[GUIDE] : Xbox Project xCloud: How is Microsoft’s streaming service performing on iOS?

What is Project xCloud?

Not to be confused with the recent Xbox Console Streaming, Project xCloud is the next (big) bet from Microsoft which, like a Google Stadia, will offer a streaming service to all lovers of the division Xbox. A Project xCloud available in preview with some players, on Android as well as on iOS.

It is precisely this iOS version that was recently highlighted by GamerHeadQuarters, which allows you to discover, in video, the rendering of Project xCloud on an iPhone XS. Note that the test phase currently only allows you to play a single game, namely Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

[GUIDE] : Xbox Project xCloud: How is Microsoft's streaming service performing on iOS?

GamerHeadQuarters specifies that the test was carried out on a domestic connection (118mb / 32mb), and not on a mobile network. According to the tester, this iOS version of Project xCloud would display a slightly more pixelated rendering than the Android version, but the latter specifies that the Android tests were more “intense”. In return, the service seems more stable on iOS than on Android.

Everything remains perfectly playable (and watchable) despite everything, with the added bonus of almost non-existent latency, a capital point for any good streaming service that respects itself. “The audio side was flawless, even during a multiplayer session, which of course is heavier due to the connection with other players.”

[GUIDE] : Xbox Project xCloud: How is Microsoft's streaming service performing on iOS?


According to GamerHeadQuarters, “it’s a very good start, everything is very precise and plays very well”. Obviously, we imagine that the coming test weeks will allow Microsoft to perfectly refine its Project xCloud, to offer an irreproachable service to Xbox players (and others). In this regard, remember that the future Xbox is expected for the end of the year holidays, at the same time as a certain PlayStation 5 …

Microsoft: xCloud is available on iPhone and iPad in beta and in a limited version, because of Apple

Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, continues its beta phase. After being only available on Android, it is now coming to iOS. But Apple has apparently set a lot of conditions.

xCloud is coming to iPhone and iPad. The 10,000 registrants selected for beta in eligible countries (UK, US and Canada) can now download the app through TestFlight, Apple’s app testing program.

This is a big first and – almost – an honor that Cupertino does Microsoft since Google Stadia and GeForce NOW, two competitors of xCloud, still do not work on iOS and iPadOS.

However, for xCloud to take its first steps on iOS, Microsoft had to make some concessions. This is what Larry Hryb, one of the spokespersons for Microsoft, reveals:

“In order to comply with the requirements of the App Store usage policies, the xCloud beta does not offer quite the same services and experiences as on other platforms. “

One game only and limited functions

Microsoft does not, however, give more details regarding the restrictions and adjustments it was forced to make to fit into the Apple mold. For now, only the game Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available on the iOS version of Project xCloud while the Android beta is full of several titles to try on the screen of your smartphone, controller in hand.

Cannot use the Xbox Game Streaming service also on iPhone or iPad, so testers should not expect to be able to stream games installed on their Xbox console directly to the screen of their iPhone 11 Pro Max for example.

We remember that Apple took almost a year to validate Valve’s Steam Link app, which allows you to play games installed on a PC, locally, on the screen of your iPhone. The release of Apple Arcade undoubtedly makes the Cupertino company even more vigilant on everything related to video games, from near and far.

Project xCloud is coming to iOS and PC

Microsoft will make its video game streaming service available on two new platforms via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Still with the disproportionate objective of potentially reaching the three billion players who reside on our planet, the American publisher Microsoft announces that Project xCloud will be available on PC and iOS for next spring. For one, it will be necessary to use the Xbox application or go through the browser, but for the other, it will be necessary to use a web application in order to legally bypass Apple’s restrictions as Epic Games had done with Fortnite. Finally, in the coming months, the Redmond firm’s cloud gaming platform will also land on connected televisions. It will start with Samsung before expanding to other manufacturers later.

Jerret West, brand marketing director at Green X, says: “By opening the door to the Xbox ecosystem to more than a billion devices, we want to create an experience that is accessible to all types of gamers. . Whether you want to play Minecraft Dungeons with your Xbox friends using touch controls on iPhone, or join an assault in Destiny 2 on a Surface Pro tablet between two dates, it will be possible. Whichever screen you choose, we want to make it easy for you to keep playing and connecting with your friends. We can’t wait to tell you more about our ambitions for cloud gaming and how they will help you transform your gaming experiences. ”

Microsoft is studying the idea of ​​an Xbox chromecast to bring Project xCloud to televisions

During recent interviews, Phil Spencer, the boss of video games at Microsoft, implied that Project xCloud could be available via an HDMI dongle in order to lower the entry ticket to cloud gaming as much as possible and attract a new audience. : “I think we will see cheaper hardware in our ecosystem in the future, such as streaming sticks and other things that we might just want to plug into our TV to play via xCloud (…) You can even imagine that we could offer something in the Xbox Game Pass subscription that allows you to stream xCloud games to your TV and just buy a controller ”. According to the person concerned this could happen within “the next 12 months”.

Project xCloud: Microsoft’s cloud gaming beta is available on iOS

Interested players can register now on the Microsoft site for access to the application. Only Halo episodes are currently playable on Apple mobile devices.

Android is no longer the only platform on which it is possible to test xCloud. Microsoft’s streaming game service is debuting on iOS today * for a public beta phase.

Long-term test ahead of xCloud launch later this year

To adapt xCloud to the very strict rules of Apple, Microsoft had to make some changes and indicate on its site that “the test experience on iOS may seem different for those who have done tests on Android”, without explaining precisely what it is. ‘he returns.

For the moment, only Halo: The Masterchief Collection is available in the catalog. The publisher expects 10,000 testers in total to test its technology and servers before the commercial launch scheduled for later this year.

If you want to test xCloud and you have an iPhone or iPad, as well as an Xbox controller, just register on this page, hoping to be one of the lucky ones.

Xbox project xcloud ios registrations are now open, here’s how to register

[GUIDE] : Xbox Project xCloud: How is Microsoft's streaming service performing on iOS?

Xbox has finally announced the xCloud update that many people have been waiting for: Project xCloud is now available on iOS devices. For now, the app is provided by Apple Testflight, an invitation-only beta program, but Xbox encourages users to sign up to receive their invites.

There are a few specific steps you will need to take and meet some technical requirements, but provided you tick these boxes, you will soon be able to play over 50 Xbox games on your iPad or iPhone. As the app continues in its testing phase, each game is still free.

Project xCloud on iOS technical requirements

  • A Microsoft account associated with your Xbox gamertag
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or higher and also Bluetooth version 4.0
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One wireless controller
  • Access to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection that supports download speeds of 10 Mbps
  • Optional: mounting the controller to stabilize your device

Microsoft also suggests using a 5Ghz wireless connection if you are on wifi, although we can speak firsthand not to have issues with a 2.4 GHz connection for tens of hours.

If you have already registered for Project xCloud as an Android user, you can also register for the iOS version without losing access on Android.

How to sign up for Project xCloud on iOS

    • Open Project xCloud registration link
    • Subscribe to the xCloud project (preview) and indicate that you are an iOS user via the “Mobile Device Make” drop-down menu. If you are already registered as an Android user, follow the same steps. You will now have dual access to the application.
    • By updating your inion on iOS, you are requesting access to the Project xCloud TestFlight preview. It has no impact on your Android inion. You can still play on your Android devices
    • If there are still places available for testers, you will receive an email from TestFlight for Xbox Game Streaming (preview)
    • Open this email from your iOS device, it contains a link to download TestFlight on your iOS device
    • Follow the steps to install TestFlight
    • From the TestFlight app, install the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app
    • Connect to the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app with your MSA

Microsoft is urging gamers to jump in, play games, and provide feedback so the experience can improve before it picks up steam later in 2020.