Released in 2016, airpods are now very popular. These discreet wireless headphones created by the Apple brand deliver very good music quality all day long. However, their small size and discretion make them difficult to hold.

So it is very common to notice that some people lose their airpods. Faced with this situation, it becomes important to adopt good habits so as not to lose your airpods.

Use your headphones well

When buying airpods, you need to make sure you insert them into your ears to limit the risk of falls. To do this, you need to make sure they are put the right way around. This is because the airpods are designed as a pair so that the left ear cup cannot be placed in the right ear and vice versa. If you are not sure of yourself, you can refer to the different inscriptions on your headphones: L for “left, gauche en français” and R for “right, droit en français”.

Airpods have their own style and design. You should therefore take care of this when inserting into your ears to make sure they hold in place.

Use various accessories to hold your headphones

As mentioned above, airpods are headphones without wired support. As a result, they can get lost very quickly when they fall. This is usually very frustrating when you think of the large sum invested in its acquisition.

Various accessories are available to better keep your headphones, whether you use them or not.

Accessories so you don’t lose your headphones

If you want to prevent your headphones from falling out during use, you can resort to accessories like the Spigen airpods strap. Inspired by Bluetooth headphones connected by discreet cable for athletes, it allows you to hold the headphones while avoiding falls. If these try to fall, the accessory cable will hold them to your neck.

Another well-known accessory from the same category is the Airpod Strap. Similar to the previous one, it attaches to each of the ear cups around the neck to avoid losing them.

If your airpods don’t adapt to your body type and daily activity, you can choose tips and stabilizers to fit better in your ears. You can also use a silicone case with a hook that holds your airpods.

There are two-in-one solutions on the market, such as the i-Blason brand cord loops with neck strap. These include both hook and strap.

Protective accessories for the case of your airpods

Besides headphones, you should also find accessories that protect your case. You will find clips on the market to hang it on your belt or the handle of your bag. You can also choose waterproof silicone protection against impact and rain.

The accessories in this category are mostly bags, cases or pouches to preserve your case. However, if you lose your protection and charging box, you can buy another one.

Nearly 20 accessories so you don’t lose your AirPods, protect them and charge them on a daily basis

AirPods are quickly becoming essential,
and can be valuable. Already because they are expensive, we find them
sometimes cheaper than at Apple here (V1), but also because their
wireless technology makes them easy to misplace. And the loss of one or
of the two atria could make some owners cringe

And even though Apple is replacing
headphones to the unit and that an app exists to help
find a lost AirPods, some third-party manufacturers offer to prevent accidental drops, but that’s not all.

Here is an overview of the accessories for protect and secure
its AirPods and their case
, the reload, even
even embellish them:

So as not to lose the Airpods

  • The box with wireless charging signed Apple can replace a lost box! It is on sale here

  • Spigen strap for AirPods: we know this manufacturer especially
    for its hulls, but it is necessary
    confess that his solution to tie together two AirPods should meet
    some success among owners of these wireless headphones Apple. A
    small clip allows the AirPods to be securely held on the cable – price
    approximate: 12 €

Spigen is not the only props manufacturer to offer this type of solution, other manufacturers are present:

  • Elago AirPods ear loops – available in multiple colors, these ear loops can be handy for keeping AirPods secure while running, for example – indicative price: 8 €

  • Hook shaped strap for AirPods – indicative price: 8 €

  • Daite tether strap for AirPods – indicative price: 7.5

  • Earring retaining earrings with i-Blason neck cable:
    same principle as the Earbudi solution presented above, with the added bonus for
    in this case, a safety cord connecting the two ear cups together
    indicative price: 19 €

  • For even more choice of tether strap for AirPods, see this link –
    average price: 8 €
  • Protective and holding plastic for AirPods, from KRQ: here are some
    what to dress the AirPods. Besides protecting them from scratches and the like
    various attacks, these silicone shells have an outgrowth which aims to improve the maintenance of the atrium in the ear –
    indicative price: € 3.99

For those who want to protect the AirPods case and not lose the
headphones, Lidkay offers a two-in-one solution with a
case + strap – indicative price: 8 €

Accessories to protect the case of Airpods and transport them

  • Transport clip
    Elago: a clip to hang the AirPods case on the belt, strap
    of a bag, and other similar place. It is available in several colors.
    Approximate price: 10 euros.

  • Waterproof shell
    Moretek: To protect the case against shocks, but also
    against rain, the Moretek brand offers waterproof silicone protection
    with a small carabiner to attach it to your key ring. She is
    available in several colors. Approximate price: 15

  • AirSnap: leather pouch, full protection and easy attachment at TwelveSouth, three colors for a pouch that sticks to AirPods, with o ***** e for recharging. In a word : Luxury, period! We tested and enjoyed it here – Price: € 34.99

  • Memumi leather case: leather pouch, full protection and easy attachment at Memumi, two colors for a stylish pouch, with o ***** e for recharging. Price: 17 €

  • Icarer leather shell: protective leather shell for the AirPods case, full protection and attachment to a bag or pants, three colors for this pouch. Price: 18 €

  • Leather protections and
    carabiner at Elago: allows both to protect the case from
    charging and transporting AirPods, and hanging them using the carabiner
    integrated. For those who prefer a leather look to that of plastic – Price
    usual 18 euros.

  • All terrain hull
    for Moretek AirPods: Moretek offers another case for the
    AirPods case that is foolproof to offer protection
    optimal to the case. The hull incorporates a small carabiner to attach it to
    your bag. It is available in several colors. Price
    approximate: 12 euros

  • Another model of
    a little more fun glow-in-the-dark case protection, again from the brand
    Elago, prix about 8.99 euros.

  • Silicone protectors sold in packs of 2 or 4 in
    according to his desires, several colors available, all for a price
    ranging from 7 to 9 euros.

  • Elago Dust Guard dust protection: this sticker is intended to protect the housing from dust, since the latter can attract dirt due to its many magnets which are useful in maintaining the valve. With him, no more worries. After the sticker gets dirty, just change it. The latter does not in any way interfere with the closing of the case – around 9 euros per unit, or 14 euros for 2 stickers.

  • Pouch for AirPods transport box: because you may not like the aesthetics of the
    carrying and charging box supplied with the AirPods, often losing it at the bottom of the bag or simply
    want to protect it, there are different solutions to dress it, whether
    either in fabric, in leather, in color – price: from 9 to 16 €

  • Veadigital AirPods storage case: so as not to clutter up the storage box, here’s what to bring together the
    two AirPods together when not in the ears – price
    indicative: 12 €

  • Mini conveyor belt
    signed Meijunter: This small accessory allows you to attach AirPods to the
    wrist for example around the bracelet of an Apple Watch or other bracelet of
    activity monitoring. It is available in several colors. Price
    approximate: 10 euros.

For charging Airpods

There are several ways to charge AirPods: alone or
simultaneously with other devices via various media imagined by
accessory manufacturers:

  • A charging stand
    3 in 1 of the brand Frienda to simultaneously recharge the iPhone, Apple
    Watch and AirPods. Approximate price : 17 euros.

  • Joli support aluminium
    3 in 1 by Bestand which allows you to put down the iPhone and Apple Watch and
    recharge the AirPods case. Several colors available. Price
    approximate : 22 euros.

  • Another support 2 in
    1 this time from Spigen which allows simultaneously recharge
    iPhone and case
    AirPods. Cables not supplied – Indicative price: approximately
    12 euros.

  • To charge only the AirPods case, the Elago brand offers
    un support + recharge
    available in several colors. Approximate price of 12 to 15

  • Spigen Apple AirPods Charging Box Holder: Spigen a
    still struck and remains present on all fronts of the accessory for
    Apple products. This support is an example and makes it possible to embellish the refill of
    the box of his AirPods – indicative price: 9.99

Here’s what to take good care of your Apple AirPods and maybe limit
the risks of losing one of both, or even both, headset while
protecting all the pangs of everyday life and keeping the set well loaded!

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