[GUIDE] : Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020? Part two

Stadia vs xCloud pricing: which is more interesting?

With Google Stadia, you have several options to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for – unlike xCloud, which only offers one option in its current form. Here is the pricing structure for each service:

What are Google Stadia’s offerings?

(Free) Stadia Base : You can install Stadia Base immediately. It offers 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second and includes stereo sound.

(10 euros per month) Stadia Pro: This package allows you to benefit from exclusive discounts and monthly “free” games exclusive to PS Plus or Games With Gold. You will also enjoy the ability to play 4k games with 5.1 surround sound. This particular package is available for purchase.

What is the price of xCloud?

(15 euros per month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate : The only option compatible with xCloud is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can use xCloud Game Pass Ultimate on PCs or consoles. It combines all the benefits of Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live access and Games With Gold. You may already have a subscription and not know it if you already have an Xbox account. Some aspects are comparable to Stadia, but the Game Pass itself is very different.

Stadia can stream games in 4k, which gives it superior broadcast compatibility. xCloud can only play at 720p, so its quality is nowhere near as impressive. Still, using xCloud can save you money if you want to purchase each game individually.

Stadia is very interesting as an entertainment platform. Offered by Google, it offers some games for free after a subscription, and paid for those you choose in excess. Its low latency promotes fast command execution and you can switch to 4K streaming when your connection is slow. Despite all these advantages, games are more payable than free.

xCloud, on the other hand, offers the ability to play games from Xbox studios at your leisure. Pair your smartphone with an Xbox controller, then an internet connection, and let’s go for your best Xbox games. In addition, the quality of the display as well as its speed are good, except in case of crowds on the internet. As good as it is, xCloud is still not available on iOS and other devices such as smartphones.

[GUIDE] :  Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020?  Part two

Comparatif Cloud Gaming

You like video games, you have an internet connection of at least 5Mbps (better speed is even better), but you certainly don’t want to bother with buying a console , a gaming PC or even gaming boxes? Cloud Gaming is undoubtedly the solution to your problems. Available for several months for some, these streaming gaming services are experiencing a small explosion in 2020 and we have decided to tell you everything thanks to our comparison of Cloud Gaming offers.

[GUIDE] :  Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020?  Part two

Cloud Gaming Services Comparison

Service Minimum flow Maximum resolution Games Rate Trial offer?
Google Stadia 10Mbps 4K Catalogue Stadia € 9.99 + games Yes, during the year 2020
Shadow 15Mbps (theoretical) 4K All PC games combined From € 14.99 to € 49.99 + games Non
GeForce Now 15Mbps 1080p Steam + Epic Games € 5.49 + games Yes (with limitations)
PS Now 5Mbps 720p PS2 / 3/4 Catalog 9,99€ Yes (7 days)
Microsoft xCloud N/A N/A Catalogue Xbox N/A N/A

Selection of Cloud Gaming services

This is the moment that you are all waiting for. Below, we’ll take you on a comparison between four of the Cloud Gaming offerings available on the market and we’ll tell you about one of the most anticipated. Whether you are a PC or console gamer, no doubt you will find the right fit for you.

Google Stadia, the console in the cloud

[GUIDE] :  Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020?  Part two

The in-house solution of Google is the service which, for the time being, most resembles what a classic video game console is. A controller, a screen, purchased games and let’s go. But you can imagine, Google would not have stopped Stadia to this configuration. Taking advantage of its dominant position as a company on the internet, the Mountain View firm has made Chrome compatible with Stadia, meaning that in the long term, Stadia will be usable. on any device capable of launching a tab from their home browser. From the old parent computer to your somewhat outdated tablet, any device, no doubt compatible with the latest version of Chrome, will be able to launch your library of Stadia games.

Some very interesting features have been announced by Google for Stadia, but they are not yet available. In bulk, it will be possible to stream your game from the Stadia servers, but also to share an “instant” save or to offer your friends to join us directly in the game, also instantly.

To play comfortably, Stadia will ask you to have a minimum speed. To start enjoying the 720p service, you will need to prove that you have an internet connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps in download. For 1080p, it will be 20Mbps and for 4K, between 30 and 35Mbps at least, knowing that the latter is optimal according to Google. In any case, you will enjoy a number of frames per second of 60 and, by increasing the bitrate, you will be able to play in HDR and in 5.1 surround sound.

In terms of equipment, it is not basic to have products specific to Google. On paper, a computer with Chrome and an Xbox One controller, for example, is more than enough. But in fact, not all media are compatible yet and you will be asked to acquire a Chromecast Ultra if you want to play on TV, and a Stadia controller if you want to take advantage of all the features offered.


During the year 2020, Google will offer a free subscription to its service for 1080p, but the purchase of games will remain paid per unit, as on a classic video game console. It only remains to see if you like the catalog or not. If you want to switch to 4K, you will have to paya subscription at € 9.99 per month.

Access Stadia


  • Accessible from 10Mbps
  • Usable on many devices in the long term
  • The power of the web giant’s servers

The lessers

  • A subscription AND the purchase of the games independently
  • A slightly slow system to fully deploy

Shadow, the complete remote PC

[GUIDE] :  Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020?  Part two

The service offered by Shadow is a little different from the others. While it is quite usable for playing, this is not its basic principle since Shadow propose du Cloud Computing first of all. By that we mean that it is indeed a complete computer where you can, for example, program, edit video, browse the web and, of course, play remotely, on a powerful machine.

The real feat of Shadow is without a doubt that it can be used with relatively bad ADSL connections. Tests have already been carried out with a speed of around 2Mbps and, surprise, it was possible to play a video game with quite decent latency. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fluid and with such a connection, no doubt everything is excused. What’s more, if Shadow is able to run a game this way at such a low bitrate, you can imagine that office automation is just a trifle and will perform wonderfully.

As for the required hardware, Shadow does not ask you for anything more than a computer (even a very low power), an up-to-date internet browser and a connection, even weak as we have seen just above.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Shadow is that it is simply very difficult to access it, since if you do not do it quickly, you will fall. in the twists and turns of an infinite pre-order not allowing you to potentially benefit from your subscription until six months later, for example.


Who says cloud computing service obviously says higher price. For the classic offer, in Full HD with a GTX 1080, a 3.4Ghz quadcore and 12Gb of RAM, it will take 14.99 € / month, in addition of course to the price of each of your games. Be careful, however, the storage is capped at 256Gb without additional paid extension.

An Ultra offer is also offered at € 29.99 / month, making it possible to switch to 4K with Ray Tracing, an RTX 2080, a 4Ghz quadore as well as 12Gb of RAM. The storage here is already more consistent with 512Gb.

And finally, Shadow offers an Infinite offer at 49.99 € / month for those who really want a war machine. It also offers 4K with Ray Tracing, but this time switches to a TITAN RTX, a 6-core processor clocked at 6Ghz, 32Gb of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Access Shadow


  • A very low ADSL connection is already sufficient to use the service
  • More complete than a Cloud Gaming service
  • Therefore compatible with all launchers
  • A rather impressive Infinite offer

The lessers

  • A minimum “official” speed of 15Mbps (but usable with less, as indicated above)
  • Difficult to access it
  • A necessarily higher price, a little too much if you only want gaming
  • Too limited storage on the first offer

GeForce Now, le service de Nvidia

[GUIDE] :  Stadia vs xCloud, the comparison, what is the best offer in 2020?  Part two

Clearly, no service is the same. The GeForce Now focuses mainly on PC players and for its part offers to launch directly from their own servers your games from Steam or from l’Epic Games Store. If all are not compatible, a large list of games that can be used on this service is already present and will allow you, for example, to play Dauntless, Rocket League, Fortnite, Wolfenstein or even Dead by Daylight, all on managed computers. by Nvidia directly.

In terms of connectivity, this service will require you to have at least a 15Mbps connection for a display in 720p at 60fps, and 25Mbps for 1080p at 60fps. In both cases, you are strongly advised to connect your device to Ethernet if possible, and if necessary to 5Ghz WiFi. If we are talking about WiFi, it is because in addition to being compatible Windows and macOS (via software to download), GeForce Now est compatible Android if your smartphone has at least 2Gb of RAM and version 5.0 of the Google OS.


Two subscriptions are offered for this service, one being completely free (the games remain at your expense of course, since they are purchased on Steam or the Epic Games Store), but relatively limited: you will only be entitled to sessions of one hour of play maximum, after which you will have to restart the service and risk falling into a queue.

The other subscription is offered at a monthly rate of 5.49 €, but promises you sessions of 6 hours maximum, priority in the queue (when there is any) and above all the possibility of enjoying RTX on compatible games.

Access GeForce Now


  • No need to buy back games
  • Works really well
  • A free offer
  • Inexpensive paid offer
  • RTX ON !

The lessers

  • Not compatible with all Steam games
  • The ergonomics of the application far from excellent

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