This is one of the tools most used by users who have their iDevice Jailbroken, iWep Pro 8 an app from Cydiawith which it will allow us to obtain the passwords of different types of networks Wifi.

iWeb Pro 8 has a cost of 5.50 euro, the truth is a high cost but its functionality is very good. It is also compatible with iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 and is also compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Hack Wi-fi networks with iWep Pro 8

The application supports many types of networks, we can see that information in the information within Cydia or the same within the application in the “”Supported Networks«.

Once we buy the application, we will have access to all its upcoming updates, although this application is nothing if we don’t install the famous dictionaries. The dictionaries are the vitamins of this App since without them you will not be able to obtain any password, we can download them for free from the official page of the developer of iWep ProYou can access that page by clicking here. There are two types of dictionaries, S.T. and the BT. The S.T. They are for those of us who live in America and BT They are for those who live in Europe. In the repository of SamaGame you will be able to find a package that contains the Dictionaries from 2005 to 2011 in the case of S.T. and in the case of the package of the BT are from 2005 to 2008. The new dictionaries S.T. from 2012 to 2014 you must download them from the official page as well as 2009 from the BT.

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The dictionaries We can download and install them on our device using our Mac or PC but I recommend that you follow my steps since it can be easier and faster. They will need the app iFile that we can also find in Cydia, this application allows us to enter the internal files of our device, add and remove things from it. Each dictionary weighs a little more than 50MB. We download it from our Mac or PC and we are going to send each other by mail using iCloud to ourselves the downloaded file with the ending “.deb» and we will open the email with the file so that you can send us to Safari and thus be able to open the file in iFile and once in iFile We will get several options and you have to select the one that says “installer» To install the dictionary, follow the steps in the video to make it clearer.

Once we download the dictionary we want from our iDevice we will have the option of being able to open the file in iFile and put it in the app folder iWep Pro 8, if you watch the video you will be able to understand this better. And to find out if we have the dictionaries installed, we can go to iWep Pro and tap where it says “Information» and we will be able to see the dictionaries that we have installed.

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Using the application is very easy since its user interface is very good and intuitive and to obtain a password, it is enough to install the correct dictionaries and select the network from which we want to obtain the password and select the option exploit.