The countless number of smartwatches and quantification bracelets that leave factories in Southeast Asia every week, make it nearly impossible to keep up with everyone. Like with le Haylou Solar LS04, a smart watch from a brand under the mantle of Xiaomi and which promises us among other things 30 days of autonomy, detection of sleep, all kinds of sports and heart rate. All this for less than 25 euros to change.

Haylou as a brand is not so well known, at least in Spain and in Europe in general. This manufacturer has however collaborated with Xiaomi for different products and if you look at their wireless headphones they are… recognizable. But they also have smartwatches, two specifically. The last is Haylou Solar LS04 just released these days. The watch was funded by Xiaomi’s Youpin platform, let’s see what it brings.

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Haylou Solar LS04

Haylou Solar LS04


1.28 inch color TFT, 240 * 240 pixels


45,3 x 11,4
54 grams


Heart rate and accelerometer




340 mAh battery
Up to 30 days


Bluetooth 5.0


IOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 minimum


Magnetic charge
12 sports modes
Sleep monitoring


Official: 179 yuan (23 euros to change)
On AliExpress: 30.57 euros

Circular design and simplified to the maximum

I have doubts if it is a smart watch or is closer to a quantifying bracelet. The line separating the two products is becoming increasingly blurred. This question arises because it does not give the impression that it allows to install applications like a smartwatch, although it has interchangeable dials or that this circular design is reminiscent of … well, a watch.

If we look at the features of this watch, its design stands out first. A particularly neat design for a smart watch, which are usually bigger, full of pimples, or gigantic. In this case, there is a simple button and a metallic, circular design. It is not particularly visible in thickness either. Below the usual: heart rate sensors and wireless charging. Its strap, by the way, is made of silicone and there is no indication whether it will be possible to change it or not.

Now what do we find inside the smart watch? Haylou first emphasizes his 1.28 inch color TFT screen. At 240 x 240 pixels for this size, my question is whether we will see things pixelated or not, as this resolution is a bit short. The device allows you to swap the interface of the sphere to display different information or elements that interest us.

Haylou Solar LS04

There is no data on its RAM or storage, but if we go to its battery, we know that it has a capacity of 340mAh. 30 days of autonomy? Yes, but there is a trick. Haylou indicates that he allows 30 days of normal use in “standby”. But if we activate the continuous heart rate for 24 hours, the autonomy is reduced to 14 days. You have to see it in real use, even if even 14 days is still more than enough autonomy.

Haylou Solar LS04

The watch, in addition to measuring steps, distance or calories as expected from any device like this, detection of 12 activities concrete: running, brisk walking, cycling, hiking, spinning, yoga, treadmill, gymnasium, outdoor sports, basketball, soccer and rowing. You can also monitor sleep or have an app to breathe and relax.

Haylou Solar LS04

Haylou Solar LS04 price and availability

Le Haylou Solar LS04 a an official Youpin introductory price of 179 yuan. If we change into euros, they are a little over 22 euros. But of course, the price that occurs in China can hardly be maintained for other markets like Spain. In this case, distributors like AliExpress are already selling it, but at a slightly higher price. On AliExpress, we can buy it now for 30.57 euros thanks to a 50% reduction on its original price.

Haylou Solar LS04

Saving the distances is a good alternative to the newly released Xiaomi Mi Band 5 if what we are looking for is a circular model. Its design at this price is the big plus pointIn fact, we are really faced with what is expected of a quantifying bracelet today.

Source: Engadget