Originally scheduled for October 2018, Stranded Deep had to face an unforeseen event after the loss of his editor Telltale. It was without counting on the tenacity of the Australian studio, determined to release its game by buying the publication rights on console, the game being available since 2015 on PC.
The game having quickly found its audience via the Steam platform, as for the console version? In April 2020, are you ready to brave all the trials of survival in order to get out of this hell and to find civilization? Or would you prefer to stay in this haven of peace, but at what cost?

Game content

From the home screen, the configuration of your game is relatively simple, it’s up to you to choose the gender of your character, the difficulty and the level of hostility of snakes or other sharks. Once the game has started, you are aboard your jet when suddenly it crashes forcing you to extricate yourself from the machine before drowning towards the life raft. It is therefore on these bases that you will start all of your games, without knowing anything about your character, in order to fully interfere in his skin.

After the prologue serving as an introduction to the basics of the gameplay as well as to the universe around you, you are left to yourself and to the heavy dilemmas that will arise for you. And yes after a quick glance of the island you are on, it will be time to explore a little further. Note that the game generates the cards randomly, which means that from one game to another you will not necessarily find yourself in the same place and therefore not necessarily the same advantages nearby.

As you will understand, the essence of the game is survival and on that Stranded Deep has perfectly managed to get out of the game. And yes the game does not have a plot, that’s why you are free to do what you want. So be careful I’m not saying that the game has no end, there is a way to get out of all this mess and for obvious reasons I will not reveal any of this to you, but know that we can also well end this one after a dozen days of survival, like deciding to live as a perfect exile in order to build a real makeshift palace and be a survival pro. In this sense, the lifespan is therefore indefinable, unless the shortage of wood and stone comes to the end of you.

So here you are on an open world made up of water, a lot of water but also many islands and other carcasses of boats and planes of all kinds, leaving us the possibility of discovering many useful materials during our journey. We can also count on a relatively dense fauna and flora to cover all our needs in water, food and all other elements allowing to bring a little comfort during our survival. But since nothing happens without anything, we will have to explore again and again what the game offers us.

It should be noted that the game has a function via the home screen Map allowing you to make your own cards. As it was mentioned for a while, the game does not have a multiplayer mode on the other hand.

Pleasure to play and replay

So here you are in the shoes of your character with only your watch, a life raft and the bare minimum in its bag. Your watch precisely tightens your favorite tool in order to best meet your needs. Indeed, it consists of 4 tabs to monitor your vital signs, your skills, your assignments and your statistics. It is therefore essential to monitor it so as not to drink or eat unnecessarily wasting your precious resources, but on the contrary, take your rations, care or simply a good bath in order to protect yourself from the sun when necessary.

Your affections, for their part, can cause your death if you do not pay attention to it, sunstroke or a bite will slowly come to the end of you, unlike a state of good health which will regenerate your life bar.

Finally, the skills will be of great use to you in order to unlock new constructions. It goes without saying that you will have to craft objects, gather, hunt or fish, but also swim in order to improve them.

After having completed the tutorial and practicing the game a little in order to familiarize yourself with the controls, we quickly get comfortable and the playing space being relatively large, the player will have no trouble finding what he is looking for, sharing between exploration, hunting for resources but also the construction of an increasingly comfortable living space as your journey progresses. It should be noted that the very hazardous positioning of objects with the key will repeatedly mar your attempts to store it, whether on your raft or in your cabin. As long as you are manic and it’s a nervous breakdown guaranteed. It is also important to keep in mind that you are in a hostile environment and that everything is being done to cause your loss. Explore your island or a night swim can quickly turn deadly. A simple encounter with a lionfish can be just as dangerous as meeting a snake or other sharks, even the crabs that will serve you as a meal will not be let go. In this sense, the game is very realistic.

In order to also stimulate us in the realization of different challenges and thus break this routine, the player will have the opportunity to meet 3 bosses (a megalodon, a giant moray eel and a giant squid) that you will have to kill in order to obtain 3 essential objects to try to escape your adventure but also by giving yourself a hunting board. After having defeated these famous monsters, it is up to you to find out how to escape your galley, but know all the same that without a minimum of preparation, you will quickly run to your doom.

Nevertheless and despite the few bugs, the game quickly becomes addictive and everyone will find happiness in the choice of its plot or its actions, as the possibilities are numerous but above all very realistic.

Pleasure in making trophies, Platinum / 100%

What can you expect as a trophy list from a survival game that doesn’t have a story to speak of. Well know that Stranded Deep is doing very well offering us a varied list that will exploit your various abilities. Only one part will be necessary in order to obtain the platinum.

Regarding the story, this is not the first aspect of the game you will however be rewarded with a nice trophy here – you achieve your goals and another if you do not use the compass during your journey. Know that this is probably the biggest difficulty, as the compass guides you in this immense hunting ground. In order to get out of there it will be imperative to overcome 3 sea monsters and again two precious sesames will complete your collection. Of course before arriving at this stage, various trophies will fall during the grip of the game and in particular during the tutorial.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter and it’s up to you to prove to us all your talents as a Robinson Crusoe. Many aspects are taken into account such as the construction of various tools improving your daily life where you will however have to have developed your skills in DIY in order to unlock them. And yes, tinker and explorer will be your 2 biggest hobbies. It goes without saying that you will find without worry many elements during your explorations that will allow you to make the necessary tools such as the primitive barbecue, sleeping bag or even the Gyrocopthère, but some will be harder to find such as the different cultures that exist. ‘you will have to assemble on one and the same island. In itself, the routine will often be the same and luck will greatly help you reduce the time it takes to obtain trophies. And yes, the maps being generated randomly, you could very well find yourself in the middle of islands bringing you all the necessary for multiple developments, such as being close to container wreckage allowing you to build a much more peaceful haven. imposing.

In summary, the trophy list of Stranded Deep is very harmonious and will allow you to fully enjoy what the game has to offer you while enjoying a substantial lifespan. We also appreciate the various little winks such as the presence of the Wilson lookalike from the film Alone in the world especially or also the choice of your diet.


Stranded Deep is a very addicting survival game and proves that BEAM Team Games was right to finalize the production of it.
Despite a few bugs and other inconsistencies, it is clear that the player will let himself be carried happily on the ocean of survival and will accumulate hours without tiring in sublime settings.

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