[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?.

Niantic has just reopened the Pokemon GO arenas! However, the way to collect Pokepieces has changed a lot… Before, you had to assign a Pokemon on a maximum of 10 arenas, in order to then claim the Pokepieces over a specific period of 21 hours. From now on, the coins bonus is given according to the time that your Pokemon will stay on these famous arenas. The recovery of Pokepieces is done only when the placed Pokemon is defeated, when its motivation reaches 0.

It is therefore possible to receive 1 coins per hour of defense, and therefore if a Pokemon stays less than an hour on an arena, the gains will be zero. Once your Pokemon are defeated, you will receive a notification. The Pokepiece limit is set at 100 per day and to get them, you will have to really squat the arenas in order to give berries to your Pokemon to prevent it from losing its motivation.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

Pokémon Go: here’s the technique to get coins for free

The Arena Update introduces a new gold earning system in Pokemon GO!

Since the release of Pokemon GO, the store has offered players some very practical items that can be won, sometimes only when leveling up. If the blue card is obviously a pass to obtain them, there was another alternative.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

It was indeed possible to accumulate precious gold coins by placing pokemon in arenas. For a value of 10 coins per pokemon, you could generate up to 100 coins once every 21 hours. This system had many flaws. For maximum performance, you had to be able to tour the arenas in your city, hoping to be able to place your pokemon there, even if it means choosing weak ones and then recovering your precious sesame.

This all changed with the big game update. The arrival of raids and arena rework comes with a new system of earning gold. From now on, the longer your pokemon will stay in an arena, the more gold they will earn you when you return home. From one coin per hour from the first hour, it will always be possible to accumulate up to 100 coins per day. However if you have followed the arrival of arenas you should know that pokemon will lose power if you do not feed them berries regularly. Although the arenas now act as pokestop, you will have to stay put in case an opposing team comes to challenge your lands.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

This system, which should not make everyone happy, reinforces the direction taken by Niantic to allow players to compete in the arenas.


Pokémon Go is a game that can be played completely for free. However, the title offers microtransactions and you can thus, with your money, buy PokéCoins, the virtual currency of the game. The PokéCoins can then be exchanged for various objects such as PokéBalls, Lucky Eggs or even Incense.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

But there is also a way to get PokéCoins for free. A legal way, without cheating, and above all guaranteed without scams (unlike some sites that we can see flourish in recent weeks).

Of course, you won’t get rich overnight, but it can go up quickly.

Conquering arenas, the key to wealth

To get PokéCoins, you will need to place your Pokémon in arenas. Once that’s done, head over to the in-game store. At the top right, you’ll find a shield icon containing a number.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

This is the number of your Pokémon currently placed in Arenas. Just tap this icon, and you’ll receive your prize: 10 PokéCoins and 500 Stardust for each Pokémon placed.

To collect your prize, timing is important. Indeed, you can only repeat this action once every 21 hours. In other words, if you place other Pokémon once your prize has been collected, you will not win any PokéCoins (unless your monsters last for 21 hours…). On the other hand, the more Pokémon you place, the more you earn, so don’t rush too much.

How to place a Pokémon in an arena

Now that we know how to earn PokéCoins from placing Pokémon in Arenas, the most important thing remains: knowing how to place these Pokémon. To be able to place a Pokémon in an arena, this arena must be your color (or neutral).

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

If an arena belongs to another team, you will have to challenge it. With each victory, you will lower the prestige of the arena. This prestige determines the level of the arena. The higher the prestige, the more Pokémon there can be in the arena, and therefore the harder it is to knock it down.

You may need to fight multiple times in the arena, but once the Prestige drops to 0, the arena no longer belongs to anyone. Be the first to place one of your monsters, and the arena is yours (and therefore your team). Yes, it’s a little bit special, since an opportunist can steal the hard-conquered arena from you …

If the arena is already on your team, two cases are possible. The first is the level of the arena which is high enough to place a Pokémon. For example, if the arena level is three and there are only two Pokémon in the arena, you can place a monster.

If the level is not high enough, it will have to be raised, increasing the prestige. To do this, have a Pokémon fight in the arena: with each victory, you will increase the prestige of the arena (without ejecting your friends’ Pokémon, of course). Repeat as many times as necessary to level up.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

Pokémon Go: Niantic is testing a new way to get PokéCoins while staying at home

Niantic is considering new ways to obtain PokéCoins in Pokémon Go, always with the aim of allowing players to continue hunting creatures while staying at home as much as possible.

Niantic reacted swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic. For the studio, it was unthinkable not to change anything in Pokémon Go, as players, who usually have to go outside to catch new virtual critters, are now encouraged to stay at home.

In a statement released on May 6, he proves that he is still racking his brains to prevent the community from having to leave his home as much as possible. The site which occupies it at the moment revolves around the PokéPièces. “We’re looking for ways to let you earn PokéCoins without traveling,” Niantic writes.

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?

In the future, it will no longer be necessary to defend arenas to collect the virtual currency of the game (which can also be obtained by spending money), which is essential to progress peacefully in the game: purchase of consumables , expansion of its storage space, etc. This is an excellent measure for those who are not fond of arenas or who do not have the opportunity to go there.


It remains to find the right mechanics of free recovery of PokéCoins so that fans can obtain them more easily.

To do this, Pokémon Go intends to integrate daily challenges to complete, linked to common tasks such as evolving a Pokémon, taking a photo of your boyfriend or making a nice throw. Therefore, defending an arena will reward less than before: from six, it will increase to two PokéCoins per hour. In addition, the maximum number of PokéCoins that can be earned in a day will increase to 55 from 50 previously.

Niantic does not seem completely sure about this development. Initially, it will therefore be tested by Australian players, whose feedback will be carefully observed to adjust as needed. “We look forward to being able to offer this update to all Trainers once the testing phase is over,” said the company, which therefore feels the need to experiment with this idea before making it accessible to everyone. It is true that it has the potential to disrupt the economy of Pokémon Go and transform the way we play. Its deployment to the rest of the world will depend on community feedback.

How do I get the 50 Daily Poképoins in Pokémon GO?

This guide may seem simple enough for experienced players, but many new players do not know the Poképièces system and its limits which must absolutely be understood to avoid wasting time, spending too much money in the game and especially to annoy other players too much!

You can only accumulate 50 Poképoins per day in arena defense. No more, but less if you don’t spend enough time on the arena.

  • You win 1 Poképièce per 10 minutes of arena defense with a Pokémon.
  • To reach the 50 daily Poképièces, your Pokémon will therefore have to spend at least 8:20 in an arena in the same day.
  • You can divide this time by Pokémon. For example, with 2 Pokémon, you will have to spend 4:10 on each arena to get 25 Poképoins with each of the Pokémon.
  • You can only place one Pokémon in defense of each arena.
  • You can place up to 20 Pokémon at the same time in Arena Defense.
  • Each arena can contain up to 6 Pokémon from different trainers and from the same team.
  • You must absolutely get yourself out of the arena before midnight by a trainer from another team so that the coins are counted on the current day. If you get kicked out later, the coins will count for the day you are kicked out of the arena.
  • Even if your Pokémon’s life is extremely short, a Pokémon will never return to your bag on its own. He will have to be ejected from the arena by a player from an opposing team.
  • If a player tries to get you out of the arena early, use your berries to revive the life of the Pokémon.
  • The golden raspy berries allow the Pokémon’s life gauge to be completely raised, wait at least two turns to use them or until the Pokémon’s life is reduced enough.
  • You cannot be released from an arena during a raid.
  • Check out the list of the best defending Pokémon in arenas to avoid getting fired too early!

When you have made your coins, do not give any more berries to your Pokémon, let other players take your place! Locate the hours of the day when the teams position themselves on the arenas to place you at the right time. You can get a gold medal in an arena by staying on it.

Try to be respectful with other players, Pokémon Go remains a cooperative game!

[GUIDE] : Pokemon GO: How do I get coins with the new arenas?
Time spent defending arenas Poképoins won
10 minutes 1
1 hour 6
3 hours 18
4 hours and 10 minutes 25
8 hours 20 minutes 50