[GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode – Resident Evil Village Part three

  • CHATEAU[GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    This card is quite difficult for two reasons. The first is the boss inhabitant. The Garrador is really painful to deal with when there is already a group of monks around. When focusing on chains, the appearance of a Garrador means the end of your chain 90% of the time. However, the conditions of appearance of this boss remain to be determined. Sometimes you will do the mission with three Garradors, other times you will not see any.

    I noticed that by not lingering on each floor, the appearance of the Garrador is more rare. On the other hand, entering the last room on the top floor is synonymous with Garrador in general, except if you get to the top in record time. This part contains a spray, a bonus points and one 30s time bonus. If you want my opinion, the game is not worth the candle. Better to continue your chain to the top floor than to trigger this boss.

    The other difficulty of this internship is the inconvenient amount of snipers. These crossbowmen will make you see all the colors. They are, in most cases, perched in places inaccessible to you (if you don’t have a sniper rifle), and even if you try to snip them, the monks around you will have attacked you in the meantime. Try to take cover.

    There is only one starting point in this map, on the lower level. After a few steps you reach the first level (made up of a ground floor and a small floor. There is a barrel explosive, items in barrels and two time bonuses). After eliminating the first wave of monks, go through the door without lingering here. Otherwise… Garrador.

    The second floor is the “interior” part. This area is quite easy to manage. Be careful, however, of monks with shields. This area also contains an outer part (where the cannon is used in the main game). This outer zone is a rallying point for crossbowmen. They keep a bonus pointsin the little cache at the end of the catwalk.

    This cache is an ideal sniping point for Ada and Wesker for a chain. Enemies only come from one direction and line up in a single line.

    By continuing to climb you arrive at the third floor. You will find the second bonus points at the top right of the stairs, then passing two doors, you will reach your final area.

    [GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    When you approach this double footbridge, monks arrive through a large door (door that triggers a Garrador if you take it). There are two barrels here. This area is extremely dangerous, as there are snipers stationed where there was the cache on the second level.

    Monks come from all over here. Good for chains and stitches, but also dangerous. For Ada and Wesker, there is another ideal sniping point: as you walk through the door leading to this large area, there is a barrel to break. Post here and snip. The crossbowmen below cannot reach you.

    For the other characters, it will be necessary to go to the contact. Neckbreaker for Hunk, special attack for Krauser (the bow is particularly difficult to use in this area) and shotgun for Leon.

    The area being in two floors, the upper floor, near the door, is the safest, but the least provided with potential victims. As said before, the last bonus points is in the room, but you know the price to pay.

    If you try to achieve a high score in this stage, the appearance of a Garrador severely limits your chances. A relatively quick method of getting rid of it is to throw it a grenade explosive which brings him to his knees and then dumps what you have bigger on his parasite ( musket, sniper, magnum, big burst of TMP). With Krauser, however, no problem. Use the arm.


    [GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    This map is really big and full of little paths. It is therefore difficult to ensure the chains AND the recovery of time items. In addition, the map being quite large, the enemies are scattered. You will easily encounter 10-20 enemies at once and then sometimes go 30 seconds without seeing anyone.

    The boss of this stage is JJ, you can meet three. There are a lot of scenery elements that allow you to hide from its bursts of fire. Use the musket, the sniper, l’arm attack, the grenades where the magnum depending on your character. Unfortunately, like the Garrador, special attacks don’t work, even if you stun him with a bullet to the head or a flash grenade.

    The different starting points are :

  • the main door. There is a tower to climb immediately to the left, with time bonuses on each floor. At the top, a large platform and a bonus of points;
  • at the foot of the ladder on the coast side. From here you can go into the camp through the tunnels, or climb the ladder to get to the top, which has the advantage that you won’t get attacked from above. You will also have more exploration options;
  • the top of the tower. This place is one of the meeting points with JJ. If you land there from the start, expect to fight it straight away.[GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    It is sometimes difficult to find your way around this camp, but after a few games you will become familiar with it. There is a lot of time bonus from 30s. It pushes you to move to pick them up one after the other. They are usually not far from each other. Do not hesitate to visit the nooks and crannies to find barrels, crates, barrels explosives or time bonus (like the one that is at ground level, behind the tower).

    The enemies are obviously the soldiers, especially beware of those carrying a rocket launcher.

    For this map there is therefore not really a typical path since there are passages everywhere. If possible, try to regroup as many enemies as possible near a bonus point, then take them out by heading to the next area so as to keep your chain alive for as long as possible.

    The area is well thought out for Snipers, you can snip JJs from across the map or maintain chains easily.

    If you need a relatively safe point to wait for the end of the stopwatch, head towards the sea. With your back to the sea, on the right side there is a series of steps which go up towards the starting point of ‘a rail / cable car. Take it and you arrive on a platform where you can hardly be dislodged. However, you can continue to attack enemies below and those opposite, at the starting point of the cable car.


    [GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    This card is very dynamic. But also difficult because of the presence of the two bosses.

    It consists of two big houses (for each, the interior and the roof), which are connected (one way) by a cable / cable car. There is also a tower made up of several platforms connected by ladders (a bit like the one in the camp, but narrower).

    The boss of this level is a couple de super-chainsaw men. They are twice the size of normal, do not take the ladders, they jump directly to the floor they want, are hardly stopped by bullets or explosions (especially when they make their attack where they want). swing their double chainsaw).

    [GUIDE] : How to unlock Mercenaries Mode - Resident Evil Village Part three

    The starting points are :

  • the tower (if you start on the tower, a super chainsaw will join you almost immediately), this is one of the worst starting points;
  • at the water’s edge, in front of the square, under the tower. You should know that chainsaw also have starting points. If we call house 1 the one that allows you to take the cable car and house 2 the one where you arrive by taking it, a boss starts in each of the houses.

    The recurring starting points of Chainsaw are :

  • The one in house 1 begins inside, at the corner. To reach him, from the main square, climb the stairs entering house 1 (on the left) and take the door he is right there (3 melee sniper bullets for example are enough);
  • The one in house 2 also starts inside. To reach it, from the main square take the door of house 2 which is just below the cable car cable, just to the left of house 1. Open the door and say hello. not look for them, they will eventually come out (especially if you start on the tower).

    For the rest, the enemies are the soldiers, there are snipers on the tower and on the roofs. You will also find barrels explosives. If possible, save them to blow up the super-chainsaw.

    The best way to get rid of these sores is to surprise them where they started. Indeed, in this case, they have not yet launched their double chainsaw. Open the corresponding door, and swing 2 or 3 grenades explosives if you have a character who does. If not, musket, bras, sniper.

    If the chainsaw is still alive, you will need to use the barrel and try to attack him when he is not making his attack or when he is spinning his chainsaw in all directions. If you see him doing that, leave the planet.

    A point to note also, if you have the boss at your heels, ESPECIALLY, do not climb the large ladder which leads you to the top of the tower. NEVER is bad! He will jump straight to the top floor and wait for you. As soon as you arrive you will lose your mind.

    On the other hand, an interesting technique is to lead him to the roof of house 1, take some distance and snip him / shoot him from afar / throw grenades at him. The roof has no obstacles or enemies if you go fast. So you can do what you have to do. But the most important is that, if you do not get out of it, you can escape by the cable car.

    So to conclude on this internship:

  • If you start on the tower, it will be complicated;
  • Otherwise, get at least 2 grenades (3 ideally) and go find one of the chainsaw;
  • After getting rid of these two plagues, make groups of enemies, take bonus points and meet the soldiers in the square. Voila, we have covered the mini game of the Mercenaries I believe. It’s a really great addition to the main game. We always try to improve the scores by using our favorite characters, all with pleasure. A big tip of the hat then. Have fun with the Mercenaries and with the Handcannon.