[GUIDE] : What is Apple TV and how does it work? Part two

What is Apple TV for?

Apple TV is a multimedia gateway that allows you to stream content from your computer or phone on a TV screen and enjoy excellent picture quality. This box offers you the advantage of finding all the features and advantages of iOS system on your television. Easy to use, Apple TV promises you great evenings.

How does Apple TV work?

For use apple tv, the device must be plugged into the mains and connected to the internet by WIFI or with an ethernet cable. Once connected to the television with an HDMI cable, you can then start using the decoder. To take full advantage of it and have access to films and series in 4K HDR quality, you will need download apps like Netflix or MyCanal.

Subscriptions with Apple TVThe only Apple TV 4K purchase does not replace a subscription to a VOD service. For example, if you want to watch the last season of Stranger Things on Netflix via Apple TV, you will first need to be a subscriber to the famous VOD platform.

Apple TV is sold with a remote control tactile, called Siri Remote, which can also be used with voice control. To search for a particular program, all you have to do is ask. If you’ve just watched a feature film with Michael Fassbender and want to see more movies with him, just say “Siri, show me more movies with Michael Fassbender”. Siri will reveal the actor’s filmography to you with, next to each film, the VOD platform where it is possible to watch it.

How do I set up Apple TV?

The various tests of the Apple TV 4K all come to the same conclusion: the device is extremely easy to configure. If you have an iPad or an iPhone, you just need to put near the device and it will configure itself. It is also possible to set it manually.

What are the features of the Apple TV 4K?

Die-hard movie buff, simple music lover or fan of video games, the Apple TV 4K has something for everyone. The little box of the giant with apple offers a multitude of services suitable for everyone. Among the features of the Apple TV 4K, you can:

  • Rent or buy movies and watch series in HD quality via iTunes, but also thanks to apps like MyCanal et Netflix
  • Play your best playlists or discover new songs with Apple Music
  • Play games like Guitar Hero or by installing a emulator for playing NES games like for example, the first Super Mario or Zelda
  • Watch television (on condition of download Molotov)
  • View photos and videos stored on your computer
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Control the various home automation accessories and other connected objects compatible with HomeKit via the Home app
  • Share content from your other Apple devices with AirPlay (software that lets you view or expand your Mac’s content on your TV)

There are still many features on Apple TV that actually depend on the apps you download. To take full advantage of your multimedia gateway, the ideal will be to have a very high speed Internet subscription. To check if your connection speed is sufficient, perform a speed test.

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Zoom on the 5th generation of Apple TV and 4K HDR quality

In ten years or so, the American giant has been able to perfect its case so that it can now offer a real gem of technology. After a very efficient 4th generation, the 5th generation Apple TV goes even further in terms of picture quality. The new box released in September 2017 offers the possibility of watch movies and series in 4K HDR quality. The difference with HD? 4K HDR technology delivers sharper images with more lifelike colors and four times the number of pixels. Apple TV 4K promises you breathtaking movie nights like you’re at the movies.

What are the prices for the 4th generation Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K?

The price of Apple TV 4K is 199 € 32GB capacity and 219€ and 64Go.

For the 4th generation Apple TV (still available for sale), the price is 159€ for a capacity of 32GB.

The Apple TV boxes (4th and 5th generation) contain the box, the Siri remote control, the power cord and the USA lightning cable.

Attention !The HDMI cable, required to connect the device to the television, is sold separately.

The best apps on Apple TV

To enjoy Apple TV, it will be necessary to download applications and sometimes even take out subscriptions. Among the multitude of apps compatible with the device, some are essential:

  • For moviegoers: MyCanal, Netflix and OCS. If you subscribe to one of these channels and platforms, then you can watch the latest movies and series in HD quality on Apple TV.
  • For the sports and news fans : Eurosport Player and BFMTV. You will have the opportunity to follow the best sports competitions and the latest news live.
  • For the frenzied evenings : Apple Music to distribute your best playlists in your living room and Sing! for karaoke fans.
  • For the children : Playkids which offers hundreds of TV shows, cartoons and educational programs.
  • For use your iPhone instead of the remote control: theApple TV Remote. Once installed on your iPhone, this app will allow you to use your phone instead of the Siri Remote.
  • For keep an eye on your home : l’Home app which allows you to control all Apple devices and those compatible with HomeKit, such as surveillance cameras, thermostats or switches. You can, for example, ask your Siri Remote to turn off the lights or see who is ringing the doorbell. With this app, control all the home automation accessories in your home from your Apple TV and be sure to always be safe.
  • For enjoy Apple TV everywhere and with ease: the Apple TV App. Coming soon, this application makes it possible to bring together all the content of video on demand services without having to switch from one catalog to another. The Apple TV App also offers personalized suggestions. It also offers you the possibility of pick up a movie or series where you left off from an iPhone or iPad (provided you have also installed the application).

Install an app on Apple TVTo install an app, just search for it in the App Store and download it. You can then use it on Apple TV.

What are the differences between Apple TV and an operator box?

Apple TV is in no case a television. Moreover, it will be possible for you to access the French audiovisual landscape only on condition of download the Molotov app. The main function of the small Apple box is to connect a television to the internet. Although it is possible to do this with a triple play box, it is still more complicated. Likewise, the number of applications available on a box is much more restricted compared to Apple TV. On the other hand, some video-on-demand platforms are available in the box offers of the main internet service providers. This is the case with Netflix, which can be purchased as an option with certain operators such as SFR or Free, for example.

The other size difference is the possibility to take your Apple box with you everywhere. Unlike a classic box which depends on the internet connection of a particular household, the Apple TV only needs wifi to operate and its small size makes it easily transportable. Internet is still essential to be able to use your multimedia gateway.

Take full advantage of Apple TV by switching to fiber

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Where to buy Apple TV?

The different generations of Apple TV are obviously sold on the site of the American giant, but also in multimedia stores such as Fnac, Boulanger or Darty. It will also be possible to get the box online connected to reseller sites.

Apple TV competitors

Apple TV is not the only box that allows you to connect your television to the internet. Among the best-known competitors, we find in particular the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, la Google Chromecast et l’Amazon Fire TV Stick.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV, the streaming box for Android

Just like Apple TV, NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a streaming box allowing you to view multimedia content from your television. Running on Android, this box also uses 4K HDR technology and promises images of exceptional quality. The Remote Only version at 199€ is supplied with a box and a remote control, while the SHIELD to 229,99€ includes, in addition, a joystick.

The google voice control works on NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Want to watch a movie that hit the box office? Just ask “view blockbuster movies”. Your SHIELD will take care of finding a selection of feature films that meet your query. This smart voice command is similar to Siri on the Apple TV.

In general, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV offers the same features as Apple TV 4K. In addition to accessing various video-on-demand and online music services, such as Spotify and Youtube, you will be able to control your home, provided you install Nest accessories such as the Welcome and Connected Cameras. Presence, the Nest Protect smoke detector or the Nest Thermostat smart thermostat. Turning on the lights, activating the alarms or even opening the doors with SHIELD will be soon possible thanks to the NVIDIA Spot.


While Apple TV and NVIDIA SHIELD TV do have similarities and have the same functionality, the two boxes stand out above all in terms of the applications offered. On SHIELD TV, it will be possible to use Youtube, Deezer and Spotify which are, at present, available on Apple TV as long as you use AirPlay. Another difference: the SHIELD Pro, sold at 329,99€, has a built-in 500GB hard drive. A good storage capacity that the Apple TV struggles to compete with. NVIDIA SHIELD TV also stands out when it comes to video games. Unlike the Apple TV 4K HDR, the box allows you to stream games from your pc in console quality.

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