Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Yesterday Jan was allowed to play with the PlayStation 4 Pro for a whole day in London. And Jan, what is your first impression?

Yes, nice than Sony. So now I want a 4K, HDR television! Because that’s kind of the thing… once played in an ideal setting, you don’t really want anything else. Provided; There’s no need to panic if you’ve just bought a PS4 or don’t have the money or energy – or don’t see the need – to get a PS4 Pro for now. But if you do – some retailers have great trade-in promotions – then that really only makes sense if you then start playing the games on a thick television that supports both techniques, High Dynamic Range and 4K. And it is precisely this combination that makes televisions expensive.

Incidentally, of the two techniques, I am the most enthusiastic about HDR. That higher resolution is of course delicious. The leaves in the trees of Days Gone look even more beautiful, the details in the face of biker Deacon are sharper, Aloy’s hair flutters in the wind in even more detail, and the vegetation on the walls of the rocks in the distance looks like sprinkles. instead of having a kind of blurry haze. But the difference is small. HDR, on the other hand, provides so much richer colors, so much more beautiful lighting, the black is really black, the azure blue sea from Uncharted 4 is even more beautiful and the sun breaking through the clouds in Uncharted 4 is much more detailed, vivid and beautiful … that you really don’t want to be without it anymore. In Gran Turismo Sport, it means that the sports cars now almost exactly match the colors of the real paint instead of a variant that differs slightly. And even more than two-year-old games like Infamous First Light suddenly look like new, especially with all those free neon-purple stripes that flash through the screen.

Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 Pro

The game that took the most profit from the PS4 Pro techniques I found Watch Dogs 2. The colors look so full there, and warm and the textures so detailed, that it seemed like I was playing on a high-end PC. And that on a 60 inch television. In all fairness, Sony had probably produced all high-end and mid-end 4k HDR TVs ranging from around 1800 euros to 6000 euros! If your games don’t look good on that, then nothing looks good!

In short; if you have the money for it and you always want the best of the best (think Florian, who prefers not to go on vacation for 3 years in exchange for the purchase of a horrific new television), PS4 Pro puts you in the front of the VIP lounge. But in terms of content, you won’t miss anything if you just play your games on your PS4 on a FULL HD television, which will even partially use HDR (if your television model supports it).

Hands-on with the PlayStation 4 Pro

By the way, check the Night Watch if you are curious about which games will support the PlayStation 4 Pro techniques.