[GUIDE] : How to reset your smartwatch? Part one

How to reset your Wear OS smartwatch to factory settings

[GUIDE] :  How to reset your smartwatch?  Part one

Unfortunately, one of the great things about Wear OS smartwatches is that they have to be reset every time you want to pair them with a new smartphone. Have you bought the latest high-end model available on the market or just want to reset your smartwatch? Here are the steps to follow.

Resetting a Wear OS smartwatch: what does it mean?

When you restore the smartwatch to the factory settings of Wear OS, all apps and their data, as well as all system settings, are deleted. Once you have paired the watch with your smartphone (new or old), you need to go directly to the Play Store from the smartwatch and decide which apps you want to download and install on the watch. For instructions on how to download apps to your portable device, check out Google’s official guide.

[GUIDE] :  How to reset your smartwatch?  Part one

How to reset your Wear OS smartwatch

Resetting your smartwatch is done in a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Scroll down from the top of the screen
  • Go to Settings> System
  • Scroll down and tap Disconnect and Reset
  • Confirm that you want to reset the smartwatch by tapping OK

At this point, the watch restarts and the reset procedure starts automatically. In a matter of minutes, your Wear OS smartwatch will return to factory condition and you will need to go through its initial setup, including pairing it with your new smartphone.

How to reset your Android smartwatch to its factory settings?

As with a smartphone, resetting your connected watch is possible! This is commonly referred to as a factory reset. We might wonder why we want to do this to our watch, when we know that all the watch applications and their options are managed rather from our phone, and that the problems mainly come from it.

However, a problem beyond our control can always arise, and the easiest and most effective solution is to give our device a whole new look.

This will completely reset your smartwatch, but will likely fix the bugs that are causing you concern. Remember that you are not managing any apps on your watch, everything is done on the phone. Thus, it will be enough to link your phone again with your watch to put back what was on it.

Reset your watch

Resetting your watch to factory settings should be your last solution to fixing a problem. While there isn’t much you can do to fix a bug from your watch, already try to simply restart your watch. Otherwise, follow these steps:

■ Touch your watch, or pronounce “OK Google”, then press the red circle with Google’s letter “g” inside, to access the menu.

■ Scroll through the menu until you find the Settings (or Settings ).
■ In the settings menu, you can have fun changing some options, such as brightness, the screen constantly on, airplane mode…
■ Scroll down once more to find the option we are interested in: Reset device (or Reset device).
■ A message is displayed asking you to confirm. Press the green check mark button.

■ Voila, your watch will now return to its initial factory state, as when you unpacked it for the first time.
Resynchronize your watchOf course, once that is done, you will have to start again the step of synchronizing the watch with your phone, thanks to Android Wear: Install Android Wear and configure your connected watch

Select your watch again in the app, then choose in the settings Resynchroniser les applications (or Resync Apps).

How to Reset or Restore a DZ09 Smart Watch – Quick and Easy

Many say that the technology is the means available to human beings to make our life much easier and more comfortable. And this has become a fact given the progress that has been made over the past decade, as new ways have been created to be able to entertain, communicate and live.

This has manifested itself in the form of different devices, such as TV, computers, mobile devices and even tablets, which are become devices that have made our daily life impossible without their existence, whether at work or at work. comfort through customary use.

Likewise, the mobile device in particular has become a device that the vast majority of people around the world use and interact with to communicate with all kinds of people around the world.

In addition, it has become a simple way to access the Internet without the need for a computer or too many gadgets to make it possible. Just with a few movements of our fingers and we will upload content to our social networks or make a video call to a family member.

But, as the technology continues to develop more and more, other devices have been created to complement mobile. And among all these devices, the most successful are probably the smartwatches, a series of ” watches »Smart devices that help you manage content on your mobile device. You can modify or customize these watches as you like, for example by easily changing the strap.

With one, you can download apps, see notifications coming to you, be able to monitor how much you’ve walked, send messages, check the weather, take screenshots and much more. But, as with many of these smart devices, sometimes they can have some failure and maybe it is best to restore them from the factory.We so let’s show you below how you can do it with a smart watch DZ09.

[GUIDE] :  How to reset your smartwatch?  Part one

Why reset my smartwatch to factory settings?

The usage time of any kind of electronic device is limited, so we always have to take care of every little device we have. However, over time it is possible for a mobile device, for example, to start showing some errors that become a bit difficult to correct. It should be noted that in general, this device is synchronized with the mobile for personal use so that you can expand its functions.

The same can happen with a smartwatch because it works in a very similar way, and the more it is used, it is likely that something strange will happen eventually, so sometimes restoring it from the factory is the best option to fix the issues.

[GUIDE] :  How to reset your smartwatch?  Part one

Factory reset your DZ09 smart watch

The DZ09 smartwatch was, at the time of its release, one of the most popular smartwatches due to its display and much more. But, like any electronic device, it can be involved in a scenario where a factory reset is the best option to make it work normally.

And, if you are interested in carrying out this process, you just need to follow the following simple step-by-step steps that we present:

  • Turn on your DZ09 smart watch, and once it’s ready to be handled, enter the “Menu” option that you see at the bottom left of the screen .
  • Then, once you enter the menu, you have to navigate between the different options that are on the screen until you find the menu ” Settings And you access it.
  • Now you have to go to the option that says “Restore configuration” and enter it, then enter the device password to be able to restore it, so tap on the text bar to bring up the keyboard and enter the same (the default password is 1122).
  • Once you have entered the password, you need to hide the keyboard with the keyboard button which is in the lower left corner, then you need to select the option ” OK ”And voila, you will have your smartwatch restored at the factory.

4 ways to reset Apple Watch

You may be wondering under what circumstances you might need to reset your Apple Watch? One of the reasons is the total crash. There are a lot of issues with your Apple Watch that updating and restarting won’t fix, but which actually bothers you, or when you send it in for repair. It can also be in perfect condition, but you no longer want to use it (you change your iPhone for an Android, you take a new watch, you want to sell or give it away…).

Depending on your situation, you may need to do more than reset it.

I. Before resetting your Apple Watch

First of all, remember to back up your Apple Watch, in any case your iPhone and its data, in order to be able to restore them later.

Been to Find My iPhone? On your iPhone in Settings> your ID> Find My iPhone> Find My iPhone, turn on Find My iPhone. You will then have to deactivate it to reset your iPhone. The same is true for your Apple Watch. Indeed, Locate includes an option called Activation lock thus preventing anyone from using your watch for you.

When you turn on Find My iPhone, it automatically turns on Find My Apple Watch to those that are paired. You can either disable the location of the iPhone, or only that of the Apple Watch by unpairing it. Everything happens on your iPhone:

  • Keep your Apple watch and Apple phone close to each other;
  • Open the app Watch ;
  • Stay on the tab My watch ;
  • Touch your watch, all the way up;
  • Press ⓘ;

[GUIDE] :  How to reset your smartwatch?  Part oneIf you don’t see Find my Apple Watch, you can stop here, otherwise continue:

  • Press Déjumeler l’Apple Watch, depending on the model of your watch, you should remember to cancel your package for it and cancel it with the operator;
  • Enter your password and confirm your choice.

You have unpaired your Apple Watch thus disabling Find My Apple Watch and Activation Lock. If you don’t do this before a reset, only you can use it again.

II. Reset Apple Watch without iPhone

If you could not do the previous steps because your Apple Watch or your iPhone was not accessible to you, know that it is possible to reset your Apple Watch without your iPhone and even without the Apple Watch or if the watch is not paired with your iPhone.

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