The Master Chief will arrive a year later than expected.

The wait to know when Halo Infinite will arrive is over, and it is that finally 343 Industries Confirms Fall 2021 as Launch Window for the saga game. In addition, they have revealed certain extra details in the aspect of the game, such as graphics, arts and customization.

When the beginning of August was delayed, many thought the worst about Halo Infinite, especially since it was intended to be a launch game for Xbox Series X. Although now there is hope in this new release, since 343 Industries He has updated the future date, adding two new screenshots of his multiplayer, showing his first map; in addition, it will be free.

The more complete vision of Halo Infinite could be seen during the This Summer’s Xbox Game Showcase, although the demo was strongly criticized in graphic and artistic style. 343 Industries mentioned this same in the blog post: “The reality is that visual art and style were not what we were looking for for Halo, even in a still-in-progress state,” said Neil Harrison, Director at 343 Art Management.

“Most of the community feedback they got along with our ideas and works that were already focused in changing indirect lighting, materials, foliage and rendering of trees, clouds, transition in the level of detail and fidelity of characters, “said Harrison. Ani Shastry, from the graphics development department, added that” visual fidelity is an important goal for Halo Infinite, and the art and graphics team have aspired and worked together to create the most eye-catching Halo ever. “

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They even touched on the subject of Craig, the Brute who brought memes to life and is even now worn by Microsoft employees. “I can confirm that the facial animation of the NPCs was not fully implemented in summer, which resulted in Craig“Harrison continued.” There has been intense work on material fidelity and variety of faces, but we have also worked on adding hair and beards, something not present in July.

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As for customization, which you can see in the image gallery shared by 343, the coating system will let the players “define color, wear, patterns and palettes and materials in each zone” of a Spartan or any armor, weapon, vehicle and even barrels. This means that there will be more varied skins for weapons and options to change parts of the Spartans such as helmets, accessories, shoulder pads and visors.

Further, Halo will celebrate its 20th anniversary on November 15, 2021, something 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross highlighted in a tweet. It remains only to confirm when exactly it will arrive, although now that there is a launch window many will be able to breathe easily.

So proud of the work this team has accomplished and looking forward to sharing more soon. Fall of 2021 … hmm, doesn’t someone have an anniversary coming up?

– Bonnie Ross (@PlutonForEver) December 9, 2020

¿It will be the same day of the anniversary of Halo?

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