HBO Spain Releases March 2020: News.

HBO faces the month of March with a barrage of heavy artillery that its competitors will only be able to overcome by giving themselves thoroughly. The large number of attractive premieres in terms of series is impressive: the long-awaited third season of ‘Westworld’, which may give the plot of the series a swerve; the mild dystopia ‘The conspiracy against America’; and the predictably outrageous ‘Devs’ by Alex Garland.

But it is not the only thing: the sixth season of ‘Vikings’, the North American version of’ The reborn ‘, the traditional comedy about new parents with Martin Freeman’ Bendita patciencia ‘(‘ Breeders’) or the strange Afrofuturism of ‘Pares y nones ‘fatten the menu. And as icing, the first three seasons of the excellent animated series ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’. Much to choose from, and we will tell you everything.

HBO Spain Releases March 2020: News

Catalog of new series in Spain


Alex Garland, director of ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Annihilation’, has one of the most feverish and sophisticated imaginations of the genre, and everything seems to indicate that things continue like this in this new series for Hulu, which comes simultaneously to HBO. In this mix of thriller, science fiction and mystery in a futuristic setting, we follow a computer engineer who investigates the secrets of her own company, as she believes that she is behind the disappearance of her boyfriend. A hauntingly aesthetic Nick Offerman (‘Parks & Recreation’) leads the cast of a series that promises to be as cryptic and suggestive as the rest of the author’s work.

‘Westworld’ S3

It is undoubtedly the highlight of HBO for this month of March. Proposing a full stop in plot terms with the rebellious artificial intelligences coming out of the strict limits of the park, ‘Westworld’ has the opportunity to confirm its position as a standard bearer of HBO fictions, after for many viewers the second season was like a jug of cold water. The arrival of Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel to the cast is proof that we are going to expand the catalog of places and people that will interact with androids. The question in the air is … will the series continue in the cryptic and enigmatic line of the first two seasons?

HBO Spain Releases March 2020: News

‘The conspiracy against America’

With slightly dystopian airs, but more focused on social criticism, this adaptation of Philip Roth’s novel is signed by David Simon (‘The Wire’), and reshapes recent American history through the eyes of a working-class Jewish family in New Jersey. They will witness the rise to the presidency of a xenophobic war hero, the populist Charles Lindbergh. A reflection in the key of a fantastic satire of the dangers of current politics.

All series in March

  • ‘Axios’ T3 (2/3)
  • ‘Blessed Patience (Breeders)’ S1 (3/3)
  • ‘Roll’ T2 (3/3)
  • ‘Baron Noir’ S3 (4/3)
  • ‘Even and odd’ T1 (5/3)
  • ‘Dave’ S1 (5/3)
  • ‘Devs’ (5/3)
  • ‘Better Things’ S4 (6/3)
  • ‘Vikings’ S6 (10/3)
  • ‘Westworld’ S3 (16/3)
  • ‘The conspiracy against America’ (3/17)
  • ‘Roswell: New Mexico’ T2 (3/17)
  • ‘The reborn’ S1-2 (30/3)

New documentaries on HBO

‘The golden girl’

This documentary recalls the story of the Romanian elite gymnast Andreea Răducan, winner of the gold at Sydney 2000. Three days later, he fell spectacularly from the podium when he tested positive for the drug test.. This documentary tells the story and the struggle of the gymnast to recover the award, convinced that the tests and the accusation were not entirely fair with them.

HBO Spain Releases March 2020: News

All documentaries in March

  • ‘The golden girl’ (1/3)
  • ‘The Trojans’ (11/3)

Premiere Movies on HBO

‘Hombre de Hierro’

The film that kicked off the current audiovisual superhero reign. The first MCU movie, still very shyly pointing to the possibility of an ‘Avengers’ and with the Gems of Infinity out of perspective, it is a film that established certain narrative conventions that would remain in the genre so as not to leave again, and presented one of the great discoveries of the Marvel Universe: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

‘World War Z’

For many a failed production, for others a milestone in zombie fiction, full of impacts at a frantic pace, what is clear is that this film, with a bumpy production, based on a highly influential Max Brooks book on the modern zombie setup, leaves no one indifferent. Brad Pitt kicks half the world facing literal waves of infected in a movie that is pure zombie vervain.

HBO Spain Releases March 2020: News

All movies in March

HBO Kids

  • Scooby Doo and Guess Who? (6/3)
  • ‘Taffy’ S1 (6/3)
  • ‘Tom and Jerry: Heading to Mars’ (6/3)
  • ‘Tom and Jerry in the super race’ (3/13)
  • ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ S1-2 (3/13)
  • ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ S1-3 (20/3)
  • ‘Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs’ S1 (20/3)
  • ‘Tom and Jerry and the treasure of the pirate galleon’ (20/3)
  • ‘Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart’ S1 (27/3)
  • ‘The Thunderman’ S4 (27/3)