After a few days in the Google streaming world, I have to say that I am basically happy with the technology. As I said in the first post on Google Stadia, with a 100/40 line that can be used by itself and the Chromecast Pro, it’s great fun to enjoy another round of Destiny 2 in 4K / 60 and the first mission after a long time to discover.

But that’s a bit of a problem for me and certainly for a lot of core gamers: as nice as Red Dead 2, Destiny 2, Mortal Kombat and other great titles, we already know them, have often had the opportunity to offer them in a special offer to buy or never wanted to play anyway. It’s not the technology, it’s the software that’s offered where it currently fails for me. Can two small Indies make the difference, including one exclusive?

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Kine – Gwen Frey

Available for Stadia and almost everything else, 19.99 euros

Do you like jazz Right? And can you focus on jazz wonderfully? If so, then Kine is for you. It’s even just something for you, because anyone who has answered one of the two unanswered questions must keep a safe distance. The very abstract rotating and tilting puzzle is somewhat reminiscent of things like Fez, only that you have to bring a number of musical instruments to the big stage here. You can tilt, turn, and sometimes use your own movements, as each instrument has a specific pattern that it can stretch to reach distant platforms. Sometimes the motion properties of multiple instruments have to be combined, switching between them to build new pathways.

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Turning blocks are still turning blocks, even though they are talkative instruments. But it gets worse with jazz (for me).

Kine is thoughtful, intelligent, and downright, despite all attempts with moving emotion in a lovely story, incredibly cold and lifeless. It’s a very technical puzzle game, purely for gray matter and as such quite solid without really shining now. But what ultimately ruins me is the hectic and totally unsuitable jazz soundtrack. The feelings that the game is missing should probably be induced here and I can’t concentrate. It’ll be better if I turn off the soundtrack, but then I’m just going to have a somewhat sterile, personalityless puzzle. I can shoot it here figuratively as well as literally as I wish, Kine keeps me at a distance, like me and Jazz don’t know each other. Friends of the somewhat obscure subgenre of jazz block puzzles may give it a shot.

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Gylt – Tequila Works

Available exclusively for Stadia, 29.99 euros

Gylt is a different situation. Tequila Works is one of the biggest studios, has already made a name for itself with Rime and Sexy Brutale and Gylt is a very unique mix. Basically he combines the mood of the Goonies with Silent Hill, Alan Wake, and Little Nightmares. And it works. Very well. You have an action puzzle adventure, the plot of which is pretty much what would come out if Silent Hill had been more concerned with bullying in school than psychological confusion. Monsters, giant eyes, weird puppets, parallel worlds – it’s all there.

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Not the new Silent Hill I expected, but I’m taking it.

However, there is nothing in Gylt that doesn’t remind you of another game: the structure and maps of Resi and Silent Hill, the spotlights with a clustered flashlight beam come straight from Alan Wake, most of the little physical puzzles of everything that happens with water, electricity, spinning wheels and fire. The style could be a first try for Little Nightmares. Not so polite, not so keen to experiment with the perspectives and the illuminations, but very chic. Gylt is still a case of “better stolen than badly invented” and therefore survives wonderfully. Finding out what’s going on with this weird world and where the trip is going is definitely what’s holding me back at Stadia right now.

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Gylt is quite creepy and even deeper than it should be.

The two games aren’t technically very impressive, Stadia’s 4K60 or their possible lack of it doesn’t really matter here. But it has also been shown here for hours that the streaming itself works great and after a few minutes I didn’t think anything was installed on any box in the house, but everything just flows directly through the lines. .

Still, it’s not something that will draw the masses to Stadia. I would only really recommend Kine to a handful of people on the planet, if at all. Gylt does a much better job than a successful kid-friendly variation of big horror titles, and I’m going to be spending more time on it now, although it’s certainly not a halo or unfamiliar version. I definitely wouldn’t buy a Stadia for Gylt. But if I had Stadia, I would buy a Gylt right away. And not just because there isn’t much else I could spend money on.

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