With bluetooth headphones, say goodbye to tangled cables and move around without restraint. However, unlike regular headphones, you will need to charge them.

AirPods have a battery life of about 5 hours and it is 24 hours for the charging case. But, once their battery is dead, you will have to resume old habits, charging them to an AC outlet.

In this article, we give you 7 tips to help you optimize the battery of your AirPods and avoid the failure.

What is the battery life of the AirPods?

According to Apple, on a single charge, AirPods last about five hours for listening to music and nearly 2 hours for conversations. The charging case has an autonomy of 24 hours.

If your AirPods last significantly less than Apple advertises, then it is possible that your headphones are defective. Therefore, we recommend that you contact Apple Support for any repairs.

[GUIDE] : How to increase the autonomy of your AirPods?

How to extend the autonomy of AirPods?

To help you use your AirPods for longer, follow these 7 tips.

Keep your AirPods in their case

When you’re not using your Apple headphones, it’s important to put them back in their case. Two birds with one stone, this allows you to recharge them but also to protect them in the event of falls or to avoid any loss.

Although your battery performance does not improve, you will enjoy more listening time.

Take a look at our pick of the best AirPods cases for maximum protection.

Do not play with the case

According to Apple, repeatedly opening and closing the case can slow down charging and reduce the battery life of your AirPods.

[GUIDE] : How to increase the autonomy of your AirPods?

Use only one earphone

Consume half the power by listening with one ear, and charge the second at the same time.

This way you are granted the audio experience will not be what you expected, when you signed up for the AirPods. However, if battery life is a real issue for you, then this is a good compromise.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme conditions, such as heat or cold, slow down your battery’s performance and cause long-term damage.

We recommend that you keep your AirPods out of the sun as much as possible.

Decrease the use of smart functions

AirPods have some handy smart features, but not all of them are essential.

As an example, iPhone autoplay, once AirPods are in the ears, is not an essential feature.

Tips for monitoring and improving the battery life of AirPods

Praised by the general public, wireless headphones and more particularly AirPods have gradually established themselves in the portable music market. Although this solution has undeniable advantages, there remains the problem of autonomy. Today we’re bringing you some tips to help you improve the battery life of your AirPods.

Check the battery life of AirPods

In the wireless age, Bluetooth headphones are a huge hit with music lovers. As proof, last year, nearly 60 million AirPods were sold worldwide, which is twice as many as the previous year.

In everyday life, wireless headphones offer great versatility. Cables no longer get tangled in pockets. Unfortunately, the total absence of thread does not only have advantages. In addition to the possible connection problems, some users complain of too limited autonomy.

In theory AirPods offer up to 5 hours of listening time (music) and 2 hours for phone conversations. The charging box has an autonomy of 24 hours. However, there are a few tips to optimize the battery of these headphones and enjoy them for longer.

Before giving you a few examples, let’s take a look at how to check the battery life of AirPods. As you probably already know, Apple’s wireless earphones emit a sound when the charge level is low. But there are other much more precise methods.

  • Take control of your iPhone
  • Make sure your AirPods are paired with your smartphone
  • Place your headphones in the charging case
  • Place it near your phone
  • Open the case
  • The charge status screen of your headphones will appear on the home screen of your smartphone with the charge level of the headphones and the box
  • Close the box cover to make the window disappear

Note that it is also possible to monitor the autonomy of the headphones from the battery widget of your iPhone. To do this, simply open the pane of the notification center by sliding your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. Then swipe the screen from left to right to bring up the different widgets.

4 tips to make your AirPods battery last

Bluetooth headphones drain quite quickly. Due to their small sizes, their autonomy does not exceed a few hours. Here are some tips to help your AirPods battery last longer. Most of the time, these are simple actions that will make the difference when used on a daily basis.

Start by disabling any features you are not using. Contrary to popular belief, all of these technical innovations have an impact on the battery. This is the case, for example, with the automatic ear detection device. Here is the procedure to deactivate it.

  • Connect your AirPods to your phone
  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Click on the Bluetooth section
  • Tap the (i) icon next to AirPods
  • Press the auto ear detection switch to deactivate this function

Also remember to always store your headphones in their charging case rather than leaving them lying around on your desk. It is useless and in addition you risk losing them. In their charging case, they are protected.

Batteries don’t like hot or cold. Extreme temperatures tend to destroy their cells. So avoid leaving your AirPods in direct sunlight. In summer they can easily reach very high temperatures and discharge very quickly.

Using only one headset during a phone call saves battery power. It may sound like common sense and yet few people think about it. And then, as soon as you feel that one earpiece starts to show signs of weakness, you just have to swap it with the other and put it back in the charging case.

4 ways to measure the battery level of your AirPods

If you are a user of Apple products, it is a safe bet that you have AirPods, these little headphones that can be walked everywhere and which offer their users a great deal of battery life. Currently, Apple headphones offer a listening time of about 5 hours, and conservation of about 2 hours. Enough to satisfy a demanding clientele, although some users regularly ask themselves a question: how to check the battery life of their AirPods?

[GUIDE] : How to increase the autonomy of your AirPods?

A very important question in the Apple community

The success of wireless devices today is based on their autonomy, which allows them to be used for longer or shorter periods. The main problem with AirPods is precisely that it is difficult for most users to know how much battery is left in their devices, and by extension for how long they will be able to use them. Because running out of battery when you go to work in the morning can be a very unpleasant experience, we have gathered several tips to find out how much battery life is left in your AirPods.

By bringing the AirPods case to an iPhone

The first way to check the autonomy of your AirPods is probably the easiest. To find out the remaining battery level in your Apple headphones, simply place these in their case, and bring it close to your iPhone. A window will then open, allowing you to know the charge level of the AirPods. The device will also indicate the level of battery remaining in the box. Moreover, if you only want to know the autonomy of one earphone, just remove the other from the box!

Using a battery widget

The latest iOS update now allows you to place a “battery” widget on your Apple smartphone. You can access it directly from your home screen or lock screen. The latter will allow you to know the battery level of your various devices: iPhone, AirPods, AirPods case … You will be able to get a reliable idea of ​​the autonomy of your device before leaving for work in the morning.

By asking Siri for the information

The Apple brand personal voice assistant can also provide you with valuable help in knowing the level of battery remaining in the AirPods. By simply asking the question to the voice assistant, you will get a clear and precise answer: Siri will tell you what percentage of battery is left in your AirPods or in their case.

Know the autonomy of AirPods with an Apple Watch

Thanks to your Apple Watch, you can also know the charging status of your AirPods. To do this, just go to the iWatch Control Center and click on the battery logo.

The big advantage of the Apple Watch is that the device will show you 3 battery life levels: that of the AirPods case, that of the right AirPods, and that of the left AirPods. This is not insignificant information for those who do not know if the autonomy of the two is identical.

And the AirPods case, in there?

Of course, the case of AirPods can still allow you to know the autonomy of the latter. In reality, this is the least precise information, since only a green or orange light allows you to assess the remaining autonomy. It is therefore preferable to complete this information using your iPhone or your iWatch in order to obtain a more precise result.

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