You own Apple AirPods and don’t know how to use them well with your devices yet. In this file we have gathered all the tips to help you make the most of the potential of your AirPods.

How to use AirPods

Pair AirPods in bluetooth with an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch

Thanks to the AirPods W1 chip, bluetooth pairing with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or other Apple product is done instantly. Just open the AirPods box and place it next to your iPhone, iPad. Afterwards, the iPhone will automatically detect that the AirPods are nearby. You will then see a window appear which will offer you to pair them in one click.

How to link AirPods to Mac

AirPods will automatically be connected with all of your Apple devices that have the same iCloud account. On your Mac for example in the menu Son you will see your AirPods in the list of devices, you just have to select them:

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Activate Siri with AirPods

Siri will come in handy if you want to ask your iPhone to do something to you. Raising and decreasing the volume without taking your iPhone out of its pocket is done through Siri. Because on AirPods there is no physical button. To activate Siri on AirPods, you double-tap one of the earbuds. If this does not work, you must modify the action of the double tap.

Change the double tap action

By default, double-tapping one of the earbuds activates Siri. But it is possible to modify this action. You can use double tap to start or stop playing your music. Or you choose not to associate anything with this action. To change this setting, on your iPhone go to Settings> Bluetooth and tap on the ” i ”Located to the right of the AirPods name.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Choose whether you want to change the double tap on the left or right earpiece, then select the option of your choice:

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Disable or enable ear detection

This feature allows the iPhone to detect whether or not you are wearing your AirPods. If the option is enabled, as soon as AirPods are detected in your ears the sound will be transferred to your AirPods. For that go to Settings> Bluetooth and touch the ” i ”Located to the right of the AirPods name. Subsequently, uncheck or check the option Auto detection ears.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Increase and decrease volume

Do you want to increase or decrease the volume of the sound? The only way is to go through Siri, as we said above. To do this, double tap on one of the AirPods to activate Siri and then ask it to increase and decrease the volume.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Move forward and backward through music tracks

To change the music track, you just have to configure the double tap as seen above in the section ” Change the double tap action« .

Note that it is also possible to do this Siri. The problem ? If you are in an area where the internet connection is poor, you will have to perform all of these actions manually, as Siri needs the internet to function.

Pause music

Nothing’s easier ! Thanks to the biometric sensors placed in the AirPods, they detect when they are placed or not on your ears. Take out one of the AirPods and your music will stop. Or activate the double tap on “Play / Pause”.

Hang up and pick up a call

To hang up and answer a call with AirPods, all you need to do is double tap one of the earbuds while the call is incoming or in progress.

Change the name of your AirPods

To change the name of your AirPods, go to Settings> Bluetooth. Type the button containing the ” i »Placed to the right of the AirPods name. And you will see the section Name of AirPods.

AirPods Max Tip: How to Use Live Listening Function

The AirPods Max inherit the functions of the AirPods and, in the bundle, there is the so-called “real-time listening” function which turns the iPhone into a wireless microphone..

You can put your phone near a sound source – a talking person, a television set, etc. – and listen to it in good conditions, through your headphones, even while standing at a distance. The range can be several meters since it goes through Bluetooth. A priori it primarily interests hearing impaired people but everyone can find a wider use.

This function, which appeared with iOS 12, works in the same way as with classic AirPods but if these are your first Apple headphones, this is the opportunity to discover this possibility with the additional sound comfort provided by this headset.

Activate this function in the “Control Center” of the iOS settings by adding the “Audition” item to the list of “Included commands”. Then make sure your headphones are connected.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Then bring up the Control Center with the gesture of pulling from the right corner at the top of the screen. Then touch the ear icon to display the small control window, then touch the “Live listening” area to start sound capture. Finally, all you have to do is put your iPhone near the sound source.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

5 practical tips to make better use of Airpods

Besides listening to music, there are many other ways to use bluetooth headphones. Here are five practical tips to make better use of your Airpods.

[GUIDE] : How to use AirPods?

Technical details of Airpods

Airpods are highly sought after accessories by lovers of new technologies. A W1 chip is integrated in these headphones. In fact, this chip is dedicated to multiple devices such as Airpods headphones, Beats Solo3, Beats Studio3, Powerbeats3 and Beats X. Airpods produce quality sound effects. Indeed, they emit AAC type sounds and are equipped with a micro filter. A tactile surface is located on the exterior surfaces of the Airpods.

It is possible to configure each Airpods. In addition, they are equipped with a artificial intelligence. Indeed, a voice accelerometer is inside every Airpods. In this way, they detect the user’s voice. In addition, integrated optical sensors and accelerometers detect whether these accessories are worn in the ear. On the one hand, this mode of operation is convenient, because it allows the Airpods to automatically launch the music. In addition, this system allowssave battery. As these headphones work via Bluetooth, it is important to activate the connection with the smartphone.

How to pair the Airpods?

To listen to music, you must first pair Airpods with the smartphone. To do this, follow the following instructions:

  • Unlock the smartphone;
  • Open the case containing the headphones;
  • Hold down the button on the back of the housing;
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • In general, Airpods are directly connected to the user’s smartphone.

    Set up Airpods

    Airpods have several options. The different sensors and the tactile surface allow the user to perform many actions. To personalize these headsets, you must:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Go to “Bluetooth”;
  • Access the “i” information icon.
  • Thanks to this customization, many activities are possible with just a double tap on the touch surface such as starting playback, stopping, selecting the next or previous track. Using the option “Automatic ear detection», Airpods can pause music when one of the earbuds is removed.

    On the other hand, if the user has an iCloud account, a synchronization is possible between the Airpods and the account. However, the options are limited. Nonetheless, Airpods can perform several actions from a Mac. To do this, go to the “System Preference” menu, then “Bluetooth”, “Airpods” and “Option”. In the “Settings” icon, it is recommended not to click on the name of the Airpods. Otherwise, the headphones disconnect.

    Using the Receiver Airpods

    With the Airpods and the smartphone, it is possible to use only one headset for telephone conversations. To do this, simply activate the “automatic change” mode. To get to this tab, here is the path:

  • Bluetooth setting;
  • Automatic microphone;
  • Automatic change.
  • Normally, this mechanism is set up as a hearing aid. The smartphone then turns into a microphone. All sounds are sent directly to Airpods. Thus, these headphones can serve as a receiver. However, this feature can be used for other purposes, such as during a conference. To adjust the Airpods microphone, make sure that the headphones are properly connected to the mobile. In this way, it is possible to place the smartphone several meters from the user. For his part, he can hear and follow the conversations or remarks during the conference. To do this, refer to the “Settings” section then “Bluetooth”. Then proceed as follows:

  • Select the “Settings” menu;
  • Press “Control Center”;
  • Enter “Customize orders”;
  • Access the “Hearing” tab;
  • Click on “listen in real time” and activate it.
  • It is also interesting to create an “Audition” shortcut on the main screen. It is important to place the iPhone a few meters from the voice source. With the AAC type sound amplification and micro filter, listening is all the more pleasant.

    Additional tips for Airpods

    There are other bonus tips for using Airpods well. For example, these headphones can be a great help during a incoming call. If the user is far from their mobile, Airpods can help them. Plus, these technological wonders can detect and report the name of the person calling it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Enter “Telephone”;
  • Select “Call announcements”;
  • Switch to “Headphones only” mode.
  • If the user loses their Airpods, they can be traced. A default sound is built into each earpiece. The iPhone is equipped with an application allowing the user to easily find his Airpods. To do this :

  • Select the “Locate” application: all the user’s devices are registered on the phone, including Airpods;
  • Click on Airpods: the distance from the smartphone is indicated;
  • Ring Airpods.
  • For your information, Airpods can activate the ringtone individually.

    In addition, these headphones can control the choice of music thanks to “Siri”. All you have to do is return to the “Settings” and “Bluetooth” page. In the “Double Touch Airpods” menu, the user has the choice between “Left” and “Right” with the different possible actions. Just click on the tabs and go to “Siri”. The user can thus control their music by double tapping on their wireless headphones.

    If one of the headphones malfunctions, it is possible to choose one of the microphones still functional. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Enter the “Settings” icon;
  • To access the “Automatic microphone”;
  • Select the “Automatic change” mode.
  • The user can also answer incoming calls and check the battery status of their Airpods. To answer calls, just double click on Airpods. As for checking the batteries, the user has the choice between two options: the manual method or the “Center widget”. For the first method, you have to open the case containing the Airpods near the smartphone and the latter shows the level of the batteries of the headphones. For verification via the “Widget Center”:

  • Swipe left;
  • Go to “Center widget”;
  • Click on “Modify”;
  • Select “Battery”.
  • The user can also connect their Airpods to a Mac.

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