I don’t know why Fuser works, but I can’t help but nod my head. Maybe because I strongly support Whitney, who has been singing her dancing mood inimitably in the freestyle mode of Harmonix’s new DJ game for the past 15 minutes. It just makes you want to dance, whatever style of music you are now devoted to.

After their experiences with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Daniel Sussmann and his colleagues at Harmonix were very worried about whether there was a similar passion for dance music and being a DJ as for a rock star traveling long time. Harmonix was nothing short of the official aerial guitar playing on notched wood. There was no equivalent in the area of ​​dance hall rhythms – or was there?

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The concert atmosphere is good. Even if we still have to talk about tatts and outfit! You even determine the scenography and effects if you wish

As I must admit to Fuser after three or four hours, there is. And that’s the dance itself. How one becomes one with music is almost irrelevant. And I admit, even more than in a rock band, whose music I would like fundamentally better on paper than what I’m doing here, after a little practice, there’s hardly any left in my chair what’s going on. at Fuser.

In short, Fuser has four turntables in front of you, each symbolizing a soundtrack. At the top of the image, you scroll through three song crates, a total of thirty tracks, each of which has been broken down into four soundtracks and comes from all possible genres. Rock was less represented, with the exception of The Clash and Smash Mouth, but Sussmann promised me that there would be things coming from louder directions at launch.

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And this is what it looks like in action.

So you move the cursor over a song and press the corresponding key to ‘drop’ drums, guitars, keys or vocals in a rhythm-appropriate way and watch people go crazy. Here and there the requests come from the public to mix in certain genres or tracks, you vary the tempo and the pitch without the songs coming to the dumb Mickey Mouse or Satanist versions – respect the sound engineers – and you yourself. ask how it all works.

And almost nothing more can be said about it except that it really surprised me how much you can appreciate the individual elements of a song. I usually felt Warren Gs Regulate’s killer bassline, but never really realized it. I did a phenomenal weird mix of Don’t Fear the Reaper on Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy bass and Imagine Dragons clips that I never thought possible. I cranked up the beat, queued Panic’s guitars to Disco and Macklemore samples, and came to the beat of Nellys Hot in Herre for an almost ridiculous and happy version of I Want To Dance With Someone – and the people in the audience have gone mad.

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I’m not sure yet how much this experience will attract the highscore community that has grown over the years, which has come together around a rock band and guitar hero. But it is an experience! While timing is extremely important to audience affection, which is also your ‘bar of life’ here, I felt less trapped in the sight of a pimple-filled highway tunnel and closer to the music than never in a music game before.

To keep it with Whitney: “I want to dance with someone who loves me!” And how they dance! And how they love me!

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