to search for large water droplets that hang from large chunks of grass! Once you find one, hit the piece of grass it’s hanging from and it will fall to the ground for you to drink! There is a little more to know about the water in the game, which I will detail below.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

As mentioned, you will be looking for the large drops of water hanging down on the grass. Just keep your eyes up if you’re trying to hydrate. You don’t need a tool to knock down the water, you can just hit the grass and it should fall to the ground.

Once it falls head over to where you saw it fall and you will get the Slurp option available to you. This allows you to drink water without being poisoned. Any water that is on the ground that is not moving can be drunk, but it is not good for you and it will drastically reduce your hunger. You can eat afterwards and be fine, but it’s not the best way. However, if you have no other option, you might as well drink it and face the consequences later!

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

As you progress through the game, you’ll want to make yourself a canteen. This requires three Grub skins and 2 woven fibers to craft. You can use it to collect the fallen water droplets which can then be kept when you need them. Saving this water for later is always a good idea, so be sure to set up a canteen as soon as you can!

How to make a dew collector in Grounded

Clean water is a vital resource Founded. Your character is in constant need of it, and finding it can be a bit of a chore as you have to find it by hitting one of the grass stems and hoping to see a drop of water hang over it. Sometimes you get lucky and find some land. To make things easier, you can make a dew collector, but crafting this item takes a bit of time and you need to analyze a particular item at your field station.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

You unlock the dew collector by locating quartzite. You can find this basement, so you need to find a cave. You can also find them next to the wire used for the laser that you need to study. Make sure to bring a hammer to smash it from the depot and bring it back to your field station for analysis. The Dew Collector needs four parts to craft it: five woven fibers, six weed stems, eight quarts, and five spider silk.

The woven fiber is quite natural to obtain. You have to collect various grass fibers that you find and turn them into woven fiber. For some, the weed stems have been tough, but you can get from a dandelion. You can search for these and find the stems to break them down. Quartize is also easy if you can find a cave and have a hammer ready.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

Spider silk is by far the strongest material you can expect to get the resources you need. Catching a spider is no easy task. A great way to do this is to craft a strand bow and have plenty of arrows ready to take it out from a distance. Fighting these creatures up close is extremely difficult. If you have to fight them at close range, try to wear as much armor as possible and use a pebble spear. Most of all, you want to rely on your ranged weapons. After removing them, approach the spider web that you can attack and hit it with your stone ax to receive the silk.

When you have them all, bring them to your camp and leave it outside, so that it collects the dew passively. It’s fine to have a glass of water, and if you have a canteen, you can take the contents of the dew collector with you on your travels.

Earth Clean Water Guide: How to Find and Collect it

Unless you’re playing Obsidian’s Grounded in Creative Mode, one of the first things you’ll need is water. Like food, it is essential to your survival.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

While you can just drink from any pool of water you find on the map, like puddles and pond, it’s not particularly wise to do so. Drinking dirty water will fill up some of your depleted thirst meter, of course, but it will also make you sick and drastically lower your hunger meter.

So how do you find clean water in Grounded? Keep reading to find out.

Water droplets

Finding water droplets, or dew droplets, is actually one of the hardest ways to find water in Grounded. This is because the water droplets are difficult to spot and they appear in completely random areas.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

Typically, you will find water droplets hanging under the blades of green grass. So keep your head up when looking for them. The droplets are crystal clear except for a little white at the edges. Use the glare of the sun to spot them or look for distorted background structures deformed by water.

Brown, dry grass won’t have dew droplets, so don’t waste your time looking for it. I also didn’t find any water droplets hanging from any other source in the game in its Early Access version, so you won’t find them hanging from oak or thistles either.

There are two ways to hang water droplets from the blades of grass:

  • Climb on a nearby plant, rock, mound, or structure to get to water level and suck it up
  • Hit the droplet with a pebble

The latter is the most effective method. Water droplets don’t shatter when they hit solid ground, but they do bounce back, so keep an eye out where they fall. However, the water droplets will shatter and disappear if they hit a puddle.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

You can store water droplets in the canteen by approaching a drop and picking it up. The Canteen can hold two water droplets, while the Canteen + can hold four droplets. You cannot mix water with juice or soda in a canteen.

You can also “harvest” water droplets by crafting the dew collector, which will generate three sips of clean water per day (every eight hours or so).

Juice droplets

Keep an eye out for juice boxes in the yard. They are brightly colored, so you can’t miss them.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

They are important because they produce droplets of juice. These look almost exactly like water droplets except that they are green and restore some of your thirst and hunger counters. If you need a quick snack, drink a drop of the juice for a quick boost.

Better yet, they are already on the ground.

The only downside is that it seems like the juice only recurs once a day. However, I have found examples of three or four juice droplets together. Whether this is an early access “problem” or not, I don’t know.

You can also pick up juice in the canteen; Just remember that you can’t mix juice with water or soda!

And soda

Soda has a brownish tint and is similar to juice. Unsurprisingly, it can be found near the soda cans scattered around the yard. Like juice, soda seems to spawn about once a day, although I’ve seen clusters of it. It also replenishes some of your thirst and hunger counters, although it doesn’t seem as strong as the juice.

Occasionally, soda will appear inside or under the rims of the soda cans, so be sure to double check! Again, you can store soda in a canteen, but you can’t mix it with juice or water.


Nectar can be found under large flowers, such as roses and tulips near the pond (both on the near and far sides). You will always find the bright yellow globes on the ground, almost always near the stem.

Beware of harvesting this resource, however. The nectar is always close to spiders, especially Orb Weavers.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

Like juices and sodas, nectar replenishes a decent amount of thirst and hunger. While not as good as the above methods, it is more potent than aphid honeydew.

Aphid honey

There is no doubt that you have seen the tiny green aphids hovering in almost every area of ​​Grounded before. They are good for more than meat and for learning to make decorations.

Aphids randomly produce aphid honeydew, which you will always find lying on the ground. It is often an amber color: lighter than the sap but darker than the nectar.

Honeydew will replenish your hunger indicator much more than your thirst indicator; its effect on thirst is almost non-existent. However, it is useful in a pinch.

[GUIDE] : How to get clean water and make a dew collector in Grounded

That’s all you need to know to find clean water and other thirst-quenching resources in Grounded. For more tips, head over to our Grounded Guides page!