Gamasutra reports today that Harmonix has laid off 14 workers.

The studio responsible for Rock Band recently launched Dropmix, a collaboration with Hasbro that is played with a mobile and includes a board and cards with NFC technology. Harmonix ensures that he continues to work both on this title and on Rock Band.

Harmonix says the motive is ‘to reduce costs and align our business with our current development schedule’.

This isn’t the first round of layoffs at Harmonix so far this year, as GamesIndustry noted – it laid off 17 other people in February.

The company has had a drip of employees since 2013 (when they had 150 employees), with layoffs in December 2013 (‘a few employees’) and May 2014 (37 employees). In January 2016 it was rumored that another round of layoffs had occurred, but ultimately it was only two (although Harmonix denied there had been layoffs until she was cornered).

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