[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile is one of the best wholesalers in the Battle Royale category. The game has garnered over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

The title offers its players a special type of in-game currency called COD points. Players use this currency to purchase battle passes, colorful clothing, and weapon skins. However, some players cannot afford to buy CP currency.

To solve this problem for gamers, here are some simple tips on how to get free CP in COD Mobile game.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

How to get a free CP in COD Mobile

Participate in gifts and personalized rooms

The first tip for getting free CP in COD Mobile is to participate in giveaways. There are many Instagram pages and YouTube channels that host daily giveaways on their platforms. These channels host custom rooms for their audience on a daily basis and reward them with free rewards, which are mostly CP in COD Mobile.

Players can also find pages on social media handles like Facebook and Instagram to participate in free giveaways. With any luck, players can win the gift.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

To note: Players are advised not to visit COD Mobile CP generator websites or apps. All of these websites and apps are bogus and do not provide users with free benefits. However, a user may expose their personal information such as user name and password to website owners.

Call of Duty Mobile – Unlimited Free CP 2020

Call of Duty Mobile Hack As you always expect, here it is finally available on your Android & IOS mobile. We are obviously talking about Call of Duty Mobile CP Generator. Adapting the famous game to your phones is even crazier, on the other hand it requires having galore CPs, and at the beginning it’s complicated. So if you don’t want to break the bank, take advantage of our free cheat trick to get unlimited CP.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

Cheat Technique is a generator that gives you the option to get Call of Duty Mobile game resources without paying for them. So that’s a big advantage over other players. Endless games and the best players in the world are yours. But before that, watch the video below carefully so that you fully understand how the trick works. Then it will be up to you to take advantage of the free and unlimited CPs.

What is this generator?

Not sure what a Resource Generator is? No worries, we’re here to explain. Our CP generator is a cheat system that allows you to get these famous CP completely free and unlimited. Otherwise, you have to buy them and they are very expensive, for example 54.99 € the 6650 CP. Thanks to our cheat, you will make great savings.

Our generator is developed by our cheat experts who are also passionate about mobile games. They will therefore do everything in their power to create cheating solutions on as many games as possible. Here, it is thanks to a small technical flaw in the game’s servers that we were able to reproduce the CP purchasing protocol in order to make it free for you. In fact, the generator reproduces the procedure of purchasing CP but without payment. So when you use our cheat, everything happens as if you really bought the CPs, except that you don’t pay anything, it’s free. Resources are credited directly to your Call of Duty Mobile account in just a few minutes.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

As you could see on the tutorial, the generator is easy to use, it only takes a few steps before the CPs end up on your account. The big advantage is that our cheat trick is secure. With our security system, it is impossible for the game publishers to notice the cheating. You can peacefully enjoy your favorite soccer game. Thanks to Code Cheat Games, you have a reliable and 100% secure cheating technique, so go quickly to fill up on CP.

Why use our generator?

You have no choice but to use our generator when you understand the many benefits it brings you. With it, you will have free CPs anytime and whenever you need them to progress. It’s a hell of a lot of money that you will save thanks to us. Very easy to use, it will take you a few minutes to get the valuable resource.

In addition, a generator is a fairly common cheat on the internet, you will find many more if you look carefully. However, very few are secure and most are even scams. So beware of quick fixes. At Code Cheat Games, we have been offering free online cheat tools for years now because our goal is to fight against pay-to-win games. This practice of having the player who pays the most has the most chance of winning is contrary to our vision of the game. For us it is the skills of the player that must make the difference. Thus, with unlimited CPs, all players will be on an equal footing, which promises us great games.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

Here you know everything about our generator, you just have to click on the access button to take full advantage of our cheat trick. Have fun

Call of Duty Mobile game review and presentation

We will now quickly present to you the Call of Duty Mobile game, which is long overdue for game fans. We will especially insist on the role of CPs in the game and therefore the importance of never playing it. to lack. Finally, we’ll tell you what we thought of the game.

In short, Call of Duty Mobile still has some nice surprises in store, full of new features and a unique mobile football simulation. Become a superstar!

Call of Duty: Mobile: How to Effortlessly Get Free Credits

So you can get a lot of totally free credits

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of those games that to play we don’t need to pay anything or see annoying ads, but somehow the creators of the game have to generate some income, and in this case, it’s through a Pass Premium that the only way to get it is to pay with real money. However, there are several ways to earn free credits in Call of Duty to buy items and improve our arsenal and here we explain it.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

What are Call of Duty Credits used for?

The first thing we need to know is that in Call of Duty there are two types of currencies, C and CP. The CP is the Premium currency And the only way to get it is to buy it with real money. On the other hand, the C currency is what we can get by completing different tasks in the game.

With both currencies we can acquire different items, such as weapons, camouflages, gestures, uniforms, among othersObviously, CP Credits will be able to purchase exclusive stuff, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to be a great warrior in Call of Duty. So let’s see how we can earn free credits in Call of Duty without much effort.

Log in every day

Is is the easiest reward to obtain, since we only need to log in every day in the game and in this way we will get many advantages such as cards to improve weapons, credits and more.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

As the days go by, the rewards will improve, so it’s important to log in every day, even if we’re not going to be playing a single game.

Complete all events

Every day we will have tasks to do if we want to get free credits. To find out what these missions are, just go to the season icon on the left of our mobile on the main screen.

There are different types of missions, Daily, Seasonal and Featured, each with a deadline to complete them. The missions can be as varied as the rewards we can get.

Level up in Battle Pass

It’s similar to events, we have to complete different tasks to level up and thus get credits and other rewards, although unfortunately, not all prizes are unlocked, because some will be impossible to claim if we do not purchase a Premium Pass.

Claim inventory items

Many of the rewards that we get when we log in, complete event and battle pass tasks, are stored in our inventory, and therefore, we have to enter in order to be able to redeem them. These rewards can be loot boxes, which usually contain credits to be purchased from the store.

The 5 best Call of Duty weapons

To enter the inventory, you must first enter the section of Armament which is at the bottom of the main screen, then click on the word Inventory which is on the left of our screen. Once we’re there, we can claim whatever we have.

Higher level

Finally, we have a level that we can see in the upper left part of the main screen of the game. Each new level that we manage to reach results in a new reward. So if we want to earn a lot of free credits this is a great option.

[GUIDE] : How to get free CPs in COD Mobile

To improve our level quickly, we have to win many battles in Battle Royale and multiplayer, and the better performance we get, the more points we will get. Here’s a great guide to getting point streaks in multiplayer battles and another to being an MVP in any Call of Duty match.