Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet.

A new cosmetic pack was introduced to the Halo Infinite microtransaction store this week, and based on the number of cat ears present in multiplayer, it seems to be selling very, very well.

For $10, players can purchase the Cat Lovers Pack, which includes a cat ears accessory for the Spartan Mark VII helmet, the Tabby cat weapon charm, a pink armor cape, and a Kat helmet weapon (as in Catherine B320 from Halo: Reach) charm. It all seems more than a little ridiculous, but it’s not the first time Halo Infinite has sold silly armor and weapon accessories. Players were previously able to buy pineapples for their armor or a flower for their helmet, so this sort of thing isn’t exactly new.

You can see the video in the following LINK.

Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet

What’s new is how many people seem to be buying this latest package. Several players on the game’s subreddit have commented on the number of people in recent multiplayer matches wearing the cat ears on their armor, and Halo content creator Mint Blitz also recently released a video on the subject, commenting how good it looks. sale.

While there is nothing wrong with players choosing to purchase the pack, some are concerned that the financial success of this particular pack may encourage developer 343 Industries not to make larger changes to the game’s microtransactions, which have been criticized for being too expensive and for blocking individual cosmetics. players may want in an expensive package full of other items.

Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet

In a recent developer stream, Halo Infinite lead designer Jerry Hook acknowledged the feedback about the store and, while he had no specific plans to announce, said the team could do more to deliver greater value in Halo Infinite. . microtransactions. In that same dev stream, Hook announced that previously, in-store only samurai-themed cosmetics would become part of the game’s free Fractures: Tenrai event pass, showing that 343 is already taking action based on feedback from Players. Regardless of the success of the Cat Lover Pack, it seems clear that 343 is looking to make bigger changes to Halo Infinite’s cosmetics when it comes to microtransactions, as well as more free cosmetics that players can earn just by playing the game.

Speaking of free cosmetics, Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency event is now live and allows players to unlock a variety of Christmas-themed cosmetics by playing one multiplayer match per day on an advent calendar. The game’s Big Team Battle mode has recently suffered from matchmaking issues, and while 343 is aware of the situation and is investigating, the issue likely won’t be fixed until after the holiday season.

Halo Infinite Cat Ears Helmet

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