In December 2020, Apple released AirPods Max, a pair of wireless on-ear headphones that share many of the features of AirPods Pro, but in a more premium package.

If you’ve just received a pair of new Apple headphones, you’ll be eager to use them for listening to music, taking phone calls, using Siri, and more. In this tutorial I will explain how to properly configure them and connect them to your devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mac and on Apple TV).

On devices using iOS

If you want to use your new ‌AirPods‌ Max with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, make sure you are using iOS 14.3 or later.

To check that your device’s software is up to date:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • tap on Software update and download available updates if necessary.
  • On Mac

    To use your new ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max with your Mac, it must be running macOS 11.1 or later.

    To verify that your device is up to date with the latest software version:

  • Select System Preferences
  • Go to the menu Apple in the upper left corner of the screen,
  • Then click on Software update in the preferences window.
  • [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    If your Mac finds an update is available, click the Update Now button to download the software and allow the software to install when prompted.

    On Apple TV

    To use your new ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max with your Apple TV, it must be running tvOS 14.3 or later.

    To verify that your ‌Apple TV‌ is using the latest software version:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to System
  • Finally, select Software updates and select Update Software.
  • [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    Set up AirPods Max on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    Before you can start using your new “AirPods»With your iOS devices, you need to do some configuration.

  • Unlock your ‌‌iPhone‌‌, ‌‌iPad‌‌ or ‌‌iPod touch‌‌. If your device is already unlocked, go to the Home screen.
  • Take your ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max out of their Smart Case. Within 60 seconds, move them closer to your device.
  • Wait for the setup animation to appear on your device screen.
  • If you don’t see the animation, manually pair your ‌AirPods Max‌ with your iOS device by going to Settings -> Bluetooth. If you don’t see the status light blinking white on ‌AirPods Max‌, try reset your AirPods Max (long press the noise control button). Repeat the above steps.
  • [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

  • Press on Log in to pair your ‌AirPods Max‌ with your device, or to configure features such as dis ‌Siri‌ if you haven’t configured it yet.
  • If you want to experience theaudio spatial before enabling it for supported media, press DiscoverHow does it work.
  • Tap Done.
  • If you are signed in to iCloud, your ‌AirPods Max‌ will automatically configure itself with one of your other devices signed in to ‌iCloud‌ with the same Apple ID.

    Set up AirPods Max on Mac

    If you have set up your ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max with your ‌‌iPhone‌‌, ‌‌iPad‌‌ or ‌‌iPod touch‌‌ and your Mac is signed in to ‌‌iCloud‌‌ with the same ‌‌Apple ID‌‌, then your ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max should be ready for use with your Mac.

    If ‌AirPods Max‌ are nearby, your Mac will detect them and display a notification asking if you want to connect with them.

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    If they don’t connect, place your ‌AirPods Max‌ on your ears and click on the Bluetooth option in the menu bar or on the volume control in the menu bar of your Mac. Then choose ‌AirPods Max‌ from the list. If you still don’t see your “AirPods Max”, manually pair them with your Mac by following these steps:

  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click on bluetooth.
  • [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then press and hold the noise control button on your ‌AirPods Max‌ until the status light flashes white.
  • Select your “AirPods Max” from the Devices list, then click Log in.
  • [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    If sound is still playing through your Mac’s speakers, click on the volume control icon in the menu bar and make sure your “AirPods Max” is selected as the output device.

    How to connect AirPods Max to Apple TV?

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    AirPods Max has an auto-switch feature when using iOS and iPadOS devices, but it doesn’t work with your Apple TV. This is due to outdated processors used on the Apple TV. So users have to manually connect their AirPods Max via AirPlay when they want.

    You will be able to hear any audio produced from Apple TV, but special features such as Spatial Audio will not work. For now, the best audio experience can be obtained on iPad and iPhone.

    Despite that, you’ll still want to connect your AirPods Max to Apple TV every now and then, so here are the three ways audio sources can be changed on Apple TV.

    From the Control Center

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    It is the universal way to connect to your AirPods Max. Control Center can be accessed from anywhere in tvOS as long as you use the Siri remote control, the Remote app on iPhone or another remote control with a TV button.

  • Press and hold the “TVOn the remote control to open the control center.
  • Scroll to the icon in the bottom middle and select it. This is the icon AirPlay.
  • Wait a moment and the AirPods Max will appear at the top of the list below
  • Select AirPods Max to connect them
  • Media Playback

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    When watching content in the Apple TV app, you can slide the Siri remote down to bring up a small menu. This menu displays subtitle and audio options.

    Not all media player apps have this built-in menu. So when using apps like YouTube, you’ll want to use Control Center to switch to AirPods Max.

  • Swipe down when viewing media content,
  • Scroll down to the ” Audio »
  • In the far right list you will see AirPlay options
  • Select AirPods Max to switch
  • Apps with AirPlay buttons

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    Some apps like Apple Music have AirPlay buttons built into the interface.

    If you spot the concentric circles with an upward pointing triangle in any app, you can change the audio source from there.

  • Open the music app
  • Select ” Now playing »In the top menu
  • The icon AirPlay is in the upper left corner, select it
  • Select AirPods Max from the menu
  • Connect the new AirPods Max to Android devices

    You can use ‌‌AirPods‌‌ Max with Android smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. You will not be able to use ” Dis ‌‌Siri‌‌ ”, but you can use them for listening, speaking, and you can still use the noise cancellation and transparency modes.

    To set up your ‌AirPods Max‌ with an Android phone or other non-Apple device, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and follow these steps:

  • On an Android device, go to Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth.
  • Press the noise control button on “AirPods Max” and keep it pressed until the status indicator flashes white.
  • Select your “AirPods Max” when they appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.
  • You can change how the physical controls work on “AirPods Max,” including reversing the volume of the digital crown and customizing the noise control button.

    AirPods Max: tips and tricks to harness the full potential of Apple’s new wireless headphones

    The AirPods Max are Apple’s first active noise-canceling wireless headphones. We invite you to discover the important functions and settings.

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    Apple surprised by launching the AirPods Max, its first wireless headphones, in mid-December. A high-end circumaural model sold for € 629 which really impressed our colleagues at who were able to try it.

    Below are our top tips and advice on how to get the most out of your AirPods Max.

    1. Bluetooth connection is very fast

    Connecting the AirPods Max is extremely easy. Take the headphones out of their holster and unlock your iPhone or iPad. A second or two later, you’ll see a notification asking if you want to connect to your AirPods Max. Tap Connect and you’re done. Once the headset is paired, it will automatically work with the rest of your Apple devices that use your Apple ID.

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    2. Connect AirPods Max to Mac or other brand device

    The AirPods Max is first and foremost a Bluetooth headset. This means that you can connect it to other compatible devices, like the new Chromecast, an Android smartphone, or a Windows PC.

    This pairing requires a few additional steps. In particular, you must put the headphones in pairing mode by keeping the RBA control button pressed until the indicator light begins to flash white. The button is located at the top of the right earbud, while the indicator light is at the bottom of the same side.

    Next, open the source device’s Bluetooth settings and select AirPods Max from the list of found nearby Bluetooth devices.

    The AirPods Max interface goes through a digital crown, like the one found on the Apple Watch, and a button for active noise reduction control. Both are found on the top of the right ear cup and have multiple functions.

    Controls with the digital crown

    • Control the volume by turning the crown in either direction;
    • One press starts playback or pauses;
    • Press twice to go to the next track;
    • Three presses to go back;
    • Long press activates Siri.

    The digital crown can also be used to answer or end a phone call:

    • Press once to answer or end a call;
    • Press twice to reject a call;
    • During a call, pressing a button answers a second incoming call and puts the first on hold;
    • When two calls are active, press the crown twice to hang up the current call and switch to the other call;
    • Press and hold to reject a second incoming call;
    • Double-tap to stop listening in the headset and send the call to your phone.

    [GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part one

    3. Use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to control the AirPods Max

    You can also control your AirPods Max directly from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

    Once the headset is connected to an iPhone or iPad, drag the slider in the upper right corner of the screen to access Control Center. Long press the volume slider, then adjust the settings as you want.

    On a Mac, click the AirPods Max icon in the menu bar, then select the mode you want to use.

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