Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3.

We come to the third and final part of this guide to new series that you can find on the Apple TV+ streaming service, and although you may have already seen some of them, you will surely be surprised by the previews of their new seasons, below.

We remind you that the TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a bit confusing because it combines purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, which you can buy or rent, integration of content from other apps like Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, and Apple TV channels.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

However, it is necessary to recognize that Apple’s original content is undoubtedly excellent, then we will end with the guide to new series that you can enjoy on your bitten apple brand devices.

Guide to new series on Apple TV+: Here are all the Apple TV shows and movies available now (updated October 6, 2021)

Long Way Up

We start this third part of the series guide with Long Way Up, a series that deals with best friends who travel through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico, Long Way Up follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a 100-day trip riding motorcycles Harley-Davidson electrics. The New Journey is the latest installment in the Long Way franchise. Apple TV+ is also streaming the previous adventures, Long Way Down and Long Way Round.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

The Oprah Conversation

This is the reincarnation of Oprah’s iconic talk show format. The interview format explores deep issues affecting the world, and in the opening episode, Oprah explores racism in culture, in conversation with Emmanuel Acho.

code of greatness

This is a short form documentary series which covers some of the best sports stories. This show features sports legends like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky and more as they discuss the critical moments that defined their careers.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

small voice

With original music by Sara Bareilles herself, Little Voice tells the story of a budding musical artist trying to make a name for herself in New York.
Since the first season came out, only nine episodes have been released and it is known that the show has been cancelled.


This documentary inspired by Apple’s “Dear…” ad campaign finds people who have written letters to their heroes, expands on their stories, and shows how everyone can be inspired. Famous faces featured include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

A second season of Dear has been announced… and so far, it’s only known that it will arrive in 2021.

defend Jacob

In the middle of this third part of the series guide is the series that tells the story of a legal lawyer whose teenage son has been accused of murder, based on the best seller of the same name. Defending Jacob culminates in an epic twist that cannot be predicted, this limited series stars Chris Evans, Jaeden Martell and Michelle Dockery.


This upbeat docuseries explores incredible homes from places around the world, plus takes you inside some of the world’s most innovative homes and the people who made them.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

Oprah talks about COVID-19

As the entire planet self-isolates, Oprah Winfrey hosts video conversations with leading doctors, scientists, recovering COVID-19 patients, and frontline healthcare workers fighting the pandemic. Each episode is free to watch and no TV+ subscription is required.

Amazing Stories

This Steven Spielberg-produced series is a remake of the classic 1980 sci-fi show, the Amazing Stories anthology series. Each episode tells a different story in a completely different setting. The series aims to appeal to both parents and children.

Visible: Out on TV

Visible looks at the representation and development of LGBTQ characters on television. It also examines the consequences of going out into the television industry and how attitudes have evolved, albeit slowly, this series described as a documentary series will consist of five parts.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3

Little America

This is a half-hour anthology series that explores the incredible stories of immigrants in America that span the gamut of human emotions and experiences. Each episode is based on a true story from the Epic Magazine feature of the same name.
Apple TV+ has confirmed that Little America will return for a second season, although no dates have been mentioned.

Oprah’s Book Club

Renowned American talk show host Oprah Winfrey brings her famous Book Club to Apple TV. Every few months, Oprah records interviews with the author of her selections of books in locations around the world.

snoopy in space

End this great series guide with Snoopy in Space, which is part of a broader Apple deal that includes classics from Charlie Brown and Peanuts, and new original titles. Snoopy and his friend Charlie Brown begin a whole new adventure…in space, the series follows Snoopy in his steps to become a NASA astronaut as the Peanuts gang explores the moon and beyond.
Snoopy in Space has been renewed for a second season.

In this way, the series guide that you can find on Apple TV + ends, do not forget to follow us on our networks for the movie guide very soon.

Guide to new series on Apple TV + part 3