4. How do I turn the AirPods Max on or off?

The short answer? You can not. Either the headset is on your head and working, or it is in a standby state to extend its battery life.

When not in use, store it in its case which automatically activates deep standby. The headset will go into the same mode automatically if you leave it on without storing it in the case, but it will take longer.

5. Auto play / pause

If you take off the headphones, or if you simply lift one of the headphones, playback will automatically pause. When you replace AirPods Max, it will resume playing.

6. Siri always available

If you’ve enabled “Hey, Siri” on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, AirPods Max will automatically detect this voice command. For example, you can change the album, send an SMS or make a call by saying “Hey, Siri” followed by your command or question.

7. Where can I find the AirPods Max settings?

Unlike the Apple Watch which has its own app, the AirPods Max settings section is buried in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. Specifically, you need to go to Settings> Bluetooth and then press the “i” next to your AirPods Max. In particular, you will find options to rename the headphones, adjust the direction of rotation of the digital crown to adjust the volume or even deactivate automatic switching.

8. Test the spatial audio function

During the initial pairing process, you had the option of listening to a demo of the spatial audio feature with dynamic head tracking to decide whether or not to activate it. It creates a surround-like sound environment that adapts in real time as you move your head.

But to get a better idea of ​​what spatial sound does, we suggest you watch Dolby Atmos 5.1 or 7.1 compatible content. For example, Apple TV + subscribers can watch Tom Hanks’ movie Greyhound. If you have Disney +, you can try it out with The Mandalorian series.

9. How to view the battery level?

To see the remaining battery life of the AirPods Max, just look in the upper right corner of your iPhone or iPad screen. If you use it with a Mac, you have to click on the AirPods Max icon in the menu bar to see its battery level. Another possibility is to use the iPhone or iPad battery widget, or simply place the AirPods Max next to your iPhone or iPad and wait for the battery notification to appear.

10. Need a wired connection?

If you want to use the AirPods Max in wired mode, Apple sells a Lightning to 3.5mm (1.2m) mini-jack audio cable for € 39.

11. The pads come off for cleaning

Each pad is magnetically attached to the helmet, allowing them to be removed for easy cleaning. If one of them is too damaged, Apple sells them for € 79 per pair. You can take the opportunity to change colors.

12. Problems? Try a reset

If you’re having trouble with the AirPods Max, you can reset it by holding the RBA control button and digital crown simultaneously until the status light turns amber.

[GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part two

13. How do I restore AirPods Max to factory settings?

Simultaneously press and hold the RBA control button and the digital crown until the indicator light turns orange and then white.

We tested … Airpods Max, Apple’s headphones

The latest headphones from the Californian manufacturer attempt to shake up the hierarchy of headphones with active noise reduction. However, they sometimes cost twice as much as its competitors.

[GUIDE] :  How to set up and connect AirPods Max?  Part two

The apple brand isn’t known for its democratic pricing, but it had a heavy hand with its latest headphone models released in December. Sold at 629 euros, this headset, called Airpods Max, costs about twice the best active noise canceling headphones – the Sony WH-1000XM3, XM4 or the Bose 700, models also designed to isolate the listener from noise pollution. surrounding areas. Is this price difference justified?

  • A beautiful sound quality …

After several days of testing, it’s obvious: the Airpods Max sound particularly good. The bass is very nimble and deep, the soundstage is clear, ample and detailed, the rhythms are very dynamic.

On all these counts, Apple’s headphones are a bit more convincing than Sony’s WH-1000XM3, the headset we recommend – and which currently costs around $ 250. The difference in sound quality seems relatively clear to us and audible to most listeners. However, the Sony XM3 has more personality: it plays a very warm sound while the Airpods Max deliver a more neutral copy.

  • … but not totally audiophile

Compared to Sony’s XM3, Apple emphasizes the bass well, but more quietly, and its headphones sound relatively balanced. The high tones, however, leave something to be desired. According to the American laboratory Rtings, they are quite unpredictable from one user to another, undoubtedly because of the differences in morphology that distinguish us.

On our side, the high treble of the Airpods Max seemed accentuated, and that bothered us a little, especially on the rhythms of the batteries. Some voices also seemed to us slightly veiled, a sign of high mids a little behind. But these are light colorings that are not very annoying, and may even please.

Despite everything, while the Airpods Max may sound great, they do not achieve the audio quality of a very good high-fidelity headset like the Sennheiser HD650. Even more neutral, it restores the instruments in a more natural way. It suggests a higher level of detail and even sharper volume variations, but it takes a trained ear to notice a clear difference. Many audiophile headphones are designed for quiet use anyway. The Airpods Max can be used anywhere.

  • Excellent insulation

Their sound insulation is based on active noise reduction technology, which has become more popular in recent years. A microphone, placed outside the headphones, records surrounding noises in real time. The headphones then calculate and broadcast an antagonistic sound, with the consequence of canceling the noise, as if by magic.

If not perfect, the result is spectacular, helping to isolate the listener in a bubble of serenity, even in a noisy environment such as an open space, a busy house or a busy street, which can be particularly useful. when you telecommute. The noise reduction of the Airpods Max is among the very best, it even erases the surrounding voices slightly better than the Sony XM3 or the Bose 700.

  • A sometimes very good microphone

The Airpods Max’s microphone picks up sound passably. On the phone or in videoconferencing, your voice will be slightly more audible than with an equivalent Sony headset, but less than with the Bose. In the real world, on the other hand, Apple’s headphones make it possible to open the sound bubble to outside voices thanks to the “transparency” mode. It works so well that we manage to engage in a discussion without being embarrassed: the voices of the interlocutors seem natural when they are restored. Other helmets have the same function, but it is so much less pleasant to use.

  • Not so easy to use

The Airpods Max are comfortable thanks to their clever suspension system made of a fabric mesh that rests on the top of the head, reminiscent of the fabric of the backs of certain ergonomic chairs. It can be worn for hours without suffering, despite the very heavy weight of the object.

When switching on, Apple headphones ignore the “On” button: they are able to turn on by themselves by detecting the proximity of the ear. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work: on two or three occasions we have been forced to remove and re-put the helmet on so that it turns on. This can probably be explained by the presence of hair on our ears. The automatic ignition nevertheless seemed practical to us.

Apple’s headset is equipped with two buttons. The dial controls both the “pause”, by pressing, and the volume, by turning. As for the flat button, it activates the transparency mode. The location of these buttons leaves something to be desired: you can activate them without wanting to when you grab the headset. Despite this, their operation is among the clearest that we have come across.

You can use the Airpods Max with an Android mobile but it is more easily associated with a device of the brand, an iPhone or an iPad: just bring the headphones to five centimeters for them to communicate and a message on the screen prompts to connect them with a click. Unfortunately, in our experience, this does not always work. It is then necessary to go through the Bluetooth menu of the device.

The headphones are then recognized automatically, but again, the automatic connection is capricious, and a passage through the Bluetooth menu is sometimes necessary. You can pair a second device like an iPad, then switch from iPhone to tablet seamlessly, simply by stopping playback on one, then starting on the other. Unfortunately, we still occasionally suffer the vagaries of the connection, but the experience remains less unpleasant than with a classic Bluetooth headset.

  • Very robust

Apple headphones are constructed from aluminum and steel, and that’s no small thing: these materials are incomparably stronger than the plastic of competing headphones. Airpods Max are likely to be more resistant to bumps, twists, crushes, and other tears. Their pads are very easily removable, because they only hold by the force of a magnet. Anyone can change them when they are damaged – the pair still cost 80 euros.

On many competitive headphones this is not possible, which can cause the headphones to be thrown away when worn. Airpods Max should last longer and that’s a key plus, especially for less careful users, or those who spend a lot of time with headphones on their ears.

  • Fairly good autonomy

We regret that the carrying bag provided with the headphones does not protect them well, protruding in several places. Cautious consumers would benefit from replacing it with an airtight case, because the anodized aluminum of the Max may be very resistant, it will scratch on contact with the hardest keys.

Another thing to know: you can’t fold up the Apple headset, so it takes up a lot of space in a bag. And like most of its competitors, it is not waterproof, so it will have to be stored in case of rain. Its battery lasts about twenty hours, which is both satisfactory and inferior to Sony’s XM3 and 4 models, which promise ten more hours.

In conclusion

For many users, the Airpods Max will be the best active noise canceling headphones. Their sound quality is a little better than that of Sony and Bose headphones, their construction is more robust and that deserves an additional cost… But is a doubling of the price justified? We are more reserved in this regard.

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