Faced with the abundance of counterfeit AirPods, Apple is reacting. Here’s how to spot right from wrong and avoid buying counterfeit headphones.

When a product is successful, it is inevitable to find counterfeits on the internet … and sometimes even by going to the store. With the AirPods, and despite some misgivings, Apple has hit hard. It is therefore not surprising to see the blooming here and there of low-end imitations of the headphones of the apple brand. On the one hand, there are the brands that are trying to find a legitimate alternative, and on the other hand the Chinese counterfeiters who copy absolutely everything in the design of AirPods.

With the price of Apple’s earphones being quite steep, € 170 for the base model, it’s no wonder consumers are trying to find cheaper. But while a $ 100 or even $ 50 discount might sound tempting, beware.

Authenticate using the serial number

Having understood the plan of the Chinese counterfeiters, Apple decided to react by adding a serial number on each of the headphones. This is located under the tip that goes into the ear. Number which is of course also on the lid of the AirPods box. To verify that the product is not a counterfeit, it suffices to verify it by entering the number on the warranty validator. However, only the number on the storage box works. The number on the headphones is therefore used to identify the true from the false, quite simply. At least for the moment…

The answer is in the detail

When faced with a counterfeit AirPods, it is often obvious. All the genius of the design of the American firm’s headphones being miniaturization, it is easy to identify counterfeits that are a little too big. For example, the stem should not be wider than the thickness of an iPhone.

However, some imitations are better made than others. The easiest way is therefore to check the pairing system. To do this, you have to take the AirPods box and open the flap. The iPhone should automatically detect the headphones and offer automatic pairing. This would therefore be the surest way to ensure the authenticity of the product. However, this method only works if you have already purchased the headphones and therefore does not prevent a biased purchase.

[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

On the internet, relying solely on images, it is sometimes difficult to identify the true from the false. But one thing is certain, if a button is visible on the headphones, it is a counterfeit. The only button is located on the case of the headphones and is only used to pair the headphones with each other in the event that one of the two has been lost.

Apple AirPods, AirPods Max, and AirPods Pro: How to Check They Are Not Counterfeit

AirPods, AirPods Max and AirPods Pro are perfectly finished products that are pleasant to use on a daily basis. But beware of counterfeits that abound on classified ad sites! These methods allow you to find them easily.

With the AirPods, Apple has played a big role. Mocked at launch for their unusual shape, Apple’s wireless earbuds were subsequently massively copied – the same with the AirPods Pro, although their less-replicable shape spares them slightly. The AirPods Max, on the other hand, are a bit expensive for those who do not take advantage of all the options of the headset.

While completely legitimate brands are trying to unravel the secret of the truly wireless earpiece that would be at the same time light, thin, comfortable, easy to pair and autonomous, crooks relayed by shameless influencers redouble their pettiness to copy the originals. Some of these AirPods-style headphones even end up in social media ads. And if for the moment the AirPods Max, wireless headphones with active noise reduction, are spared the phenomenon of the homage supported, no doubt that they will be copied in turn if the success is at the rendezvous.

For headphones, while the second generation AirPods are marketed (around € 150, or even less during sales periods), and the AirPods Pro have established themselves as a high-end reference (around € 279) devices are beginning to be found on the second-hand market or on the gray markets, marketplaces and other platforms for bringing together buyers and sellers. Amazon, however very legitimate, is full of them. And as expected, scams are plentiful. Here’s how to find them.


[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

From the AirPods launched in 2019, the Cupertino brand has understood the concern posed by counterfeiting and has added a serial number to each of the headphones. It is located under the tip that goes into the ear, between the flare and the stem. As AirPods can be replaced individually, it is obviously on both sides. You will also find it under the lid of the AirPods box – this mention is also on the first generation. On AirPods Pro, it’s exactly the same: the serial number is on each earbud and inside the case.

On AirPods Max, it’s a little different: the serial number can be found under the left ear cup, removing the magnetic pad. It’s written small, but it’s still readable. Please note: another number appears under the right ear cup. It is not the serial number.

[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

The one on AirPods and AirPods Pro does not work in the Apple warranty and service validator, but you can use the one on the case to verify that the set is original. That of AirPods Max works. You just need to go to this address to verify. Either way, the presence of a serial number on AirPods is one thing to check that can help separate real AirPods from a fake.


Most copies of AirPods are really easy to spot: Apple’s prowess lies in miniaturization. The clones are therefore often much larger. The thickness of the rod should not be more than that of your iPhone, for example.

Some clones, on the other hand, are better made and you could be fooled, especially if you are sold first-generation AirPods which therefore do not have a serial number in the original version. The easiest way to see if AirPods are real is to check the pairing system: take the box with the AirPods in it and open the flip. IPhone should detect AirPods and offer automatic pairing.

[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

If the seller tells you to press a button or go to Bluetooth settings, chances are they are fake: neither AirPods nor cases have a pairing button. The button on the back of the case is used to pair AirPods with each other (for example if you lose one and want to change them) or to pair them with an Android device.

The AirPods Max have distinctive features: the control wheel similar to that of the Apple Watch, but also a carrying pouch sold with the product. If it’s not in the seller’s box, it’s suspicious.


We have written this article to help you recognize genuine AirPods Pro from copies. True Wireless headphones are very popular. It must be said that the apple firm has succeeded in designing a truly qualitative product. The problem is that on the internet there are some sites that offer AirPods Pro at a good price, but in fact they are copies. In addition there are fakes that are really well imitated, so it can be difficult to know that they are fake Apple AirPods Pro. In this article we have listed the different criteria that can help you differentiate between copies and originals.

The copies are often Chinese counterfeits, but it’s still amazing that these manufacturers are improving over time. At times they are more than imitations. However, certain elements are really difficult to reproduce, in particular elements requiring certain technologies. We are going to discuss the box, the design, the sound, etc. All the elements to differentiate the real AirPods Pro from copies.

Recognize Fake Airpods Pro

[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

To begin with, we’ll talk about boxes. On this point the format is identical. We are on a square shape with white cardboard. We can see a representation of the ear cups on the top, the Apple logo on the side and the legal notices on the back. Moreover, it is on this part that you will be able to differentiate the true from the false. On the lower right part which indicates the CE standard, recycling standards, etc. you will just find a “made in china” on the real AirPods Pro, while there is an additional text on the fake AirPods Pro. You will also be able to observe Chinese scriptures on the left side. Where there is indicated the serial number of the headphones. It will also be noted that the white colored coating offers a different shade. We agree that it is not with the box that you will be able to really tell the difference between the real ones and the copies. Quite simply because the American company itself can modify what is printed on the coating. After all, it’s a safe bet that your headphones are copies if Chinese inscriptions are present.

The content of the box can be a criterion of differentiation. With the originals you will have 4 flyers, while there is only one supplied with the copies. Writings can also be another criterion. If you buy your headphones in France, you must necessarily have flyers in French.

[GUIDE] : How to verify that your AirPods are not a counterfeit Part one

It is also very difficult to tell the real from the fake when looking at the cases. The design is really the same. Same format, same dimensions, same markings, Lightning port, button, etc. But we can still give you a criterion to spot the fakes. We have noticed that the AirPods Pro cover stays securely in place when closed. While on the fakes we have a little play. Suddenly the hinge is not of the same quality on the fake AirPods Pro. Otherwise apart from that the rest is the same. It should be noted that on the new generations of replicas of Apple AirPods Pro the hinge is thickened, but all of the same less solid than on the real ones. There are also legal notices that must be printed on the inside of the case cover.

At the level of the atria you will be able to distinguish the real from the fake thanks to the silicone tips. If the tips are round, they are fake, because real AirPods are oval. Please note that this criterion alone is not enough to distinguish between real and copies. On real Apple AirPods Pro you should be able to see the words “Apple China”, the CE logo and the recycle logo. After that this is not enough again, because some copies also have these writings. The font can be a little darker, but it will still be difficult to identify them by this criterion alone.