Sony has formalized the list of its smartphones which will soon receive the update to Android 10. The Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 will be affected from next month.

The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system has been officially available since the start of the school year. In addition to the Google Pixels, several manufacturers have started to deploy Android 10 on their devices. It is now Sony’s turn to announce the upcoming arrival of the tenth version of Android on its smartphones. “Google announced Android 10, and you’re probably wondering when your trusty Xperia device will receive the brand new update,” Sony teases its blog.

The Japanese manufacturer announces that the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 will be the first to receive the update. The two high-end smartphones will receive Android 10 as of December and will be followed by six other models. The deployment of Android 10 will also concern the latest mid-range smartphones and the brand’s previous high-end ones. This announces that the Xperia 10, 10 Plus as well as the Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium and XZ3 will receive the “early 2020” update. Sony does not give a precise date and reminds that the deployment is done gradually with a schedule and availability that may vary depending on the market and the operator. The presence of the Xperia XZ3 is not a surprise insofar as this smartphone was registered in the beta program of Android 10.

The manufacturer, which could soon unveil a 5G compatible Xperia 3, does not specify whether other models such as the entry-level ones are likely to receive the update. Last year, Sony explained why rolling out an Android update could take a long time.

Sony: here are the 8 Xperia smartphones that will receive Android 10

While most manufacturers have announced, or even already rolled out, the Android 10 update on their smartphones, Sony has so far been very silent. The Japanese manufacturer comes out of the shadows and unveils the list of smartphones that will benefit from Android 10 in the coming months.

Sony Xperia 1 Xperia 10 Android 10
If Android 10 was officially launched last August, the update is sometimes slow to come from some manufacturers. Huawei has started the deployment of Android 10 on its P30, the Mate 10 Pro or the Mate 20. Xiaomi has done the same with its Redmi Note 7 and its Mi 9. For its part, Samsung has unveiled a long list of devices that will receive the update. In short, today there are no longer * i models of smartphones that are about to benefit from the update of the OS. What about Sony in all of this?

Until now, Sony had not communicated much on the list of devices suitable for receiving Android 10, and above all, had not given an availability date. It is now done. The manufacturer has indeed just unveiled the list of 8 devices that will benefit from Android 10 in the coming months. These are the following models:

Xperia 1
Xperia 5
Xperia 10
Xperia 10 Plus
Xperia XZ2
Xperia XZ2 Compact
Xperia XZ2 Premium
Xperia XZ3
The first devices that will benefit from Android 10 will be the Xperia 5 and Xperia 1, a model that we tested and which was especially noticed when it was released by its 21: 9 screen. The update to Android 10 for these two smartphones will be rolled out in December. As for the 6 other devices, it will be necessary to wait at the beginning of 2020, Sony having not given more details on the timing of the updates.

If you have a device that does not appear in the list below, all you have to do is cross your fingers for Sony to unveil a second list. At this point, all is not lost, although there is ultimately little chance that it will happen anytime soon.

Sony unveils the list of Xperia smartphones that will have Android 10

ony announced on his blog the Android 10 update schedule for his Xperia smartphones. The Japanese manufacturer has thus unveiled that the deployment will begin next month for its high-end smartphones.

Almost two months after the launch of Android 10, Sony has (finally) announced its update schedule for its mid and high-end Xperia smartphones. While Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Asus have already started or announced the deployment of updates, Sony has taken its time.

The Japanese manufacturer has just given the information on the Android 10 deployment schedule for its smartphones: “Google has announced Android 10, so you are probably wondering when your Xperia device will benefit from this lovely update. “

Sony Xperia 5
The Sony Xperia 5

Android 10 for the Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 from December

Note that the deployment of Android 10 on Xperia smartphones will be done in several stages. The first served will be the Sony Xperia 1 and Sony Xperia 5. Updates will indeed be available during the month of December. The Japanese brand has thus favored its high-end smartphones since remember that the Xperia 1 and its 6.5-inch 21 / 9th cinema screen is marketed at 1379 euros, while the Xperia 5 is available at around 799 euros.

And 6 Xperia smartphones for early 2020

If you are not the happy owner of one of these two smartphones, know that Sony has also indicated a second list of smartphones that will receive the Android 10 update for the beginning of the year 2020.

This deployment concerns the following models: Xperia 10, 10 Plus, XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium and XZ3. Sony unfortunately does not provide more details on the availability dates of the update.

Finally, if you have another Xperia smartphone, all you have to do is cross your fingers and hope that Sony will communicate a new list soon. Given what we have at this point, Sony does not appear to be providing the Android 10 update for its entry-level smartphones.

Sony begins rolling out Android 10 to its Xperia smartphones

Let’s go for the deployment of Android 10 on Sony’s side. The Japanese manufacturer first offers the update on two models: the Xperia 1 and the Xperia 5. The update includes the security fixes for Android in November.

[GUIDE] : Which Sony Xperia smartphones will receive Android 10

The version number of the update provided by Sony is 55.1.A.0.748 and the file weighs 725.7MB. This is indeed the final version, yet users are complaining about a few bugs. Some say they have difficulty making or receiving calls or browsing the Internet. It seems to be a handful of people and not all of them however, suggesting that the issue is more with a glitch between the update and a few operators rather than something else.

As always with the updates of Android, the deployment is done gradually. The first users have already received the update. Others will have it within the next few weeks, depending on the time it takes for operators to validate Android 10 for Sony devices.

What about other Sony smartphones? The brand has already said that Android 10 will be available on the Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus, Xperia XZ2, Xperia XZ2 Compact, Xperia XZ2 Premium and Xperia XZ3. It will be for the beginning of 2020, without further details.

New Android 10 software available for Xperia 10 II.

IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the applicable products at the top of this article.

Note ! Software updates are released at different times depending on the operator, market, geographic area or country. It is therefore impossible to tell you when exactly the update will be available for your device.

Software build number

  • Xperia 10 II: 59.0.A.10.5

This system software update includes:

  • Android security patch level: November 1, 2020

Update your device

Advice : to check the current software version of your device, find and press Settings (Settings) → About phone (About phone) → Build number (Build number).

When a software update is available, appears in the status bar.

To download and install a system update from the notification panel

  • If more than one user account is set up on your device, you must log in as the owner.
  • Drag the status bar down to open the notification panel.
  • Scroll down and select System Update, tap the item, and then tap UPDATE (UPDATE).
  • When the download is complete, reopen the notification panel if it is closed, and then tap RESTART (TO RESTART).
  • How come my device hasn’t received an update yet?

    • Software updates are released at different times depending on the operator, market, geographic area or country. It is therefore impossible to tell you when exactly a specific update will be available for your device. In addition, some network operators or countries / regions may choose not to use updates for certain models.

    This is the provisional list of Sony smartphones that will receive Android 10

    Here are some of the Sony Xperia phones expected to get Android 10 updates

    [GUIDE] : Which Sony Xperia smartphones will receive Android 10

    Sony usually announces which phones will receive a major operating system update Android once Google made it available to cell phone makers, but this time the ad was canceled for some reason. Obviously, those who bought smartphones Xperia launched in 2018 and 2019 should definitely expect to see Android 10 arriving on their devices in the coming months.

    However, there is an issue with mid-range smartphones and flagships that made their official debut in 2017, and we still don’t know if they will receive the coveted update. So, a few days ago, a Japanese supplier released a list of smartphones that will be upgraded to Android 10. As you can imagine, the list only contains smartphones that the provider has in their wallet. This is why the Xperia 10 and the Xperia 10 Plus are missing.

    The provider has confirmed that the following smartphones will receive at Android 10 :

    • Xperia XZ2
    • Xperia XZ2 Compact
    • Xperia XZ2 Premium
    • Xperia XZ3
    • Xperia 1
    • Xperia 5