We all know the fate of Half Life 2 and its episodes: after a gigantic cliffhanger at the end of Half-Life 2: Épisode 2, the series had to continue Episode 3 who has never seen the light. The fact that it was never officially canceled helped fuel fans’ hopes for years to come, but also that of an avalanche of memes and speculation.

What many may not know is that long-term plans to extend the story of Half-Life 2 weren’t limited to Episode 3. While Valve has been working on this sequel, Arkane Studios she was in charge of development Half-Life: Épisode 4or the next chapter.

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Long-standing secret, Half-Life 2: Episode 4 was first named in 2011 by a concept artist Randy Humphries which revealed works of art. In 2012 Mark laidlaw, a former Valve developer, has officially confirmed the existence of the fourth episode, which it will have as subtitles Return to Ravenholm.

Obviously, as the work on the third episode was suspended indefinitely, Arkane had to cancel the development of the fourth chapter, after investing two years of work. Today, after a long time, we can finally admire this “lost” title in action.

noclip he wanted to make a tribute documentary on Arkane Studios, showing excerpts from the titles and projects developed by the company. In addition to the classics Dishonored is Prey, a very short clip was also released which, while obviously taken from an embryonic construction, is clearly part of the Half-Life universe.

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The clip shows a zombie destroying a door and then being eliminated by the protagonist. The zombie in question is a classic of the living dead and not a Zombie Headcrab typical of the series, but it is likely that this is a simple placeholder (among other things, the model closely resembles that of the G-Man). Unfortunately, there are no other clips or information on this.

Half-Life 2’s episodic project will also be destroyed, but thanks to Half-life: Alyx the series returns to occupy the place it deserves as a benchmark for the PC world (and now VR).

What do you think? Do you think Episode 4 promised well?

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