[GUIDE] : Project xCloud: Watch How Well The Streaming Game Service Performs On A Switch!

Hackers have managed to port the Project xCloud streaming service to a Nintendo Switch console. For this, they use the Android operating system and have installed several streaming game clients, including Microsoft’s. And it works pretty well, although the experience is far from perfect.

[GUIDE] : Project xCloud: Watch How Well The Streaming Game Service Performs On A Switch!

Game consoles have always been modified to exploit their full potential. By installing “home” programs (Homebrew “), it is possible to play games that the console does not normally support. Sony’s PlayStation Portable, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch are just a few examples. But be aware that there is a very active alternate scene for all consoles.

The YouTube channel called Linus Tech Tips published a video this week (to be found at the end of this article) that shows exactly what this alternate scene has accomplished on the Nintendo Switch. By exploiting a flaw accessible only on old models, they injected a code to install Android. And more specifically the version of LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod) based on Android 8.0 Oreo.


The operating system is running pretty badly. But, it allows you to launch some emulators (including those of old Nintendo consoles). However, this is only an intermediate step. They then installed applications, including Android clients of several streaming game services : GeForce Now from Nvidia, Stadia from Google (but it doesn’t work), SteamLink from Valve or even Project xCloud from Microsoft. And the latter works. It seems possible to also install audio and video streaming services, including Netflix. But further manipulation is needed.

And that’s how the hackers at Linus Tech Tips started a game of Halo on Switch. It works in portable mode or in lounge mode (on the dock). And it’s relatively fluid. Be careful though: the system is (very) far from perfect. In addition to the slowness of Android (which is due in particular to the fact that the OS is stored on an SD card and not in the memory of the console), JoyCons are no longer natively recognized. They must then be reconfigured with the Bluetooth settings (or simply add another Bluetooth controller, such as an Xbox or PlayStation gamepad). However, the technical performance is interesting.

Xbox games will arrive on Switch via Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud

The console wars have long fueled the most heated debates among gamers, but things are slowly changing. Indeed, some manufacturers do not hesitate to come together to meet the requirements of tomorrow and it is an unprecedented alliance that seems to be on the verge of seeing the light of day. Thus, Xbox and Nintendo are preparing to move forward hand in hand for the years to come.

Since Phil Spencer’s arrival at the head of the Xbox division in 2014, Microsoft refocused its strategy on video games while listening to its community. The Redmond firm also aims to reach as many media as possible with its services and this is what Project xCloud will try to do in the near future. If the streaming service is expected on smartphones and tablets, it should also offer whole new perspectives to Microsoft and its partners.

Xbox Game Pass and xCloud coming soon to Nintendo

Xbox will partner with Nintendo in a setting that totally exceeds the release of Minecraft or Hellblade on Switch. Indeed, it is the Xbox Game Pass service that should be available to Nintendo Switch players in the near future. By means of a monthly subscription, the “Game Pass” offers unlimited access to a catalog of over a hundred titles (including all the latest Xbox One exclusives to date) that can be downloaded at will.

Via this process, major licenses like Halo, Gears of War or even Forza could be playable on Switch. The Nintendo console is not as powerful as those of Microsoft, it will take go through streaming to enjoy. This is where Project xCloud will come in. Titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are also available on Switch in Japan through streaming.

Several Xbox games playable natively on Switch

For the moment, the last details would not yet be finalized between the two manufacturers. However, the partnership could materialize as early as this year. In addition to the big licenses mentioned above, games like Ori and the Blind Forest, and even Cuphead should be released natively on Switch.

L‘E3 2019, which will take place from June 11 to 14, will undoubtedly shed more light on this association. At a time when Google is preparing to draw heavy artillery in the field of video games, Sony and its future PS5 seem well isolated.

Microsoft says no to Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud on Sony and Nintendo consoles

Phil Spencer explains why the services of the Xbox brand will not arrive on PS5, PS4 or even Nintendo Switch.

While Microsoft relies mainly on Xbox Game Pass and the future cloud gaming platform Project xCloud to catch up with his r **** d against his rival Sony, Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox division within the Redmond firm, has indicated in the columns of JVC that the two services will not be for the moment integrated on PlayStation consoles, nor on Nintendo Switch: “We don’t offer choice for the sake of choice, but rather to offer gamers the possibility of choosing how they want to know our platform and our games. About other game consoles, we cannot bring full Xbox experience to these machines. With the xCloud arriving in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost, we think it’s a great added value to let gamers have fun on mobile. What we’ve done with the PC is just bring the full Xbox experience. Because we know that when someone plays an Xbox game, there are bound to be expectations (‘I have my Xbox Live community’, ‘I have my achievements’,’ the Game Pass is optional ‘,’ my first-party games are here ‘). Competing platforms aren’t really interested in bringing a satisfying Xbox experience to their hardware. On our side, we want to be where the players want us to be. This is the path we take. ”

Microsoft is unable to import the entire Xbox ecosystem onto competitive machines

A position that is confirmed in an interview between Phil Spencer and the German monthly magazine GameStar: “The problem with other game consoles is that we cannot offer a full Xbox experience. Where we’ve brought the Xbox experience to, on cellphones with Project xCloud, or on PC with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we’ve got the full Xbox experience. We know that when someone plays one of our Xbox games, there are certain expectations when it comes to having access to their Xbox Live community or their successes (…) Other competing platforms are not really not interested in having the full Xbox experience on their console. On our side, we want to be where the players want to be and that’s the path we are taking. ”

Microsoft xCloud: “strategically, the Nintendo Switch is not the priority”

In an interview, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, returned to the platforms where xCloud will be available. The Switch is not the priority.

[GUIDE] : Project xCloud: Watch How Well The Streaming Game Service Performs On A Switch!

At E3 2019, Microsoft presented what was new in its boxes for xCloud, its cloud gaming service. Journalists on site were able to test the service, such as Maxime Claudel from Numerama.

We also learned that xCloud would be entitled to a preview in October, and that it would be possible to use your own Xbox as an xCloud server. In an interview with the GiantBomb podcast, Phil Spencer returned to the target of xCloud.


The podcast asked Phil Spencer about the possible partnership between Xbox and Nintendo, which could make the Switch one of the (ideal) platforms compatible with xCloud. The question was in particular when the Xbox games would be available on the Switch.

Phil Spencer explains that he would obviously like the Xbox Game Pass to be available everywhere, and therefore even on the Switch. About xCloud he replies “we are focused on Android, because in a way it is the most difficult due to the diversity of the ecosystem in terms of devices”.

He adds, “I love what Nintendo brings to the industry, we have a very good relationship with them, but the Switch is different enough from an Xbox that porting games is not trivial, so you have to use streaming ”.

The problem is that “internationally and strategically, Android as the first platform is a more logical choice, and will take us a lot of time.” He explains all the same that the Switch would be a good way to take his Xbox games on the move, in addition to an Xbox in the living room next to his TV, but this is not the priority against Android.

We can mention that Microsoft and Nintendo indeed seemed closer than ever at E3. Microsoft games Minecraft Dungeons and New Super Lucky’s Tale have been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Especially the game Super Smash Bros Ultimate will soon integrate the characters Banjo and Kazooie, historically coming from the Nintendo 64, but whose rights now belong to Microsoft through the takeover of Rare in 2002.

We will therefore have to be patient with hoping to see xCloud land on the Nintendo Switch. Android seems Microsoft’s top priority. At E3, the demos were running on Galaxy S10s, Samsung being a partner of the American on this subject.