[GUIDE] : Test GreedFall Part one

We have known this for so long and yet it seems like a discovery. We knew this not because we are former Tibetan monks or other reclusive sages: we are simply aging. We knew it… You don’t need to belong to the most popular Assassin sect of the moment, whose members are second to none when it comes to jumping with class in a haystack, to follow with fervor a credo. Here on PSMag, several have crossed paths but one of theirs has become an unalterable dogma: we do not rate an AA like a blockbuster. This in no way constitutes an excuse in the event of poor progress or even, by allowing oneself a nameless vulgarity, badly shaken. On the contrary, this inspired Hagakure verse highlights what is most impressive: a success where a big production lowers its sword, aware of its defeat. You know, this is not our first meeting. But once again, your 2 followers of Machiavelli have accepted the mission in the shadow of the video game brotherhood. Ready to strike anywhere, anytime, and anyone. Keep old people, women, children, the helpless or the weakest away: we’ve been following our target for a while. It remains to define our judgment. Shall we strike with a sharp blade or spare our subject? GreedFall, your destiny is within our reach.

Sardet handsome

Everything is said but each reminder is beneficial. Like a boxer, each stroke is an apprenticeship. In this sense compare the last iteration of the tricolor developers of Spiders to mastodons The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age is no longer even the domain of heresy. This is pure and simple nonsense.
After leaving us perplexed with Bound By Flame, despite obvious qualities, our frenchies have avoided recurrence through The Technomancer, already more at ease and a bearer of hope. However, scoring tries is not enough. To win in the money-time, it is necessary to ensure the transformation.

Low-budget creations cannot compete, at least in terms of form. It’s boring, infuriating, unfair but factual. But the brilliant team The Game Bakers (progenitor of no less fabulous Furi) has a strong and identity theory, a mark of bringing together the little ones or, at least, those who are not grown up. In the absence of colossal means, one might as well concentrate on the acquired know-how even if it means abandoning certain ideas in order to root out excellence. Thus, our test of the day could have been a cotton candy of ease of writing because we are aficionados of this commandment.

Except as a dirty kid cousin of The Sinking City, the elegant offspring of “Jules-de-chez-Smith-en-face”, GreedFall takes the forbidden path to be based on immensity, at the risk of suffering from his ambition. We have here an ambitious Action-RPG cradled in a varied world where each decision is a real branch guiding you towards another path of the scenario.

And if we were just coprolites, we would be tempted to tell you that “basically that’s it”. End clap, credits without a sketches to open the debate. So if this is the era of the video game, then let’s all stay together in the timeless.

First point and not the least: an Artistic Direction was promised to us. We just hadn’t expected that we would have an even more incredible glare. In addition to being superb for our retinas, GreedFall deploys the musket by delivering jaw-dropping panoramas, a magnificent bestiary, albeit limited, and an atmosphere to make the Hollywood pontiffs pale with big cigars. Yes, you will have to love the forest (Alan Wake, come back here!) And some buildings have the bad idea of ​​being only the reflection of the other. But damn what a spectacle! What a painting! What an instant photograph! To make a battlefield “alive”, it was necessary to dare. And make it happen. Hats off!

The play of light, phantasmagorical, plays a preponderant role and befits any situation. As the app has a day / night cycle with the passage of time (don’t worry, there is a way to speed it up), you might as well say that some sequences are sublimated under the benevolent eye of the starry ceiling and that a 17th century fantasized, it’s hoe.

Particle effects, depth of field, color palette… the count is there and for a long time to come. It would be hogwash without his accompaniment but friend Derivière is still not decided to bring out his old hits to pay his taxes. His score is surprising and if we are 1000 leagues from his unforgettable flights of A Plague Tale: Innocence, the sieur masters the form for which he was hired. Never irritating, the OST offers the luxury of sometimes being out of step, seeming to ignore the context. And yet the mixture works and slips skillfully: the composition respects the genre.

Add to that the most convenient sound design and successful dubbing (that tone of voice from Kurt!) And we are doomed to repeat what we say. It’s good.

Except that … we can rail against an absence of VF, however dispensable, but impossible to understand why the font of the subtitles is so small. For a game that relies on dialogue, this is really detrimental.

The atmosphere in a single image …

In Greed, do you…?

“It’s good you are unmasked. You are going to start telling us about the gameplay, yes ?! Freshwater sailors! ”.

Patience young newly promoted captains, our vessel sails there with valor! Because not everything will be so rave. We said it, we are facing an “Action-RPG”. Like Harvey, one side is successful, the other much less. Let’s start with this one.

Let’s make it simple: in GreedFall fighting is not that. Not that they are absolutely bad or crippling, just insufficient in our eyes. Yet there are ideas! Parade, dodge, break-guard, everything is there to diversify the games. In addition to consumables and other traps that weaken the enemy, what a pleasure to send a blow of the blaster in the snout of the opponent before rushing on him! In addition, even if we can not speak of combos, hitting multiple times increases the gauge of special move which unbalances the opponent, opening the royal road to caning. On paper, it looks rich and deep.

In fact, the first problem: we all have, companions and antagonists, almost the same moveset. It cools a bit, especially when after a while you realize that you are still following the same pattern and that liveliness is not in order. The blows are not felt, the urgency either and on the screen is the din. Drafts, the clashes also undergo a camera that scrolls in addition to a lock that tends to run away when our avatar evades an attack.

Disturbing all the more so as our comrades, whose number is limited to
2 for skirmishes, do well despite a tendency to stick around unnecessarily. There is no order to give, but since it is not a real sore, no need to titillate more than is reasonable. Also choose who accompanies you because 1 ally = 1 class. Going to war with a team that lacks heterogeneity is to risk being cut to pieces …

Fighting is therefore not really unpleasant, just boring. And if the first boss fight suggests a few possibilities, the rest makes us disillusioned with low aggressive HP bags. Some upgrades will spice up a bit; however there will be no 90 degree turn. If you like a little challenge, 4 difficulty levels are available and friendly advice, skip the first 2.

A “tactical break” is also available in order to allocate, among other things, his powers or objects on shortcuts (12 in number) and to study the challenger, his protections, resistances and weaknesses. Deja vu, this choice will be the subject of debate between conservatives and supporters of renewal. It is not in the tradition, but we chose the first camp.

Conversely, let’s go to the raging sea: these failed infiltration phases …

If the idea of ​​“disguising” themselves (by means of their equipment) as the faction which controls the territory to go unnoticed is good, the immersion takes a hit when our 2 cronies, in good pépères, remain in their clothes while being ignored by the guards. Ah.
And when it comes to sneaking into the reserved areas, make sure that crouching down and moving forward is the right way to go. AI is blind, amnesic, deaf and insistent. We do not ask to have Splinter Cell in the text, just enough to have a fun and coherent moment.

No need to hope for any future balancing as the foundations seem anchored. It is regrettable, and regretted.

[GUIDE] : Test GreedFall Part one
A saving shooting!

Theme anyway!

Since we must put an end to the grievances, also know that the animations, especially those of the faces, are a little obsolete. We are not going to say that it is execrable but it counterbalances this DA which we have praised you. Besides, the interest is elsewhere. After having ensured the creation of his character by having the choice of sex, here we are to the conquest of the New World. You will play as the offspring of the De Sardet nobility and experience your adventures with your common sense.

The continent is plagued by the disease called “Malichor”. In the midst of all this, you leave your roots to go to an island (“Teer Fradee”) to discover… she which is already colonized. 6 factions take the lion’s share, including the Natives who are the original people of this land. Yes, GreedFall speaks of serious and delicate subjects like Imperialism, the desire to instill a faith in defiance of traditions or the advance of science to the detriment of ethics. It is sometimes a little complacent and cliché, as for the Inquisitors of Thélème or the natives that one would think out of the footage The Mission. This does not prevent you from hitting the mark (yes sir!) By avoiding Manichaeism as much as possible. The following? It’s a story in which YOU are the hero.

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