In the following, we present to you the 7 best AirPods apps that are Android compatible and have most of the features like on IPhone.

You can download it directly from the Play Store or click on the links to see the description of each application airpods android.

Application Airpods Android

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Assistant Trigger

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AirBuds Popup

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Apple EarPods has always been considered Apple’s premium earphone. Some users saw in this device an extraordinary leap in the history of wireless devices especially after the removal of the famous bulky plug. But initially the EarPods were initially designed to run only on Apple’s iOS. Today, developers have made it compatible with just about all Android devices as well.

Thanks to the new apps available on Playstore, you can use EarPods with Android and get most of the features like checking battery status, controlling volume and songs, receiving calls or even using your phone. Google Assistant functionality, etc.

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Here is the list of apps we tested for you. We’ve picked out the best of them, then you can find out how this one might be useful to you.


Air Popup is a colorful little app with controls for EarPods. It includes a lot of features that AirPods don’t consistently support on Android devices. This includes features like battery life, listening aid, notification, login pop-up. The app displays both the percentage of remaining battery and the average remaining listening time. Tapping gestures can be customized for play / pause, next and previous tracks, as well as forward and backward search.

Information about the Airpod is displayed as a pop-up window or in the notifications tab. The notifications are nicely designed. However, there is an option to disable continuous standby to save battery as much as possible. Air Popup also comes with an ear detection feature to stop playing when the user takes them off. You can also customize the color or theme in the menu to personalize the display.

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This is one of the best Android EarPods apps that we were able to test on the Play Store. Like Droidpad, Air Popup does not have a free version to have a test before buying it. Users have to make sacrifices and buy the full version for around $ 2.

Download from Play Store: AirPopup


Poddroid by Keonwoo Lee is an AirPods app for Android with the unique ability to change themes and user interfaces. Currently there are three different themes, white, black and pink. Podroid also has the function to stop and pause playback when removing the AirPod from the ear. However, it comes with a warning stating that doing so will cause overconsumption of the battery. On the other hand, responsible use could help to prolong the life of the battery.

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Like the others Airpods app for Android, Podroid can define user-set functions for socket functions. Then just press the icon at the top right to access the settings page where it can be easily customized.

Podroid also displays the Airpod battery status in an overlay and also via notifications. It should be noted that Podroid requires access to the Android authorization notification to function properly. Apps with permission to access notifications can read all of your messages and notifications. It can also enable or disable buttons. Podroid claims to need this permission to update its own notification. But for users who value their privacy, it can become a drag.

Download from Play Store: Podroid (Using Airpods on Android like iPhone)


AirBattery is an app developed by Georg Friedrich. This is an Android compatible Apple Airpods support app, showing you the current battery life. It also has in-ear detection for automatic playback of media files. The latter only supports a limited list of apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Music. The AirBatterys Bluetooth Low Energy interface only works when the location is enabled. This means that you will have to keep the location whenever you need the app.

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AirBattery also has a pro version which allows you to extend the functionality of the core app. It has a notification with all the information so that you can see it comfortably. To know the battery status of the AirPod case, an AirPod must be placed in it. The case itself has no communication capability with AirPods, AirBattery also supports Beats by Dre, BeatsX and other devices.

Download from Play Store: AirBattery

Assistant Trigger

Assistant Trigger by DotArrow Inc is a utility app for Android that supports 2nd Generation AirPods. It displays the charge percentage of AirPods and case in the app and also as a notification. Assistant Trigger also detects when the AirPod is in the ear and resumes media playback.

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There is a nifty little feature to activate personal assistants on double taps. A single press pauses or resumes the music. The notification shows the percentage of charge with tiny icons that look good. The percent load is not precise at the point and is displayed with a 10% buffer. However, there is nothing the app can do about it, it’s just the way AirPods report battery charge.

Note that in-ear detection and battery percentage on the notification are premium features. Buying the Pro version will cost you around $ 2.

Download from Play Store: Assistant Trigger

Popup AirBuds

Developer J’s AirBuds popup subtitles quickly, simply, and beautifully. And we can attest to that! The AirBuds pop-up has a simple yet ergonomic feel. He does what he’s supposed to do beautifully.

Like most other apps, it displays battery status as a screen overlay or notification. But, the notification feature is only available on the premium version of AirBuds. It has port detection which detects when you have an AirPods in your ear. Other features like Read Caller and Assistive Listen are available in the premium version for around $ 1.5.

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AirBuds Popup needs access to notifications and location permission to function properly.

Download from Play Store: AirBuds Popup Free


Podscontrol is possibly the nicest app we’ve seen on this list. The exceptionally clean looking UI is stripped of the essentials. The main screen is divided into four parts. The upper part displays the device name and connection information. This is followed by a battery charge section which contains the charge percentage of the AirPods and their case.

There is a switch to activate the monitoring system. It can be turned off to save battery power. Then we can define the outlet assignments with customizable options for double and quadruple outlets. But, the app does not allow you to assign taps to each of the AirPods, the taps on both AirPods are treated the same.

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What we liked the most about Podscotrol was the ease of use. On first start-up, you will be greeted with a screen asking you to choose the AirPod from the list of connected Bluetooth devices. You can also search for undiscovered devices from this page. After selecting the device, you will be taken to the main page of the app with all the features.

Additionally, PodsControl does not have a paid version. All the features it offers are provided in the main app itself. There is an option to give the developer money if you have found the app to stand out from the competition.

Download from Play Store: PodsControl

AirPods on ANDROID, are they really a good deal?

We hesitate for a long time to take Airspodes because it is true that Apple products work very well with each other. And when it comes to competition, that’s not often the case. We saw it recently with the Homepodes which is arriving very soon in France.

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It is true that we were a little reluctant to take an Apple product for an Android smartphone. We tested Samsung’s wireless headphones, but basically found them to be a bit expensive.

For a mainstream product and it was full of Features for athletes. But above all we want a perfect wireless experience between Samsung products and unfortunately that was not the case so we had to send them back to Amazon and take Airpods.

This famous wireless earphone from Apple with a rather funny design. It is true that Apple products work perfectly together, because you just have to open the box next to an iPhone or an iPad and with just one click you are connected.

On Android there is a slightly more classic approach. You just need to press the button on the back of the Airpod to make them visible. Once the headphones are synchronized, you can listen to your music quietly, but above all you can also make calls. The sound is very good and very balanced. There’s good bass, something you weren’t necessarily expecting from Airpods.

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But unfortunately the Airpod recovers from a problem that the volume goes high enough to about two thirds of the volume. It’s loud enough, but you can still hear the surrounding sounds, especially when you are in the street. But especially when you are on the train it could be annoying especially for those who take the train often.

Airpods are super light. So light that you can forget you have them on your ears, but honestly you can get used to them. In any case, we easily get used to the excellent experience that there is between the Android smartphone and the Airpods. From the moment you open the case and take the Airpods and put them in your ears, the sound has already been transferred, and that’s just beautiful.

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The Airpods are products that stand out in the experience rather than in the filling of parameters like Legear and Iconix which besides were much slower to connect because it was necessary that the sensors detect that the headphones were in the ears. .

But the Airpodes are not as perfect on Android as they will be on Apple products and that is normal; firstly, the sound does not come on automatically. We pause when they are removed. It’s a shame then we have neither access to Google Assistant nor to the battery status.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found your choice for the best AirPods app for Android. There are a lot of options in the Play Store and we’ve picked the best from the crowd. If you have any suggestions or comments, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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