Designed by Apple and released on December 19, 2016, Airpods are wireless headphones. Airpods pair quickly with your iPhone, Apple TV, iDevices, and other Apple products. You can store them and at the same time recharge them in their charging case. Admittedly, this device is a great earphone, especially for those who love to enjoy music tracks wirelessly. You just have to open your charging case and your Airpods will turn on. You then connect them to your Mac, Apple Watch, or iPhone. Once you place them in your ears, the sound goes off. Thanks to the new W1 chip, Airpods play superior sound quality. However, like all other devices, your Airpods can
encounter different problems. This may be the cut off of calls, the
battery that melts quickly or even pairing problems. This article
mentions some of the most common. Here you will also see how the
solve it yourselves.

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Battery problems that drain too quickly

Some users have claimed that the battery life of their airpods has melted over time. Most complain that it loses 50% of its capacity after a few calls. Recall that this device should last at least five hours of listening time and two hours of calling on a single charge. And like all other devices, the battery life of Airpods decreases in battery life over time. There is nothing you can do about it. However, you can perfectly increase the battery life.

  • Put your Airpod in the case even when you’re not using it to keep it charged.
  • When you charge your airpod with charging case, connect it with Mac.
  • Another way is to make sure that the automatic ear detection is turned on. This puts the Airpod in the low power mode.
  • If your battery melts after an hour, without having performed any activity,
    reset your Airpods. To do this, hold the configuration button for at least 15 seconds. This is located on the back of the case. Do not release the button until you see the status light flashing in thunderstorm, then white.
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Note : When the charge level of your Airpod is low, a sound is emitted. And to know the real charge level, you just have to bring the Airpods near your iPhone.

Find your Pods easily

This is a fairly common complaint. This is solved quite easily using the Find my iPhone feature. To do this, on your iOs device, launch the Find my iPhone app. You can also go to the iCloud website, sign in with your credentials and select the Find my iPhone menu. Now select your Airpods and you will know where they are as well as their last locations before they went out. A green dot next to the device means it is turned on. In case it is off, a map shows you the starting point.

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Pairing issues on your Airpods

Connection problems
of your iOs devices with your AirPods? Rest assured, you
you are not the only one. To resolve this issue, you must remove the
pairing your headphones, to then proceed to a new
connection. To do this, go to the iOS settings on your Apple devices. Select your Airpods (in the Bluetooth submenu). Now tap on Unpair this device. After pairing your AirPods with your iCloud account, put them in the charging case. Finally, hold the button on the back for a few seconds, and you’re done. Everything should be functional.

Either way, if your Airpods won’t connect with your phone or tablet, the first thing to do is put them back in the charging case and
to wait a few seconds. Put them back on your ears. However, if that doesn’t work, try turning Bluetooth on and off on your phone or tablet.
Repeat this. This should fix the problem.
Didn’t all the solutions mentioned solve the problem? Reset your Airpods. This operation solves almost all the problems.

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  • How to reset your Airpods?

Resetting your Airpods will only take you a few minutes. Put them back in the charging case first. For about 15 seconds, hold the button on the back of the case. Release the button when you see the orange LED flashing. Open the case next to your phone. Then, wait for the Airpods to reconnect. If you are using an iPhone, iCloud will sync the connection to your other devices.
The problems with your Airpods not listed in this article? In this case, we recommend that you contact Apple Support or the nearest Apple store.

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Volume issues when using your Airpods on Android

Are you using your Airpods with an Android device? Be aware that you may experience issues with the volume. This is because the volume is much lower than with iOS devices, especially when listening to podcasts. Even if you turn the volume up, it will be hard to hear it, especially in noisy places. But there is a solution to fix this. First and foremost, you should know that when dealing with Bluetooth audio devices, there are two volume levels. That of your source device, that is, your tablet, your computer and phone, and that of your audio device. When using your Airpods with an Android source device, the volume of Airpods is not automatically controlled. What to do ?

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Press the volume (up or down). You should see the volume control appear on the screen. Press the down arrow next to the volume control, and you will see all of the available volume sliders appear. One of them is Bluetooth. Rotate this up or down as desired.
On Samsung Galaxy phones, go to settings, then connections, then Bluetooth. Tap the three dots in the top right corner for more options, then turn on media volume sync. Now you can use the volume control on the device the same way you would on an iOS device.

The volume problem in an earphone

You notice that the sound capacity of the volume of your earphone has decreased? Are podcasts barely audible? The presence of dirt may be the reason. These can block the speaker grilles. Obviously, you can easily remove dirt visible on the outside, as well as any that has managed to squeeze inside, through the grates. But how do you know if your headphones are really clogged? Go to the settings of iOS, in General, in
Accessibility. Towards the end you will see the setting to direct the sound to the right or left channels. Another option is also available. This allows you to broadcast in mono instead of stereo. With this you can see if each of your headphones are working normally. If your headphones aren’t working properly, try cleaning the inside with a dry air cleaner. You can also blow through the openings of your headphones. This is how you will find a perfect sound volume. If the problem persists, contact Apple Service.


Note : Pay attention ! Using your headphones at very high volume results in permanent hearing loss. So always adopt an appropriate volume level. In case you notice that your ears are ringing, stop using the headphones. Better yet, have your hearing checked. But in any case, always limit the listening time if you prefer to put your Airpods at high volume.

How To Fix Airpods Call Dropping Problems

Some users experience disconnection problems during calls. The
headphones let go of communication in the middle of a conversation. Moreover, Apple has launched an investigation to clarify this problem. But you can fix this problem with a little trick. Try taking calls with only one Airpod in your ear. This method has worked for many users. It does not work ? You have other options available to resolve this problem. Two solutions are available to you.

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  • In the settings, go to the Bluetooth section. On the list of devices, right next to the entry for access units, you will see the “i” icon, inside a circle, which you will press.Then select microphone and set it left or right.
  • Disable automatic ear detection in the same section.
  • If that doesn’t work, reset your Airpods.

Connection cuts during calls with Airpods?

Some Airpods users have problems with connection drops with the
Airpods during phone calls. Note that the cutout does not occur while listening to music and only affects iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users. Apple is currently trying to determine the source of this problem. However, while waiting for the software solution, various solutions are available to you.

  • Reboot your iPhone
  • Connect and disconnect your Airpods.
  • Only use an Airpod during a call. Connection loss always occurs when both Airpods are used.
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In short, here are the most frequent problems encountered by users of
Airpods. As we said above, if the problems on your Airpods are not mentioned in this article, you can contact Apple service at any time.

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