[GUIDE] : Resident Evil Village: How to find the latrines and documents Part three

# 35: officer’s diary

Check out the easy-to-miss piece of paper that is on the ground next to the save point before the fight with Urias in the fortress.

# 36: experience notes

After defeating Urias in the fortress, escape the area via the boat in the Underground River. This will bring you back to the area behind the church in the village, but before you do that hang a right to find a hidden dungeon. It is filled with supplies and this file is on a table against its back wall.

# 37: Development Note 1

On a desk next to the box where you find the Cog Mold in the factory, north of the backup generator on MB4.

# 38: Development Note 2

After escaping from the crusher shaft on B2 in the factory, you will pass through a small storage area between the shaft and the ventilation duct. This folder is on a desk over there at the top of the first staircase.

# 39: Sturm

After using the Heisenberg key on B1 in the factory, you will come to a short hallway with a door directly in front of you. This door leads to a small pre-boss safe. Play the file on the machine to your right as you enter.

# 40: Journal d’Heisenberg

After defeating the Sturm, read the open book on the desk in the factory control room.

# 41: Chris’ computer

Before stepping onto the Scrapheap’s tank, check the open laptop nearby. This is the last file you can find in RE8 under the name Ethan.

# 42 – # 45: Moreau’s medical report, Dimitrescu’s medical report, Donna’s medical report, Heisenberg’s medical report

In Chris’ section, you’ll spot these four books on the table in front of you as soon as you enter Miranda’s lab. Take each book in turn and rotate it to open and read the corresponding file.

# 46: Spencer’s Letter

While Chris, in Miranda’s lab, read the sheet of paper on the old desk in the corner.

# 47: Miranda’s Diary

While Chris, in Miranda’s lab, read the open book on the other side of the central table.

You have found all files for Resident Evil Village. Now that you’re a bookworm, that’s one less trophy / achievement / challenge on the list. Keep an eye out on our Resident Evil Village game hub for more guides, tips, and puzzle solutions.

Resident Evil Village – How to Find All Files and Protection Goats

Here’s how to locate some of the different collectibles in Capcom’s latest one.

[GUIDE] : Resident Evil Village: How to find the latrines and documents Part three

Throughout Resident Evil Village, you’ll find various files, ranging from memos to journal entries. Some of these may give insight into different characters while others may contain a few reveals. Some files may be missed (since you won’t return to certain places later in the game), so get them back while you can. Let’s take a look at all the file locations here:

  • Fridge Memo – Located in the kitchen of the Winters House. May be missed.
  • Old newspaper clipping – Found in the spare bedroom of the Winters House. May be missed.
  • Ethan’s Journal – Located in the Winters Headquarters. May be missed.
  • Medical Check-Up Report – Found in the bedroom drawer at the Winters House. May be missed.
  • Mission Briefing – Near the car crash in the forest. May be missed.
  • Scribbled note – In the house on the village square. Can’t be missed.
  • Protection Goat – Near the statue of the Maiden of War in a shrine. Located under the first goat totem pole. Can’t be missed.
  • Dangerous Creature – In Luiza’s house. Can’t be missed.
  • Guestbook – Found at the entrance to Dimitrescu Castle. Can’t be missed.
  • The labyrinths – In the merchant room of the Dimitrescu castle. Can’t be missed.
  • History of winemaking – Located in the wine room of Château Dimitrescu. Can’t be missed.
  • Diary of a chambermaid – In the basement of the Dimitrescu castle. May be missed.
  • Treatment Candidates – Located in Castle Dimitrescu Prison. May be missed.
  • Sighting Report – Also found in Dimitrescu Castle Prison. May be missed.
  • Cook’s Diary – Found in the kitchen of Dimitrescu Castle. May be missed.
  • Alcina Dimitrescu’s diary – Found in Lady Dimitrescu’s apartments. May be missed.
  • Notice of the great chambermaid – Found in the opera hall of the castle Dimitrescu. May be missed.
  • Additional Observations – In the Opera House of Castle Dimitrescu, look for it on the upper balcony. May be missed.
  • Insect Sighting Log – On the upper balcony of the Dimitrescu Castle opera house. May be missed.
  • Rumors of a Dagger – Located in the attic of Castle Dimitrescu. May be missed.
  • Craftsman’s Note – Outside Dimitrescu Castle, inside a hut with a save point. Can’t be missed.
  • Message from Leonardo – Near the house with the red fireplace, there should be a big house. Look inside for this post. May be missed.
  • Note on the Luthier house – Inside the Luthier house in the village. May be missed.
  • Eugen’s Diary – In the house with the red fireplace. Can’t be missed.
  • Church computer – Located at the rear of the village church. Can’t be missed.
  • Gardener’s Journal – Inside the Gardener’s House near the Beneviento House. Can’t be missed.
  • Vasile’s Final Testament – In the Old Town in the East, a werewolf will throw Ethan into a building. Scrounge inside for that note. May be missed.
  • The Tank and the Giant Fish – Inside the tank boathouse. May be missed.
  • Change Cranks – Outside the house with the save point near the tank, look for an old truck. May be missed.
  • Journal de Moreau 1 – Once the fishing village has * dried up and chasing Moreau, look inside a log cabin. May be missed.
  • Journal de Moreau 2 – Inside the room where Moreau is first spotted.
  • Moreau’s Experiment Log – Upon exiting the tank, check inside a house near the mountain, right next to where the Wolfsbane M1851 revolver is located. May be missed.
  • Analysis Results – Take a boat to the reservoir to the south. Before entering the tunnel through the dead end, locate the file on the right. May be missed.
  • Ernest’s Journal – Found in the cannibal’s warehouse. May be missed.
  • Officer’s Journal – In the fortress, check at the bottom of the stairs. May be missed.
  • Experience Notes – As you exit the ship in the fortress, look for a stairwell on the left. Head down until you find a table with the file on it. May be missed.
  • Development Note 1 – At level B4 in a factory cellar. May be missed.
  • Development Note 2 – On level B2 of the factory, this is after the room with the large mill. May be missed.
  • Sturm – Found in a storeroom on level B1 of the factory. May be missed.
  • Heisenberg’s Journal – After the fight with Sturm, look for the file in the next room. It should be right next to a cigar. May be missed.
  • Chris’ Computer – Found in the Factory Scrapheap. Can’t be missed.
  • Moreau’s medical report – found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.
  • Dimitrescu’s Medical Report – Found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.
  • Heisenberg’s medical report – found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.
  • Donna’s medical report – Found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.
  • Letter from Spencer – Found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.
  • Miranda’s Journal – Found in Miranda’s lab. Can’t be missed.

How to find all the watch goats

Of course, there are also various other collectibles like toy goats that you can find throughout the game. Called Guard Goats, there are 20 in total and they need to be destroyed (either slaughtering them or chopping them up). with the knife). While destroying them all won’t provide any one-time unlocks, it will provide 16,000 CP that can be used to purchase items in the Additional Content Store.

Here are the locations of all of Warding’s goats. If you listen carefully, you may also be able to hear them:

  • Inside a shrine behind the statue of the Maiden of War in the village square.
  • On the roof of the village church.
  • As you enter Luiza’s house, look to the left of the door. The goat should be on a stone wall in the upper left corner of the field.
  • Before you meet the Duke, there will be a vineyard near the castle with scarecrows. Check near the walls until you find the goat.
  • Near the entrance to the Dimitrescu Castle Distillery, look for candles to spot the goat.
  • On reaching the Dimitrescu Castle Attack, look behind the ladder to find boxes until you find them.
  • Near the docks with the lycan (on the lonely road), look for a small room.
  • Behind the village church is a cemetery with a few mausoleums. The goat will be behind one of them in the top right, although the Iron Insignia key will be needed to reach it.
  • Search between Luthier’s house and a cabin until you find a pile of firewood.
  • During your trip to Maison Beneviento, you will have to cross a suspension bridge. Before doing so, however, look to the left. There will be another bridge in the fog with a goat on it.
  • Just before entering the Beneviento house, look at the cliff. Near the fence will be a goat.
  • As you enter the tank, check near the pile of logs from the first windmill.
  • Inside the mine cart building, use the sniper rifle to see a broken windmill. There will be wooden beams protruding with a goat on top.
  • After dealing with Moreau and exiting the mill, look to the left among the rocks at a goat.
  • Located in a small sanctuary under Otto’s Mill.
  • At the bottom of the fortress stairwell, look right on the balustrade.
  • When located on top of the chopper shaft, look for bulldozer parts for the goat.
  • When you drive the elevator from B1 to B3, look outside the door. You will see red beams with the goat on top. If you miss it, just take the ladder outside the elevator on B3 to go back up and shoot it.
  • After the fight with Sturm in the room with Heisenberg’s journal, look for a vent. There will be a goat on top of the barrel.
  • At the megamycete after setting the explosives, look to the right. There will be a statue in the water. The last goat is located at its base.
  • To better spot all the files and Goats of Warding, watch the videos below from 100% Guides and Somewhat Awesome Games.