It has been a long time since my wife inspired me to write an article for this site. This error is fixed with this new article for learn how to use an mp3 file as a ringtone on your Android smartphone. My wife indeed changed her smartphone yesterday from a Samsung Galaxy S8 to a Samsung Galaxy S10. And like every time she changes phones, I find myself with practical questions to resolve which I will then share with you. Thus, the installation of his new Android device was the opportunity to show you how to disable sounds in the Facebook application, how to configure a hotmail / outlook account on Android or how to reinstall its Android applications.

His question of the day: how to use mp3 as android phone ringtone? She had indeed on her last mobile phone managed to put a song in mp3 format as a personalized ringtone. Instead of a classic ringtone proposed by the manufacturer of her phone, she had put a song from a group she particularly likes (the Brigitte). And the change of device obviously made him lose his ringtone. Here is a tutorial to learn how to use an mp3 file as a ringtone on Android, whether for calls or notifications.

Note: the screen recordings offered in this tutorial were made from a phone running Android 8.1 from a Huawei P20. The ringtone personalization procedure is however roughly the same for other brands (Samsung, Honor, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, HTC, Wiko etc…). Depending on your version of Android, however, the procedure may be different.

Also note that there are ringtone applications (free but flooded with advertisements or even adware) that allow you to directly download ringtones and use them.


In order to change the ringtone of your smartphone, you will need several elements:

  • an Android smartphone (obviously …)
  • an mp3 file with the song you want to ringtone
  • a file manager application. Most modern phones have an app to manage your files. If not, you can download for free (but with ads…) the File Commander application which does the job very well.
  • possibly a software or an application to “cut” your mp3 file in order to take just the passage of the song which interests you like Ringdroid – RingMaker MP3Cutter


This was my wife’s first problem: how to find free mp3 file of song she wanted to set as ringtone?

Indeed, you need an audio file (mp3 or other file format) which will be used as ringtone (ringtone in English). Two possibilities: either you have the mp3 file of your song on your computer or your phone, or you do not have it.

If you have the mp3 file on a computer, transfer the mp3 to your phone (using a USB cable, via bluetooth or a cloud service). If it’s already on your mobile, nothing special, go to the next step!

If you have the song CD, follow my tutorial to convert CD to mp3.

If you don’t have the audio file, here’s a trick to download a free mp3 which will become your ringtone:

  • go to YouTube and search for the music video that interests you. It shouldn’t be hard, a lot of music is available on Google’s video platform
  • copy / paste video url
  • go to a site like Mp3 YouTube to convert, download YouTube video and get your song back to mp3

Another solution, a bit more technical and complicated: recover the YouTube video and extract the sound from the video.

It’s good, you have the audio file for your future ringtone!


Maybe you don’t need the entire mp3? You certainly want a specific part of your song (like a chorus or a certain verse) for your ringtone? You will therefore have to cut your mp3 file to have the exact passage of the song.

If you are on a computer, you can use free audio software like Audacity to trim your mp3.

If you want to take it easy, download a free app like Ringdroid – RingMaker MP3Cutter to edit your audio file from Android and choose the passage of the song you want as your ringtone. The app is really easy to use to cut your mp3 song. Save the chosen excerpt on your phone so that you can use it as a ringtone for a call or a notification.


Now that we have everything we need to customize the ringtone, all we have to do is tell Android what your new free ringtone will be:

  • Open your file manager, find your song in mp3 format then select it
    [GUIDE] : How to Ring Music on Android Phone Part three
  • Click on the file options (icon Plus in the file manager of my Huawei) and click on Set as…
    [GUIDE] : How to Ring Music on Android Phone Part three
  • Choose if you want to use your mp3 file as Phone ringtone or like Notification ringtone
    [GUIDE] : How to Ring Music on Android Phone Part three
  • It’s good, you now have a personalized ringtone on your Android smartphone!

    How to set a piece of music as a ringtone?

    [GUIDE] : How to Ring Music on Android Phone Part three

    How to set music as ringtone?

    Drag the MP3 music file that you want to use as a ringtone into the “Ringtones” folder. On your phone, tap Settings> Sounds & notifications> Phone ringtone. The added title is now one of the available options.

    How to set music as a ringtone on Samsung?

    In your smartphone menu, click on the “Settings” icon, then scroll down to the “Sounds and notifications” page. Then click on “Ringtones” then, at the bottom of the menu, press the “Add” option.

    How to set your song your ringtone on Samsung s20?

    How to set a custom ringtone on Galaxy S20

    • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon in the top right corner to access settings. …
    • In the settings, go to the Sounds and vibrations section and tap on it.
    • Navigate to Ringtone section and tap on it.
    How do I change the ringtone for messages?

    How to change the default SMS ringtone

    • Launch the messaging app.
    • Press the menu button (3 dots aligned) then Settings.
    • In the new window, click Ringtone.
    • Then select the file you just copied into your mobile’s storage memory from the list.

    How to customize a ringtone on Samsung Galaxy?

    Customize a Contact’s Ringtone – Android

    • Touch the Contact icon to access your address book.
    • Touch the name of the contact to personalize.
    • Touch the Menu button represented by 3 small dots.
    • Touch the Set ringtone command.
    • Choose a new ringtone from the pre-defined list.

    How to set your music as a ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

    You can use a song saved on your phone as a ringtone by selecting Add on the ringtone selection page and then choosing the song you want to use. Touch the settings icon. Touch Sounds and vibration.

    How to set your song your ringtone on Samsung a51?

    Ringtone music

    • In the ringtone menu, press the +.
    • Choose the ringtone in your music.

    How to set your music as a ringtone on Samsung s10?

    You can use a song saved on your phone as a ringtone by selecting the + icon on the ringtone selection page and then choosing the song you want to use. Swipe down from the top of the screen. Touch the settings icon. Touch Sounds and vibration.

    How to set music as a ringtone on Huawei?

    Settings on the device Depending on the version of Android, you will have to go to Settings, Sounds and Notifications and then the Phone ringtone option. It will then be possible to select the desired song and then set it as the main ringtone.

    How do I change the ringtone on my Huawei mobile?

    Change ringtone

    • Touch the settings icon.
    • Touch Sound settings.
    • Touch Phone ringtone.
    • Touch the ringtone you want to use.
    • Touch the check mark.

    How do I restore the ringtone to the phone?

    To quickly activate the vibrator, press the On / Off + Volume + buttons.

    • Open your phone’s Settings app.
    • Tap Sound and vibrate. …
    • Activate or deactivate the Block ringtone option. …
    • Choose what happens when you press Power and Volume +:
    How do I reset my iPhone’s ringtone?

    My iPhone no longer rings, what should I do?

    • Activate the small button at the top left of your iPhone, which mutes or unmutes the sound. …
    • Go to Settings> Sounds and turn off Silent mode if it’s on.
    • Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch.
    Why is my cell phone not ringing?

    If the phone rings, reconnect your devices one at a time while the ringing sounds. If the phone stops ringing after plugging in a device, unplug the device. It may be the cause of the problem and you should get it checked out. Dial * 73 or 1173 to cancel call forwarding.

    Why does my ipad not ring when someone calls me?

    The solution is then to deactivate only the option linked to phone calls on each affected device. To prevent your Mac from ringing, launch the FaceTime app and then open its Preferences. Below the list of contact details, uncheck the “Calls from iPhone” (or “Calls from FaceTime”) box.

    How to increase the ringing time of the telephone?

    By default, after 20 seconds without picking up (4 rings), your correspondent falls on your BASE voicemail. To increase this time to 30 seconds (the maximum possible), dial the code ** 61 * + 32486191933 * 11 * 30 #. Confirmation will appear on the screen. The “30” represents the number of seconds.

    How to set your song your ringtone on Huawei p30 Lite?

    Go through a music player on your Huawei P30 Lite To do this, you just have to play the music, then click on the options button of your Huawei P30 Lite. You will then have the choice to set the music played as a ringtone for your Huawei P30 Lite, or even as an alarm.

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