“To immerse you even more in this atmosphere and make you understand the background even better, many cut-scenes seem to come to interfere in the adventure. RPG requires, the game offers many freedoms common to the genre such as the ability to create your character (male or female), to have multiple choice dialogues and a large dose of exploration. »

The title should have a approximate lifespan of 35 hours and more.

E3 2018 information

Spiders is an extremely discreet studio, and for good reason it gives very little news (between us, some should take #tropdemarketing as an example). We therefore find Spiders and Focus Home Interactive at the E3 2018 show in which they deliver a new trailer (viewable at the top of this news) talking about the origins of the universe and specifying an exit window.

Fleeing a continent ravaged by pollution, overexploitation and an incurable disease, the survivors, whether settlers, mercenaries or treasure hunters, set sail for a mysterious island full of magic.

[GUIDE] :  What is Greedfall?  all you need to know about the game Part two

GreedFall will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One et PC en 2019 without further details, but count on us to feed you with every little information that we will manage to glean.


Since the creation of Spiders in 2008, the small studio led by Jehanne Rousseau, both CEO and main pen of the studio universes, has continued to collaborate with Focus Home Interactive. Whether it’s bringing certain Sherlock Holmes opuses to consoles, co-developing Of Orcs and Men with Cyanide, or putting together their own games in the universe of Mars: War Logs, the two entities seem to go hand in hand. in hand and the new studio project once again confirms this association. It was therefore at Focus’s What’s Next, an annual event presenting their line up to the press for the coming year, that we were able to discover GreedFall for the first time. The project is still young, and although the universe has been under study for some time, it was not until the release of The Technomancer last June that the studio was able to begin to put their hands in the sludge.

This preview is therefore a note of intent, we will talk here about the universe, the factions that we will be likely to encounter and the gaming experience that Spiders wishes to offer with this new game, but note that everything is still subject. to many many evolutions. No more chatter: GreedFall takes place in a universe which is very freely inspired by our 17th century. Here, we must understand that the universe is fantastic: we will find there magic, more or less humanoid beings and varied environments that have little to do with our European decorum. The inspiration is much more visual than historical, whether in the costumes – the tricorn worn by the character in the trailer is a good example -, in the architecture, or even in the color palette. The main influence is the Baroque pictorial art of the 17th century, and more particularly the Flemish paintings of the time.

The intrigues of GreedFall will take place on a newly discovered island, “as large as Iceland”, while the old continent is ravaged by successive wars, but also by a new evil, a disease which is gradually exterminating the populace of this fictitious Europe . However, the island seems to be spared and therefore becomes the object of all envy. Two nations then compete for the supremacy of this new world. On the one hand, a people of scientists who hope that the flora and fauna of the island, hitherto unknown, will allow them to concoct a cure – and, since no one is perfect, they seem ready for anything. what an unethical experience to achieve their goal. On the other hand, a devout monocracy convinced that the scourge that is befalling the old continent is a sign of the wrath of God, also if the divine is appeased – by converting everyone by force, for example – then the problem will be solved.

Between these two camps that everything seems to oppose, our protagonist – whose creation and genre will be left to the player’s choice – is a member of a family of merchant princes. Our nation is neutral and desires as much to find a remedy, which will be our initial quest, as to establish itself in this new land to enter into commercial contracts. This is how we will be sent to the island of GreedFall, along with our cousin, who was promoted to the role of governor of a newly created city. However, the picture is not yet complete: this island is not virgin and an indigenous people live there peacefully – well, lived there. Close to nature to the point of being linked to it and mastering a form of magic, these still very mysterious people probably do not look very favorably on these resource looters and other fanatics. Finally, two other factions, guilds also neutral in the conflict, will be present.

These two guilds are, on the one hand, mercenaries ready to fulfill any contract as long as the price is right – if they are neutral, their political weight is not to be neglected since they protect the high dignitaries of each nation – and on the other hand mysterious navigators who are the only ones to have the technology, and the magic, necessary for the navigation of the waters close to the island. This universe is therefore going through a cultural confrontation between so-called “civilized” peoples and the natives; the factions are numerous and our hero will have above all a role of diplomat. Or, more exactly, if the game should allow us to play a bastard, one of the many endings – the “good” one, let’s say – can only be achieved by carefully using one’s influence, gathering various information and varied on each, and weighing each word.

With this new game, Spiders intends to push the relationships between characters and factions even further. For this, know that our companions will all come from the aforementioned factions and will have a certain weight in their respective hierarchies. The way we treat them, the quests we choose to complete and our choices will influence them, but also their people. In addition, discovering their secrets will bring us many benefits, and be sure that everyone has skeletons in the back of their cupboards. The principle of the game is simple: knowledge is power, and it is with this that we can try to manipulate history and influence other nations. We will acquire this knowledge with our companions, but also by exploring the place. The studio wants to honor the discovery and, for that, sets up new mechanics.

Thus, we will be able to collect information on the universe which will open up new dialogue options for us, a whole new puzzle mechanic should also be present, and above all the environment will be more open. No open-world here, let’s not forget that Spiders is made up of a small team, but more open “Dragon Age” areas. The biomes will be varied – the clichés are known: forests, swamps, etc. -, and arriving at the edge of an area will allow us to access another location via the game’s world map. The maps will not be completely contiguous, and in fact some environments cannot be visited. To avoid the tiresome back and forth, a fast travel mechanism, allowing to teleport from one point to another, will be put in place and, before being able to teleport, it will be necessary to have discovered the “campfires” – the bivouacs being here a simple image.

If the environments are more open and the cards free to access, that does not mean that we will be able to go where it suits us. In the first place, because the game does not use level scaling and a creature twenty levels higher than us would most likely crush us – although the smart player might try to pass through stealth. Secondly, because although the game will, to a certain extent, let us complete our quests in any order we like, more linear narrative arcs will also punctuate our progress. Moreover, not completing this or that arc before a decisive event may lead to dramatic consequences such as, for example, the almost disappearance of a faction.

Before we wrap up, let’s talk a bit about the action: as you probably know, the A-RPG aspect and combat system of previous Spiders games is a subject of controversy that we won’t be discussing here. GreedFall will also be an action-RPG, we will be accompanied by our companions, the fights will be in real time, etc. That’s not to say that Spiders is turning a deaf ear to critics, so this title should be a little less action-oriented and more strategy-oriented. For example, the fights should be less random and a gauge system has been put in place. A gauge that will allow us, once charged – its speed depends on the skill and attribute points that the player has distributed – to launch a special action that can take the form of an attack or a banal healing spell whose efficiency will be boosted here. Likewise, the posture system should no longer be part of the game and equipment will take on paramount importance during clashes. Beautiful promises that we can only discuss once the ideas are supported by gameplay videos.

At the start of this preview, I told you about the intent note, so that’s what the presentation of Greedfall. A few glances at the concept arts are enough to make you want to walk through its environments, the context is promising, although already (over) exploited, and the ambitions even greater: by promising a more flexible and less linear game in regarding its progression, as well as once again emphasizing the choices and their consequences, which should be much more important than in the past. There is no doubt that Spiders speaks here to a conquered audience who hopes to find in these lands a great roleplay experience. On the other hand, as regards the game systems, the level design and the fights, we will wait to know more before making any judgment. With the title scheduled for 2018, we will have many more opportunities to talk to you about it.

[GUIDE] :  What is Greedfall?  all you need to know about the game Part two