The two basic car accessories when it comes to smartphones are a phone holder and a charger. Today, it is hard to go on a long journey without these two elements. For several weeks I had the opportunity to test the second solution, i.e. a car charger that additionally supports fast charging technology. How did it perform during the tests? I invite you to read the full review of the device.

Contents of the box

As for the outer packaging itself, the German manufacturer enclosed the charger in the standard version of the box. We received a thin – white and red thin cardboard, with a window through which we can preview the device before buying. What will we find inside? Apart from the car charger in the set, the manufacturer did not decide to add any extras, in this case we have to do without taste.

Build quality and design

The charger is made entirely of plastic. It is preserved in a dark, black color scheme. In terms of design, it is nothing special than a well-designed device. All elements are very well fitted, so there is no way that even after stronger pressure, any element will creak. The tip for the lighter itself has a universal one, so it will fit standard lighters. It is worth adding that in this case the power cable is straight. Most often, in the case of car chargers, manufacturers implement a solution resembling a coiled spring. In this case, Hama decided to simplify the solution and we have a simple, ordinary 1 m cable, which should be more than enough when it comes to using the charger in the car. I will only add that it is terminated with a USB type C output, so it is worth checking what connection our phone has before buying.


For dessert, the most important element of the entire device remained, i.e. the charging and operation process itself. According to the manufacturer, we have at our disposal a power of about 27 W. More precisely, we have two modes of operation: 5 V and 3 A, and 9 V and 3 A. In practice, depending on the type of fast charging technology that our phone supports, the charger should adapt to charge your smartphone as quickly as possible. Although I was unable to obtain 27 W of power (I did not have a device at hand that would fully support this technology), but the results of about 18-20 W were obtained without any problems. The whole thing worked very well and I don’t really have any complaints. All in all, I can add that during stronger power consumption, it happened that the device itself warmed up noticeably, but in most chargers using fast charging technology, this problem occurs. I think that such a charger should fulfill its task as much as possible and will not cause additional problems.


The car charger from Hama is a successful device that should meet the tasks even of more demanding users. We have the ability to charge the device with a power of up to 27 W, plus a simple classic design and good workmanship. We will have to pay a bit for this model as for a car charger. Currently, it is available in stores for less than PLN 120. Is it worth getting such a device? You’ll have to evaluate that yourself.