Kjotve the Cruel is the first Boss to fight in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here’s how to beat it:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is such a massive game that over two hours of gameplay has to be spent before the intro screen even appears. There are plenty of boss fights to look forward to, with the first real challenge appearing in Kjotve the Cruel, the man who took the lives of Eivor’s parents. To get revenge on Kjotve, check out these essential tips to get the upper hand in this boss fight.

The Prelude To Combat

To reach this battle you have to start the mission A Cruel Fate in Forli. After speaking to Sigurd at the top of the small tower of the fort, a cutscene will unfold with Kjotve being far too arrogant in his belief that he can end Eivor without too much trouble.

To that end, he’ll even get rid of his weapons and claim to be superior enough to kill Eivor with his bare hands. Fortunately, this is all chatty, as not having weapons makes Kjotve an easier foe to deal with. Since this is the start of the game, you don’t have to worry about power levels.

How to Beat Kjotve – Phase One

[GUIDE] : How to kill Kjotve and complete the quest

The strategy to use here is to rely on your combat from a distance – bow and arrow is the way to go. Kjotve is smart enough to avoid keeping his distance from Eivor, so he launches out for an attack whenever you get away from him. Before he does that, be sure to fire your arrows at him.

It is inevitable that he will get closer to Eivor, but the advantage is that each attack is reported before being executed. This is when a red aura surrounds Kjotve as he is about to make his move, this is when you should avoid getting out of his way. As soon as you dodge it, be ready to hit Kjotve with your melee weapons to deal damage to him.

How to beat Kjotve – Phase Two

[GUIDE] : How to kill Kjotve and complete the quest

After losing a quarter of his health, Kjotve will wield two axes and become more aggressive. You can either face it head-on or get defensive and dodge it again. It is best to combine them while waiting for Kjotve to attack.

The red aura around him indicates that he is going to sway hard, so avoid him at this point until he loses his balance, at which point you have to use melee combat. Out of desperation it will jump and slam into the ground and this should be avoided entirely. The knee attack is his most powerful and will cost a third of his health, making it vital to avoid this movement.

How to beat Kjotve – Phase Three

[GUIDE] : How to kill Kjotve and complete the quest

Towards the end, Kjotve will carry Eivor and slam him in another area. This is the final stage and is relatively easy. Kjotve will seek to throw bodies from the ground towards Eivor, but it is not difficult to avoid them. It will also sway pretty much all the time, which will prevent your melee combat but allow ranged combat.

Shooting arrows at Kjotve is easy as he no longer bother to deflect or dodge them. However, it’s not too difficult to hit him with weapons either, as Kjotve is sensitive between his ax blows. Once his life is completely exhausted, Eivor will take out Kjotve with the Hidden Blade to end the proceedings.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to beat Kjotve The Cruel

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the third game in what many call the modern Assassin’s Creed trilogy that began with Origins. Valhalla continues the trend of having a huge world to explore, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of history along the way, too. You play as Eivor, whether it’s the male or female version, and you have many different enemies to contend with along the way. The first of these comes quite early in the game when you face off against Kjotve the Cruel while still in Norway, which can easily overwhelm you if you’re unprepared.

How to beat Kjotve the cruel

The battle against Kjotve the Cruel doesn’t start off well at all, as he will come right at you and apparently kill you instantly. Don’t worry, as this is supposed to happen to introduce Odin and his connection to Eivor. After a scene here with Odin, you’ll come back in full health for the real fight.

Once you are back, be ready for Kjotve the Cruel to start coming at you again. For starters, lock him in by pressing the right analog stick, as that will be imperative to keep an eye on him in this battle.

To defeat Kjotve, you must first watch how he attacks himself. It has two main attacks, one you can block and one you can’t. When it glows gold, it means it’s about to make an attack that you can not only block but also parry. This will be your primary method of defeating Kjotve. You can go in normally and attack it, but it will hit you hard if you get more than a few attacks at a time. Instead, wait for him to attack and parry with your shield while it’s glowing gold.

If it starts to glow red, move away quickly. Don’t try to block or parry, because they will do absolutely nothing. Use your dodge attack and move around until it’s finished turning red. When his health is half gone, he’ll knock you out in a different area, but combat plays out the same as before. After that just use the same strategy to lower his health and he should be shot before too long.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide to Defeating Kjotve The Cruel Boss

[GUIDE] : How to kill Kjotve and complete the quest

In this guide, we have given some tips on how you can defeat Kjotve the Cruel boss in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at the end of A Cruel Destiny quest. Kjotve the Cruel is one of the first bosses you will encounter at the very beginning of the game. For a boss encountered at an early stage, it is quite difficult to defeat. But, with proper techniques and a good strategy, you can beat him and defeat him easily.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Kjotve le boss cruel

The fight begins right after a long cutscene, and you’ll face off against Kjotve the Cruel Boss.

As you approach combat, your strategy should be solid and your movement game should not depend on offensive attacks.

In this fight, you have two main tasks to accomplish. Just dodge Kjotve’s attacks and follow them up with your own solid strikes.

Repeat this process until Kjotve reaches half his health, which won’t take much time.

Kjotve begins the fight without any weapons, but as the fight progresses he takes two axes and performs light attacks as well as heavy blows.

You need to avoid these hard hits as they can knock you out for the first half of the fight and reduce your health in no time.

Other than that, he has no power over you. Just make sure you’re equipped with the best armor you have for this fight.

Upgraded armor and weapon can really help you during battle starting points.

If you haven’t used any armor so far, you can check your in-game inventory as there are a decent number of upgrades available.

Find the best armor suitable for Eivor. If you want, you can even equip more weapons to cause more damage.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to use the two-way strategy of dodging attacks and executing your own.

The best way to perform attacks is to go behind Kjotve once he hits his attacks and execute your own movement making sure you don’t perform heavy attacks as they take time.

Now, during the second half of the fight, after reducing Kjotve’s health below half, he takes you into a nearby ditch and if his attacks are marked red or yellow, you can’t parry them.

Also, during this stage of the fight he unlocks a few new moves that can cause you a fair amount of damage, moves like when he lifts a corpse and throws it at you and who can forget his Sparta-like kick. .

Therefore, avoid these attacks at all costs to avoid damage. At the end of the day, even if your health is deteriorating, you can still eat the berries in the region to regain your stamina.

Either way, if you die during the fight you don’t have to start the mission over again, you can just start the fight over from where you started.

Just keep following these steps and you’ll be defeating Kjotve the Cruel Boss in no time.

How to kill Kjotve in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla -.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the first few hours of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are all about Eivor getting revenge on Kjotve the Cruel for killing his father. During the A Cruel Destiny quest, that moment finally arrives and you go up against Kjotve himself. If you’re not careful this fight can be a bit difficult so we’ve written a guide on how to kill Kjotve.

[GUIDE] : How to kill Kjotve and complete the quest