Since its first announcement, which took place last year, Broom league, developped by Code HQ, Blue Isle Studios and Virtual basement, was understood because of its similarity to the Quidditch, the imaginary sport played in the series of novels, in video games and in Harry Potter.

A concept so similar that someone even suggested plagiarism. This, however, did not hurt the Broomstick League, indeed, the existence of a game on Quidditch, whether official or not, had attracted many curious players.

Unfortunately, it seems that the project will not see the light of day, given that for a few days the title disappeared not only from steam, where it had been published in Early Access, but also on various social networks: the pages were all deleted without explanation. This is a really sudden cancellation, as only console versions were announced last month.

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On Steam, only a short message was posted, announcing the removal of the Valve store and the shutdown of the servers, but without a clear explanation:

« We wanted to let you know that as of April 3 we have decided to remove BroomStick League from Steam and shut down its servers. Unfortunately, we can’t go into details, but please know that we are grateful for all the help and support you have given us. This decision was not taken lightly and we would like to thank the community for the support we have received during the development of the Broomstick League. We are working with Steam to arrange refunds for all users.«

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The question arises: what happened? Many believe that, in fact, the League of Brooms looked too much like Harry Potter Quidditch, so much so that the affair could have annoyed Warner Bros., the current Harry Potter copyright holder in all of its media other than books. It’s also possible that this was due to some issues resulting from the coronavirus quarantine, but that wouldn’t explain the complete removal of the game and social channels, as if the title never existed.

Unfortunately, this is only speculation and the truth, if anything will be shared, only the developers know. What do you think? Was this a copyright issue in your opinion?

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