Configure your Xbox settings

To function optimally, your Xbox should:

  • Be connected to the Internet network with NAT: Open (prefer a wired connection to the network)
  • Switch on power mode from the console to “Instant Start”
  • Have the “Allow remote installations” and “Allow mobile management” boxes checked in System settings> updates and downloads

Of course for the rest, you must have un abonnement Xbox Live Gold !

Registering your profile for the Project XCloud Xbox program

This step is the start of your entry into the Xbox streaming program, to do this you must register your profile in Project XCloud from this link:

Registering to Project XCloud Xbox

Fill in the necessary useful information. The easiest way is to connect with your Microsoft account on the link above and then follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Attention : the link is only in English for now and you may need to use a VPN (recommendation: PureVPN). With the latter, place your network IP in the United Kingdom so that you can then choose “UK” in location on the Project XCloud registration page. If you need to use a VPN to register from your computer, remember to change the region of your console. In Settings> System> Language & Region, choose United Kingdom as a region. Restart the Xbox and you’re done.

Have the necessary hardware for Xbox streaming on mobile

First of all, you must download l’application “Xbox Game Streaming (Preview). On this app, sign in with your Xbox Live Gold account. Then follow the instructions on the screen to link your smartphone or tablet with your Xbox then your controller. With regard to the devices authorized for the operation of the game streaming service, you will find the recommended configurations in the image below.

Team Geek Discover, also recommends that you invest a few euros in the acquisition of a device to physically link your phone with your controller. On our side, we bought the “Moga by Powera” officially licensed Xbox.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Once all these steps have been completed, you can access all of your applications and games on your Xbox from your mobile or tablet. Soon le Project XCloud will allow you to play Xbox games from your mobile without having to leave your Xbox on. Because yes streaming requires your Xbox to be constantly on, hence the obligation to switch the power mode to “Instant Start”.

Attention : it is possible that on some games you observe lag or texture bugs, this is normal, this is a preview and test phase! Also remember to check the quality of your Internet and Wi-Fi network on the phone. Another important point, remember to monitor the battery of your mobile device (the miexu being the connection to the mains).

Now to you the joys of gaming streaming with Project XCloud by Xbox!

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Microsoft launches Project xCloud, a streaming service for playing console on smartphones

Streaming Xbox streaming on your smartphone becomes reality with Microsoft’s Project xCloud, a cloud gaming service that lets you enjoy console titles on other Android screens. A wireless Xbox One controller connected to the smartphone or tablet allows you to play, but a touch interface is also available via the screen of the devices. A competitor to Google’s Project Stream.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Microsoft announced on October 8, 2018 its Project xCloud, a streaming platform for video games that allows you to enjoy Xbox titles on a wider variety of screens, including our Android smartphones and tablets. Among the first games tested with this system, we find particularly greedy AAA titles like Halo 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of ​​Thieves. Where how to play Xbox Game Pass games directly on your smartphone.


Several possibilities are available to players to play games from the Xbox catalog on their smartphone. The most practical is to use a wireless Xbox One controller connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth. Another solution, offering a less intuitive and practical handling, go through an interface designed for the smartphone directly implemented on the screen. As with any mobile game, in fact. But the titles mentioned above having been designed for console or PC, not sure that the handling is perfect compared to a gamepad or keyboard-mouse combo, which will be compatible with the Xbox One soon.

Microsoft will rely on its Azure cloud platform to achieve this technological feat, which is still in its infancy. The development of 5G will notably allow cloud gaming to take a real leap forward. In early October 2018, Google announced Project Stream, a streaming video game service on Chrome. Players outside the company have already been able to try it with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

xCloud: How to Play Xbox Game Pass on Android TV Using Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is available on Android. It is already possible to use it on boxes or televisions running Android TV, here’s how.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

After several months of preview, Microsoft launched its cloud gaming service with Xbox Game Pass on Android. For the moment, this service is in principle reserved for smartphones running Android, but it is possible to use the application on Android TV. This allows you to play the Xbox Game Pass catalog in streaming on any TV or box under Android TV, no need for an Xbox in your living room.

For further
all about Xbox cloud gaming


To play in cloud gaming, here is what you need to bring together:

  • a television or box under Android TV (Android 6.0 or more)
  • an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 12.99 euros (or available at half price with a tip)
  • a compatible controller (an Xbox One Bluetooth controller or a DualShock 4 for example)
  • sufficient internet connection (at least 10 Mbit / s)

If you have everything you need, we can continue.


To start, we must install the Xbox Game Pass application on our device, it is mandatory to access the cloud gaming service. Problem, as it is not officially compatible with Android TV, it is necessary to go through a manual installation (“sideload”).


To do this, we will first download the application in APK format.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Xbox Game Pass (Beta)

Download Xbox Game Pass (Beta) for free


We must then transfer this file to our device. You can use a USB stick or SD card if your Android TV device is compatible.


Personally, I prefer to go through a transfer using Google Drive. Once the file is copied to Google Drive, just upload it from Android TV with a file explorer like Solid Explorer. With this application, you have to go to the storage manager found in the menu, to add additional storage space. The connection to Google Drive is very easy using the Google account synchronized with Android TV. All that’s left to do is copy the APK file to our Android TV device.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two


Once the APK file is present on our Android TV device, just select it in a file explorer to start the installation. Attention, it is necessary to have authorized the installation of applications from unknown sources beforehand. The installation is done quite quickly.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

You can then launch the application from the installation window, or find it in the list of applications installed in the Android settings. Unfortunately, Android TV does not allow by default to display on its main interface, applications that have been installed as we did. To correct this problem, it is necessary through another application named Sideload Launcher.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Sideload Launcher – Android TV

Sideload Launcher – Android TV download for free


It is available on the Android TV Google Play Store and makes it very easy to launch applications that have been installed manually.


Once the app is installed and ready to launch, the hard part has already been done. All you have to do is open the app and sign in to your Microsoft account which has the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you have configured the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone, you can sign in to your account without using a password, which is very convenient for Android TV.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Once the account is connected, the application is ready for cloud gaming.


For science, it is nice to be able to install and access Microsoft’s cloud gaming from Android TV when the platform is not officially supported, but in fact, is it really usable?

Obviously the interface of the application is not really adapted to Android TV, and the displayed elements appear giant on such a large screen, but it is still usable. On a 2015 Nvidia Shield TV, I noticed that the interface was still slow enough to choose its games from the catalog. However, the service itself works well and we particularly appreciate finding the backups synchronized with our Xbox account. We can resume our game that we started on PC, Xbox One or from cloud gaming.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Once in game, you have to take into account that Microsoft’s streaming is currently in 720p. A sufficient definition for a display on a smartphone screen, but which is not at the level of what one expects on a television. However, the idea of ​​being able to play dozens of Xbox games in the catalog without having to buy and connect a console is really pleasant.

[GUIDE] :  Microsoft xCloud is launched, how to play?  Part two

Depending on the game, it’s more or less disturbing. A title like Untilted Goose Game displays as cleanly as if it were running locally, while a Forza Horizon will quickly turn into pixel slurry worthy of a YouTube video with a faltering connection. Gears 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are more easily playable on a big screen than Forza, although the definition remains less good than with an Xbox One. Screenshots are not as flattering as with a game in motion in front of you. All of this has been tested on my personal connection (Fiber Bouygues Telecom), and you may have the right to a different experience. We must also keep in mind that the games run on Microsoft’s servers on Xbox One S, a console that is not very efficient in 2020. The games therefore do not have access to the same graphics settings as on an Xbox One X or the future. Xbox Series X.

When Microsoft has improved the display quality of the streaming stream, to switch to 1080p in particular, the gaming experience should be significantly improved. We understand why Microsoft does not yet officially offer the application on Android TV, even if the experience is already functional.