We just told you about it, IT IS AT is doing very well with such remarkable financial results that they set real records in the history of the company. Probably also thanks to this incredibly positive trend, the last floors of the gaming giant have confirmed their desire to develop.

Like, how? Through seemingly absolute acquisitions and acquisitions. The indications of these intentions come from the last meeting with investors through the mouth of CFO, Blake Jorgensen: “We are still looking at that possibility. We always will and hope to find further studies. It may take a while, but we assure you that we are more interested than ever as we are seeing a lot of talent and building important new franchises is crucial for long term businesses. “

There was also talk of acquisitions involving “big assets” and although Jorgensen’s words were not straightforward, the Shinobi602 insider thought about making an interesting 1 + 1. According to Shinobi, Jorgensen is actually referring to a acquisition possible de Warner Bros. Games.

Over the past few months we’ve been telling you about the games division of Warner Bros. with a view to a possible acquisition by Microsoft, but we also pointed out that among the companies concerned, there should be prominent contenders such as Activision, Take-Two and specifically EA. .

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Will Electronic Arts sign a check that should be between $ 2 billion and $ 4 billion?

Such an acquisition would allow the purchase of studios such as Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, TT Games and others. It should certainly be noted that the acquisition of Warner Bros. Games would not necessarily be synonymous with bringing home the guarantee of the operation of large franchises like, for example, Batman and Harry Potter. In these cases, it would indeed be necessary to negotiate agreements for the exploitation of intellectual property rights and we would inevitably face another potentially significant expense.

For now, rumors about Warner Bros. Games continue to hold up. What do you think about it? Who shouldn’t miss this acquisition? EA looking for new “big assets” or a Microsoft keen to give the first-party sector a huge shock?

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